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Posted by Zahara on Jun 22, 2009

Scoundrel ‘Sanje’ Sedera!  Part One

The true story of the “Con-artist Cad and his Corrupt Concubine” who duped the police and the local Democratic Party!

Part One of Three:  ‘Sanje’ Sedera: The Horribly Spoiled Man-child

I  met the deceitful ‘Sanje’ Sedera at the Sahara West Library on January 19, 2008 during our Democratic Caucus. Born into a family of means, wealth, and political status in Sri Lanka, apparently Caucus Day 2008 was also his first day as a Democrat. I would learn much later about his claim of thousands of dollars donated to Republicans, and his sending he and his mistress’s kids to Faith Lutheran School because of their personal admiration and affection for Senator John Ensign, who sends his kids there too.

The only Democrat I could find ‘Sanje’ Sedera donations to was to Assistant District Attorney Robert Daskas this year.  A few weeks later, we went together to the Democratic Party’s central committee meeting in Pahrump Nevada, where he broached the subject of running for public office to me. I asked about his qualifications, desires, platforms, and what he’d like to do in public service.  He had no answers, simply stating to me, “I want to be in public office, please, please help me”.

We both live in the same precinct in Peccole Ranch, not exactly known as a deep bastion of Democratic politics, and I suggested his first foray should be in a non-partisan office like the school board, or to take some time and learn about the party and the government and how they both work.  I also personally sponsored for him seats on the Clark County and State Democratic Central Committees.  Mr Sedera was not pleased I was aiming so low, but I explained to him that he was an unknown entity and had to begin somewhere.  At this time, he assured me that he was a very well known entity having personally raised and collected $700,000.00 for the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami relief effort in Las Vegas.  Impressive, until the facts got in the way a little further into our relationship. 

His enormous ego and ambition, though completely undisciplined, undefined, and erratic, is a necessary component for any public run for office, and I thought I could work for him under contract.  ‘Sanje’ Sedera can be quite charming and affable, but also has proven himself to many people, including his wife and children, to be bloodlessly ruthless, extraordinarily deceitful, and a prolific and consummate liar.

We met again in February 2008 at Claim Jumpers with his mistress and campaign treasurer, Shreela Chakmian, to discuss options.  Ms Chakmian was very reluctant to pursue any public office given the horrific divorce ‘Sanje’ and his spouse were currently going through, and had I known how badly he was treating his spouse, and the visceral, deep seeded hatred his twin ten year old children have for him, I would have never continued the political relationship had I known then, what I know now.

Ms Shreela Chakmian was dour and very worried about Mrs Sedera likely because she would be named as a co-respondent in any divorce action where Mrs Sedera may rightfully claim adultery and abandonment.  ‘Sanje’ was quick to diminish that his spouse would be a problem, and only after agreeing we would discuss the matter with his divorce attorney, did I agree to help him seek the Democratic primary nomination for Nevada Assembly District two this year. I explained that our chances were no better than even against a second try by party backed candidate Carlos Blumberg, and further into the season, a superior female candidate jumped in making his race nearly impossible to win without tens of thousands of dollars spent for the primary.  

From the beginning of March 2008, we began to prepare the campaign: design, photos, website, and platform creation, which is what I was contracted to do.  ‘Sanje’ had little to add to the mix, but did take direction well at that point.  He could not process that the office was local and that local issues needed to be addressed.  He had no idea how the political process worked in Nevada, and absolutely no desire to learn, though he did order me to find out how he could become a lobbyist in Carson City too. 

I discussed with him traffic problems, traffic circles on Towne Center, Summerlin Parkway, and other local issues to whet his local interest, to no avail.  On his website platforms that are still up today, I wrote every word, and personally created every position, and his only contribution was to support mortgage industry legislation which would benefit him and his company very handsomely.

I explained that given the foreclosure crisis and a 28+% drop in home values, that mortgage lending would be poison as an electoral issue no matter how good the policy might be.  At this point, he didn’t know how the legislature worked, and what would be expected of him from the Speaker.  He consistently failed to study materials I had given him and consistently could not answer even rudimentary questions about Nevada government two months later when the campaign ended.  ‘Sanje’ Sedera could not tell you today a single one of his platform positions, the order they appear on the website or even the number of them, without looking at his website because I created and wrote every single word and can prove it.

After spending thousands of dollars on signs, website, stationary, and such, we launched the campaign on April 5, 2008 at his offices at Cornerstone Mortgage on west Sahara at Tenaya.  That event was the beginning of the end of his campaign; for all intent and purpose, it actually did end that same day. Though Ms Chakmian and I put together a well attended, very good event, Mrs Sedera showed up with their children and the employees of her daycare center begging and pleading for ‘Sanje’ not to close the center!  We were all mortified that this group was there publicly begging that they not be used to extract better divorce terms for ‘Sanje’ Sedera at his campaign launch party.  I was greatly relieved that the press hadn’t shown up, but I couldn’t keep a good game face on afterward.

I knew at that moment the campaign would fail.

Apparently, ‘Sanje’ Sedera was using the daycare center to further extract a better divorce settlement already far in his favor. He was only willing to give Mrs Sedera the center, the house, and child support, and keep more than an estimated 3 million dollars in assets for himself.  Later that evening at an event at Opportunity Village, I observed for the first time the hatred his own twin children have for him when they refused to come near him and his daughter wiped his kiss from her face and ran away in disgust, never to return to him, cowering in fear.  His son wouldn’t even come near him.

I was shocked that kids of that age would have such deep-seeded hatred for their father, and ‘Sanje’ dismissively explained to me that his wife had ‘poisoned them against me’ in just the few months since he had abandoned the family home in favor of his mistress, Shreela Chakmian. Mrs Sedera was also there, and their entire evening was spent with her, ‘Sanje’, and ‘Sanje’s’ father ‘negotiating’ for the daycare center in the parking lot. 

It was ‘Sanje’s’ father’s intent to close the center to force her to immediately settle the divorce in ‘Sanje’ Sedera’s favor, as he was the family decision maker, regardless of whoever the true owners may be; a lowly woman is not to make demands to the Sedera men.  This went on in the Opportunity Village parking lot for more than three hours on the evening of April 5, 2008.

I would learn later how poorly these men were treating Mrs Sedera– always speaking ill and vile things about her publicly, as most women are second class chattel in their culture and within their family–when Mrs Sedera told me that the daycare center was always hers before their marriage, and that ‘Sanje’ lied to me when he stated he owned and created it and she was just being ‘a greedy bitch, I hate that fucking bitch, I hate her, and she is not going to get my fucking things, I’ll fucking kill her first, I’m going to fucking kill her!

I learned that the Sedera’s are purported to own some 13 residential properties, a luxury vacation home in Mexico, some businesses, and lesser assets.  During the weeks leading up to candidate filing, I implored ‘Sanje’ to get his financial disclosures together as they are required under Nevada law.  He refused, and never produced that information to me and to date, ‘Sanje’ Sedera failed to file his required reports with the Nevada Secretary of State, due August 8, 2008 and October 28, 2008, though the campaign ended on May 7, 2008.  He has failed to refund any money to his donors, and failed to seek their permission to use them for relief efforts as promised on his campaign website’s homepage and as is required under the law.  He effectively conned donors’ of good intention and pocketed their money.
Mr Sedera and Ms Chakmian never produced for me an accounting of monies raised and spent for the campaign.  I had access to check the daily traffic on the website, where hits from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other terrorist nations were plentiful.  I brought the matter to his attention and he stated that he had friends all over the world, and I told him I still needed names and addresses of donors, even in foreign countries, for August filings.

He never produced a single document of financial activity to me.  I knew generally what we had spent and by mid-April, every payment to vendors was late, some excessively, and I froze spending until we could get matters under control and our vendors paid.  Most willingly carried the debt because of my previous business dealings with them and a good record of payment, but it became quite an ordeal, even extending into July for the lady who did the stickers and buttons.

It was also in this timeframe that he finally contacted his divorce attorney in my presence at his office. After hanging up, he had still failed to disclose to her that he was running stating, ‘I don’t want her to know my business’, but his divorce attorney is a man according to public records.  I was furious and popped off an angry email to him that evening, one of several dust-ups we had, where he accused me of being a drunk, and I called him an outright fraud who should be in prison.  Things always settled with him apologizing and behaving for a few days following.

Around this same time I read a newspaper story about terrorism in Sri Lanka and brought the matter up with ‘Sanje’ that same morning.  He gleefully declared that he was a ‘rebel’ there, and had ‘killed scores of people’.  Ethnic strife has plagued that nation for more than 25 years, and he told me he was fighting on the ‘good side’.  I told him that ‘one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist’, and he then declared that he was a terrorist in some views.  Email traffic to the campaign website had some very disturbing entries from foreign nationals making joking references to terrorist activities.  I still have all of the campaign materials and emails in my possession today.

It’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys in Sri Lanka where the conscripted army regularly reports 200,000 men as AWOL, and fighting in the northern regions is a bloody affair. ‘Sanje’ explained to me that if only Sri Lanka had oil, the United States would come and clean things up there. 

It is plausible, if not probable, that ‘Sanje’ Sedera’s uncle, who he claimed was the former Ambassador from Sri Lanka to the United States, arranged for ‘Sanje’s’ departure for America, instead of the entirety of the British Commonwealth where he could travel, study, and live freely, as a citizen of the Commonwealth.  Further investigation conflictingly indicates that his uncle was not the Ambassador, though he apparently was employed in the nation’s Consular office in Los Angeles.  ‘Sanje’ Sedera is a horribly spoiled man-child, unused to not getting what he immediately demands because of his high caste, and he wanted to come to America and had the family connections to grease the way.

Up Next, Part Two of Three:  ‘Sanje’ Sedera, Sai Baba, Genital Oiling & Charitable Fraud.

Scoundrel ‘Sanje’ Sedera!  Part Two

The true story of the “Con-artist Cad and his Corrupt Concubine” who duped the police and the local Democratic Party!

Part Two of Three:  ‘Sanje’ Sedera, Sai Baba, Genital Oiling & Charitable Fraud.

‘Sanje’ Sedera publicly lied that he was a novice politically, yet another of his easily proven lies because of his family’s high caste and his uncle’s exalted political position within the bloody Sri Lankan regime, along with the purported thousands of dollars donated to Republicans betraying his complete lack of truthfulness, again.  After his failed campaign filing, he even created a new Democratic club called the Asian American Democratic Caucus, made himself the chairman and Shreela Chakmian his initial vice-chair, now treasurer, and then ‘Sanje’ Sedera personally invited me to join the group! 

This was on June 25, 2008, one month after he filed his phony extortion charge against me!   Ms Chakmian held an event for this new group at her legal residence on July 18, 2008, more than two weeks after she unlawfully registered to vote using ‘Sanje’ Sedera’s home address. The new Sedera group has the exact same post office box and phone number his failed campaign did.  The group has at least two officers who are not registered Democrats, or registered to vote at all.  At least one other officer beside ‘Sanje’ Sedera was a registered Republican as recently as 2006, and voted in the Republican primary that year. This group unlawfully involved itself with congressional a race ‘fundraising’ effort on October 28, 2008; foreign nationals may not participate under federal election law. 14 pages of by-laws personally created for his new group by Mr Sedera and posted on its website bearing his name; prove his public lie about being a political ‘novice’.

In ‘Sanje’ Sedera’s convoluted world, this is normal behavior.  He actually expected me to enthusiastically join his new venture after publicly accusing me of extortion and then willfully lying to Metro in his statement to them only one month earlier.
Further into my April research into all of all the secrecy and subterfuge of ‘Sanje’ Sedera, whose real name is Darkara Sanjeewa Sedera, I looked into the dealings of his iconic guru/swami role model, one Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba; a freakishly hideous cartoon caricature of a man (go ahead, Google him) who is regarded as either a God to a minuscule minority, or a heretic to billions worldwide, depending on whom one talks to.  So enamored with this hideous freak, Sri Sathya Sai Baba is ‘Sanje’ Sedera, that his Nevada license plates actually bear his name and he had an elaborate shrine to him in his office!  

Sathya Sai Baba is God to ‘Sanje’ Sedera, he worships him, and I’ve never questioned ‘Sanje’s’ commitment to his ‘faith’, but when I learned about Sathya Sai Baba’s many multiple fraudulent charities accusations around the world, and ‘genital oiling’ of young men, the red flags were flying at full staff for me, and I demanded another meeting with ‘Sanje’. 

I was alarmed because ‘Sanje’ Sedera told me he created what I now know are fraudulent charities that had no incorporation with the IRS or registration with the NVSOS.  When I asked him about his personal current ‘People who Love‘ entity, he could not produce any 501c3 filing, no records, nor could he produce anything from the 2004 tsunami efforts that would indicate any legitimacy. He did produce some photos of children sitting on dirt floors in South Asia as proof that his charity efforts helped them.  I again asked for documents regarding the 2004, $700,000.00 relief efforts and he could not produce anything, telling me that such filings are ‘tedious, and he was frustrated by the paperwork’, so he had never done them, but assured me that he flew there too, and showed me the pictures. 

Perhaps not coincidentally, this is also the time that the Las Vegas housing market was super-heated, and ‘Sanje’ Sedera was acquiring speculation properties to add to his ever growing portfolio. Sedera told the police that he was the ‘Chief Fundraiser’ for 2004 tsunami relief efforts, but there is nothing to confirm that title, or any legitimate charitable endeavor by ‘Sanje’ Sedera; absolutely nothing.

The South Asian community in Las Vegas is small and clannish, both jealous and protective of each other, very insular and isolated; also very Republican or non-partisan.  Most are highly educated, in the medical field, or business owners enjoying the American dream.  When I couldn’t get straight answers from ‘Sanje’ about why his own community was not lining up to give him checks for the campaign in numbers that I had expected, he blamed the mortgage crisis, his wife poisoning everyone against him; everyone but himself. Everything was always Mrs Sedera’s fault and his extreme hatred of her often boiled over into explosive tirades and outbursts against her to the extent that the local South Asian community knows of their troubled marriage, knows of his mistress Shreela Chakmian, and all of the salacious details of their divorce. 

Though a dated term to Western ears, Ms Chakmian is considered ‘Sanje’ Sedera’s concubine–the ‘secondary wife’–in a culture and family that can treat women as second class chattel property and indentured sex servants.  No Asian-American business person would do business with the campaign, not even his own business web designer or printer, except for a printer who did a single improper banner, replicating someone else’s proprietary union logo.  ‘Sanje’ Sedera truly believed that all he had to do was announce his candidacy and all the money necessary for the race would come to him, after all, he had claimed he raised 700,000 relief dollars before.

It did not come.  ‘Sanje’ Sedera’s campaign received no endorsements, even from Asian-American oriented organizations.  It became such a sorted soap opera that the local Republicans jumped in and recruited their own South Asian candidate, Dr ‘Jack’ Surpure, to run against him in Assembly District two because ‘Sanje’ Sedera is despised by many and few wanted him in elective office. 

Keep in mind all of this corrupted, chaotic Sedera/Chakmian campaign activity occurred over just a few weeks!
It could be the political opportunist fence jumping that ‘Sanje’ Sedera has engaged in since allegedly becoming a US citizen in 2000.  Mrs Sedera asked me point-blank why her husband was now a Democrat after having been such a strong, enthusiastic, and financial George W Bush, John Ensign, and GOP supporter for all the years she had known him. 

I didn’t have an answer except to offer that perhaps he was an opportunist who sensed a Democratic year and he wanted to con people, expropriate valuable personal contact information, and cash in.  ‘Sanje’ Sedera had painted a very ugly picture of Mrs Sedera, but I found her to be beautiful, engaging, intelligent, and funny too!

We exchanged several pleasant emails and phone calls, and I pledged that she could have all of the campaign materials to assist her in the divorce settlement, and pledged I would testify on her behalf, should she and her divorce attorney find that necessary

The reason being is that I have suspected a hiding of assets from her since Shreela Chakmian, not ‘Sanje’ Sedera, paid my retainer fee, and have wondered if ‘Sanje’s’ parents were ferrying undeclared, untaxed US dollars back to Sri Lanka on their son’s behalf, as recently as their scheduled return in July of 2008. The hatred is extraordinary in its depth and breadth, and so deep and infected, that everyone around them knows about it to the extent that at a Chinatown event we attended, some people were shocked that ‘Sanje’ Sedera would even consider running for office given what they all knew he was publicly doing to his wife and children and how poorly he was treating them. 

He collected no donations that evening.  ‘Sanje’ would not process that Nevada is a ‘community property’ state and that Mrs Sedera was entitled to half of everything, and stated many times to me that he was solely determined that Mrs Sedera not ‘rob’ him of ‘his’ things.  That he had his father negotiating, without benefit of his own attorney’s knowledge, speaks to his lack of respect for how the law works in Nevada and his spoiled, demanding, temper-tantrum nature. I advised Mrs Sedera to do an asset search on ‘Sanje’, his parents and family, and Shreela Chakmian, to help in her divorce, and I stated several times to ‘Sanje’ and his father that any attorney who didn’t go for half would likely be disbarred or sued for malpractice–that only angered them more and further steeled their resolve against Mrs Sedera.

Despite indications of millions of dollars in assets here and abroad, Darkara Sedera filed a motion in Family Court to be heard on December 3, 2008, demanding that his child support payments and his wife’s legal fee payments be dramatically reduced.  The final divorce trial is scheduled for February of 2009.

As April concluded, we had little money coming in.  The local South Asian, the real estate/mortgage, and the Las Vegas business communities were rejecting ‘Sanje’s’ candidacy, but traffic on the website was steady, and I still hadn’t seen anything of the financial reports from campaign treasurer, Shreela Chakmian, and ‘Sanje’ Sedera missed his May 1st payment to me, as he did his April 1st payment.  Finally, after previously deciding we would file on the first day, he changed his mind, and we attempted to file on May 7, 2008, but ‘Sanje’ Sedera lied to the police and told them he ended his campaign on May 2, 2008.  Still unpaid for the month, I accompanied ‘Sanje’, Shreela Chakmian, and several of their close friends to the Board of Elections, where for the first time, I looked up his voting record and found out that not only had he been a Republican, which I had known, but he had also missed 7 elections since allegedly becoming a US citizen in 2000–he had only voted twice, as a Republican, since then–that, I did not know. 

However, there was something bigger: Darkara Sanjeewa Sedera didn’t become a Democrat until January 19, 2008, and therefore, was ineligible to run for Assembly by 19 days.  I never asked when he changed parties, and he never disclosed it to me either.  ‘Sanje’ Sedera is today, a Republican interloper, intruder, and fraudulent opportunist playing in Nevada Democratic Party politics and no one in the Democratic Party was aware of his political history.  He is alleged to have joined the Titus for Congress campaign and created a new Democratic caucus only to secure private email addresses and other contact information to further ‘farm’ his Real Estate/Mortgage ‘business’, although his former office at Cornerstone Mortgage apparently abruptly closed, and sported a ‘for-sale’ banner within a just few weeks of his campaign filing failure, and the office phone number has been giving callers busy signals for many weeks.  Both Sedera and Chakmian failed to mention any of this to the police in their statements.

Shreela Chakmian, is currently unlawfully registered to vote for the very first time in Nevada as of July 4, 2008 at ‘Sanje’s’ personal home address on Triumph Court in Las Vegas. Her legal and actual domicile is on Westwind Road in Las Vegas; five miles away.  Though illegal, this wouldn’t normally be news, except that it confirms Mrs Sedera’s potential claim of abandonment and adultery given ‘Sanje’ Sedera’s mistress, concubine, and treasurer is now claiming ‘Sanje’ Sedera’s home address as her own in order to unlawfully vote in Nevada, when she and her daughter live elsewhere, and all of Ms Chakmian’s Nevada licensure is recorded at her legal Westwind Road address.  We’ve not been able to determine Shreela Chakmian’s eligibility to vote in the United States because she apparently never had done so at 43 years old.

‘Sanje’ Sedera and Shreela Chakmian are very gifted con-artists and proven, prolific, and consummate liars.

This is my experience about how these two con-artists operate: never honest, never above board, always scheming and scamming something; lies compounded by more lies. There’s no indication Mr Sedera ever mentioned his legal wife or his mistress’s involvement in the campaign to the Las Vegas police, and that it was Ms Chakmian who paid my retainer from her personal Wells Fargo account so Mrs Sedera wouldn’t find out.  Metro Detective Jason Hahn #3371, took their conflicting statements and an actual copy of the check Ms Chakmian wrote, not Mr Sedera, as he perjured himself in statement, and Hahn didn’t bother to question the inconsistencies in their statements against the evidence they produced.  In fact, throughout the time I was with these two con-artists, ‘Sanje’ Sedera would beg Shreela Chakmian to pay for things and give him her money; it was almost as though he was the ‘kept’ man of the ‘older woman’, Shreela Chakmian, but he told me it was because he had nearly $100,000.00 on his credit cards and ‘why should I pay if she’s willing’?  Mr Sedera has a long history of con-artist, gigolo behaviors with older women of substantial means.
So, contrary to the ruse and outrageous lie ‘Sanje’ Sedera publicly told to the Democratic Party, to the press, to his friends and family, and especially to Metro, he did not ‘withdrawal’ from his race to help the cyclone victims on May 2, 2008, he was summarily rejected by the Clark County Board of Elections as ‘unqualified’ on May 7, 2008.  He left an indelible impression with Metro that he was a benevolent, charitable servant of mankind, answering to a higher calling instead of politics, and nothing could be further from the truth

He was even so bold as to lie in sworn statement that withdrawing was ‘noble’ and a ‘higher calling’, though I wrote every word of the press release and the proven facts directly contradict this statement.  He deliberately and with malice, lied to Metro multiple times in statement and continued the myth and charade to enhance his position, ingratiate himself, and draw ill-gotten sympathy with a fellow Asian-American Metro officer to further his complaint against me and possibly negate a civil collections action I may bring against him.  Darkara Sedera and Shreela Chakmian lied by omission leaving out a full 13 days of campaign and email activity following May 2, 2008 that they deliberately neglected to inform the police about; a felony criminal act in Nevada.

Again, ‘Sanje’ Sedera and Shreela Chakmian are gifted con-artists, even by Las Vegas standards, and they both managed to successfully con the police–highly trained, senior Metro Intelligence officers, no less–and they publicly laughed about their success to many people afterward.

Up Next, Part Three of Three:  ‘Sanje’ Sedera is Caught Lying and his House of Cards Crumbles

 Scoundrel ‘Sanje’ Sedera!  Part Three

The true story of the “Con-artist Cad and his Corrupt Concubine” who duped the police and the local Democratic Party!

Part Three of Three:  ‘Sanje’ Sedera is Caught Lying and his House of Cards Crumbles
‘Sanje’ was very angry at the rejection of his candidacy, and his father was in hysterics that evening as ‘Sanje’ Sedera’s whole phony house of cards collapsed after only 33 days of becoming an official candidate!  In the courtyard of the Clark County Government Center after the filing failure on May 7, 2008, he immediately hatched a brand new scheme to put the best face on things and instructed me to ‘redirect’, write something ‘really, really good’, change the website, and email blast a plausible cover story for the filing failure.  He would now be publicly stating he was leaving the campaign for altruistic reasons to ‘help the victims of Cyclone Nargis in Burma’ was his concocted story, under a brand new phony charity: ‘Nevada Partners in Relief’. 

Never mind that Burma is ruled by a totalitarian junta that bars US passports and foreign aid.  I told an attorney the truth about what occurred a short time later and he told me he expected something along those lines was the real reason ‘Sanje’ Sedera did not file. It is perhaps the safest bet in Nevada that ‘Sanje’ Sedera’s US passport does not contain a Myanmar stamp today, and likely never will, yet he led Metro to believe that was true in May, continuing his deceit and fraud.  Lying and deceit are second nature to Sedera and Chakmian, even to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to whom they willfully withheld pertinent and salient information in a statement to further their goals. ‘Sanje’ Sedera and Shreela Chakmian unlawfully wasted Metro’s scant resources to further his position in a civil litigation and could now face up to 8 felony and 2 gross misdemeanor counts for their respective, willful, lying to the police.

I wrote the press release for this lie of ‘Sanje’ Sedera’s, email blasted it, and it’s still posted on his campaign’s home page today, still perpetuating this fraud. I put the best possible face on things, and arranged the website changes and some fundraisers; another round of facts Sedera lied to the police about and that emails prove what was actually occurring in this timeframe directly contrary to his statements.  I also demanded we meet immediately with his business attorney, Barry Levinson Esq, to make ‘Nevada Partners in Relief’ ‘Sanje’ Sedera’s first ever, legitimate charitable entity.  After weeks of pleading with ‘Sanje’ to sit down with an attorney, he finally acquiesced after being summarily rejected by the Clark County Board of Elections on May 7th.  He was finally listening to my advice and we met at Mr Levinson’s office on May 8, 2008.  The meeting with Mr Levinson was very congenial and friendly and ‘Sanje’ had given me half of my May fee, with a promise of the rest before June 1st. Mr Levinson gave me the paperwork to create the 501c3 and organization materials, and he also volunteered to act as the new group’s counsel, pro bono.  Mr Sedera and Ms Chakmian once again conspired and colluded to lie by omission, both having never mentioned any of this to the police.

Apparently, there is no indication today that the 501c3 paperwork for ‘Nevada Partners in Relief’ was ever filed; apparently, yet another in a long line of schemes and scams perpetrated by ‘Sanje’ Sedera.  So confused and tripped up by his own multiple lies, Sedera told the police it was called ‘Rebuild Burma’ when all of the information and fundraising organizational uploads were personally directed and written by me, and the website calls it ‘Nevada Partners in Relief’.

. is still up today with the false and deceptive press release still on the homepage, and the website hasn’t been touched in months, because ‘Sanje’ Sedera had already moved on to his next self-serving project: ,so much for the cyclone victims, I guess.  Both websites are run by the same firm, so this is not oversight or forgetfulness on Mr Sedera’s part, but a deliberate perpetuation of ‘Sanje’ Sedera’s fraud and deceit. Mr Levinson and I insisted Burma donations go directly to the monks and temples since ‘Nevada Partners in Relief’ was not yet legitimate, and may never be, given ‘Sanje’ Sedera’s illustrious history. ‘Sanje’ Sedera expropriated the name based on Senator Steven Horsford’s successful Nevada Partners, Inc to enhance its legitimacy, and to leave a very public impression that Senator Horsford was on board.  He is not on board.

Again, this is how con-artist ‘Sanje’ Sedera operates every single day.
I was to set up the new legitimate charity and then depart under the terms of our contract on August 12, 2008.  Hours later, ‘Sanje’ Sedera demanded the completed 501c3 paperwork be brought to him so he could get things rolling and then stated that we had no contractual relationship.  Our signed agreement ran through August 12th and did not include any confidentiality agreement, or ‘out’ should he not run; he only insisted I drop the phone and gas mileage reimbursement clause.  I felt we had a valid contract that I was willing to honor or negotiate out, and sent him a 12 point letter stating the troubled matters I was preparing to deal with, and expected he and his attorney to clarify and codify things in a subsequent meeting together.  I followed all of the proscribed rules in advance of filing a Small Claims action in Las Vegas Justice Court, including having that letter notarized.  ‘Sanje’ Sedera refused to accept delivery of the certified ‘Demand for Payment’ letter I am required to send before filing, and that’s why I left it on his door, and I sent another copy regular mail to Shreela Chakmian.

Regardless, he immediately filed a police report claiming extortion and an application for a Temporary Order of Protection that was soundly rejected in court on June 11, 2008, and not coincidentally the extortion charge warrant was suspiciously signed the same day by a different judge.  ‘Sanje’ Sedera’s police filing was done on his own, in his own hand, without his attorney present; because he had lied to his own attorney about the real reason he was not running during our meeting with him.  There were never any calls, visits, threats, raised voices, or arguments from me, and he listed four other adults that refused to sign the TOOP request, including his estranged wife…and his own parents! Again, Judge Karen Bennett-Heron threw it out on June 11, 2008 stating that this was a civil matter.  Shreela Chakmian deliberately lied in her statement to the police in stating she had filed a ‘restraining order’; she did not.

Metro sat on the false extortion charge for more than two months, completely ignored the Temporary Order of Protection dismissal on June 11, 2008, failed to interview me, and failed to ask me for documents or contracts before filing the charges.  Metro took ‘Sanje’ Sedera and Shreela Chakmian at their word; it was exceptionally poor police ‘work’ on their part.  Detective Jason Hahn of Metro’s Intelligence Unit, an 17 year department under-performer very well known to domestic and international organized crime figures, and also of Asian-American descent, took it upon himself to ignore standard police protocols and chose to record official interviews with Sedera at a Coffee Bean, and Shreela Chakmian at a Starbuck’s store of all places, rather than at a police sub-station which is traditional practice to ensure more truthful statement.  The transcripts of those interviews are replete with falsehoods and outright lies and Detective Jason Hahn chose not to follow up on anything, or to check their veracity or truthfulness. Again, Darkara ‘Sanje’ Sedera and Shreela Chakmian deliberately withheld pertinent and salient information from Detective Hahn and he seems to have encouraged this misconduct by failing to conduct complete, thorough investigative work, by not questioning me, and by leading the subjects to their unlawful statements. Supervising Detective Sergeant Anthony Arnone #1562, also very well known to organized crime figures, was complicit in not following standard protocols with his subordinate, Detective Jason Hahn.

Inexperienced, appointed freshman Clark County District Court Judge Melissa Saragosa, running in her very first election unopposed, asked no questions, and simply signed the warrant without any consideration of her judicial duties, the Nevada Revised Statutes, and the Small Claims provisions within that I had followed.  The CCDA and Metro went to have this filed specifically with Saragosa only moments after the TOOP was rejected by Judge Bennett-Heron.  Judge Saragosa, running unopposed for her first election in 2008, inexplicably and suspiciously, contracted in 2008 with a local consultant accused of attempting to purchase the future rulings of a now elected Nevada Supreme Court Justice.  I have written critically about him and his spouse, a current Clark County Board of Commissioners member.  I have also written critically about the Sheriff, their superior officer, and  Metro’s Intelligence Unit knew about all of the above circumstances, in detail.

This is how superb con-artists ‘Sanje’ Sedera and Shreela Chakmian truly are. That they both managed to dupe and co-opt highly trained, highly paid Metro officers is extraordinary in and of itself; that they thought they could get away with it and their lies would never be uncovered and made universally public, even more so.
The last thing ‘Sanje’ Sedera wanted was for me to be cooperating with Mrs Sedera, but I had already been, and pledged to her all of the campaign materials, as his legal spouse, though I haven’t yet told her the real reason for his filing failure.  His singular goal is to completely destroy his wife and her family, and I am legitimately fearful for her life and safety, and my own, given ‘Sanje’ Sedera’s proclivity to do as he pleases above and beyond the law, and his self-proclaimed murderous past.  He and Chakmian are publicly quite self-satisfied that they’ve managed to get away with deliberately lying in sworn statement to the police.  There is perhaps no greater achievement to con-artists’ than duping the police.

Any confidentiality agreement drawn up by Mr Levinson could not have lawfully included me being questioned about this two month mess by federal authorities of the Department of Homeland Security and the Treasury Department, only his email and postal lists, and that’s what I expected Mr Levinson to do; both Sedera and Chakmian failed to inform Metro about this.  I fully expect that agents would be looking at ‘Sanje’ Sedera and his various, nefarious dealings, as I had warned him many times that the hits on the website would trigger the attention of the USDHS, and that his phony charities could have him indicted by a federal grand jury.  His mortgage dealings had every single one of our meetings interrupted by his clients’ panicked calls, including one from a prominent storeowner who was so deeply over his head with his adjustable rate mortgage ‘Sanje’ Sedera allegedly helped write for him, that they were yelling at each other.  ‘Sanje’ hung up the phone and blamed his client’s ‘greed’ for the situation he helped put him in. Today, ‘Sanje’ Sedera’s former office at Cornerstone Mortgage is apparently abruptly closed and ‘for-sale’.

I firmly believe ‘Sanje’ Sedera has no interest in politics and his only interest in being politically involved is to seek expropriated private contact information to cull more predatory mortgage and real estate clients, as he could not tell you a single platform or ideal of the Democratic National Committee today.  Having exhausted the potential business with his Republican friends, including his close friend, a current officer of the Clark County Republican party, he simply moved on to con the Democratic Party to farm for more potential business opportunities, in my view,  Again, no one in the Democratic Party was aware of his Republican past.  His personal and family connections with Asian and Sri Lankan media, and his singular business intentions via politics, are linked on the campaign website under ‘News’ at

So exceptional a con-artist is ‘Sanje’ Sedera, that he managed to get himself nominated for an award at the 2008 Jefferson-Jackson dinner in Las Vegas on September 13, 2008, after only six months as a pseudo-Democrat with only one vote cast as a Democrat–this year.

Do I think ‘Sanje’ Sedera is a fraud, charlatan, scoundrel, con artist and scam-artist?  Yes I do.  His imperious behaviors, his extraordinarily poor, misogynistic treatment of his spouse and their children–something I have never seen to such a degree in 47 years of life–plus his unabashed lying to Metro in a sworn statement, proved that to me.   I have been around political people for nearly 30 years, and I have never met such prolific and consummate liars before meeting ‘Sanje’ Sedera and Shreela Chakmian.  I am absolutely confident ‘Sanje’ Sedera will never, ever be elected to public office, and that they may be making headlines soon for entirely different reasons, not the least of which are all of the facts stated herein.

There’s still much, much more to come about Las Vegas’s newest con-artist sweethearts. Look for a new website that names names and documents their misconducts, plus further investigative pieces from around the world documenting their fraud, and a published book with the working title “The Con-artist Cad and his Corrupt Concubine”. This three part series is excerpted from that upcoming tome. 

If you see Las Vegas’s newest con-artist sweethearts, ‘Sanje’ Sedera and Shreela Chakmian, run, do not walk, in the other direction and check that you still have your wallets and purses.

Mike Zahara Siganture

Michael Zahara