Toxic Progressive Reprobate Hate Reports

Born Females Deserve Title IX Protection from Born Males

…as well as protection from Toxic Progressive, hyper-intolerant, biased and bigoted misogynists, and born female-haters in the USA.

Pro-Transgender faux females now favored over born females, can’t be reconciled insofar as competitive born gender-specific athletics and performance-based scholarship opportunities associated with those athletics enjoyed by born females since 1972 and who have played those sports at the high school and university levels, for the past 49 yearsperiod.

We’re not going to change the rules after 49 years because super-racist hater Michelle Obama and pussy fart Eric Holder, are playing opposite the respective genders they were born into today.

Conveniently, like every other question about our nation’s very worst president in #44, those who would know, are all dead.

Don’t we all miss the never heard from over 8 years, miscreant and political prop, Sarah Obama?  There’s a 10 in 10 chance you’ve never even heard of this now thankfully dead, Obama family phony bitch!

Sure, Michele’s hands are so large, he can palm a basketball and probably a beach ball too, and bitch-slap Barry Boy upside his stupid-ass head with the very best of them, and I’ve been telling people since 2008 that I saw her in Chicago in the early 90’s tickling the ivories on a Steinway baby grand piano to the delight of hundreds who also saw her do this in the lobby of the Sheraton Chicago during a political event there.

The Obama administration never even let Obama’s husband be filmed playing ‘Chopsticks’ for the masses, less everyone all see his enormous hands!

That proved to be the beginning of all of this nauseating Tranny bullshit the nation has been suffering through since 2008!  Barack married a Tranny, he hired another Tranny in Eric Holder who ordered the Pentagon to accept Transgendered persons, and then set about inventing a ‘bullying’ epidemic in America which didn’t exist, to protect Trans kids which also didn’t exist in 2008.

What was loosely believed by Marxist America haters to be less than 750,000 transgendered adults in 2008, to now over 1.5 million as whack-a-doodle Ultra Leftist parents are being allowed today to poison their own minor children who they believe are transgendered, with puberty blocking drugs.


Most people aren’t aware that women were only included in the Civil Right Act of 1964 as yet another Democratic Party failed attempt to derail the Act’s passage.  The original Act was only four categories:  Race, Religion, Color, and National Origin.

But instead of suing the DNC out of existence for its 193 years of anti-Black-American nauseating Democratic Party hatred and 100+ years of DNC Jim Crow Hate Laws, it was Black-American Electeds, who turned in the mid 1970’s, to cashing in on exploiting their own people through virulently hyper-racist urban terrorist organizations like the truly vile Urban League and NAACP and one of the nation’s very worst Hate Groups, the Congressional Black Caucus, for a cut of the action!

I’ve always felt that it’s a terribly lazy Act cobbled together so LBJ would have something major under his belt in the aftermath of the Kennedy assassination the previous year, and the win for women having ‘sex’ included in the final hours wasn’t considered a win by the Women of the Era who were working on their own separate legislation.

It was so poorly put together a Congressional Act that President Johnson had to create a separate Executive Order 11246 on 9/25/1965 to create the enforcement mechanisms for Civil Rights—15 months after passage and sex discrimination wasn’t addressed at all in that Executive Order.

1967?  Are You F’in Kidding Me?

The always horrible EEOC, the primary enforcement bureaucracy for the Act, didn’t come along until one year after Johnson signed the Act on 7/2/1964. It would take all the way until 10/13/1967 for Johnson to rectify his refusal to included sex discrimination in his Executive Order 11246 with his new Executive Order 11357—meaning that 111 other EO’s were deemed more important to Johnson and his Toxic Progressive Democrats of his day than correcting his stunning omission on sex discrimination in his first Executive Order.

This is important background because it explains how Ultra Hater Liberal federal judges and USDOJ bureaucrats began their quest to change sex defined as one’s gender in 1964, into sex as defined by who one engages in sexual activity with, to be co-equal interpretations today of what Congress had intended on the fly in 1964 trying to derail the entire CRA-1964 when they included ‘sex’ as the fifth category in the Act.

Women weren’t the priority in 1964 and still are not in 2021!

That this Tranny bullshit has not been put to bed or taken out-back and put down like the rabid dog that it is, tells to all of us that women weren’t the priority in 1964 and still are not in 2021.

Rep Shirley Chisholm of New York stated during her tenure in Congress that racism wasn’t an issue but that sexism was and still is the nation’s major issue…and she said this 50 years ago which is why the overwhelming majority of  Americans know that just because you feel all girlie, it doesn’t mean that you are female and deserving of constitutional protections.

Modern Marxist Ultra Hate Groups like the Human Rights Campaign and the ACLU prior to Obama’s presidency, had little interest in Transgender being included in CRA-1964, but Chelsea Manning became a military cause celeb trying to get US Taxpayers to pay for his reassignment surgeries and hormone treatments and after all of that, not a soul wants to date, much less fuck that plug ugly guy. but the race to recognize first, 63 different genders, and now 81 separate and distinct Gender Identities, was on!

But along the way came these 37 words in 1971:

“No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.”

This was from then Indiana Senator Birch Bayh whose own wife was rejected for law school because the University of Virginia could legally deny admission to born females before Title IX of the Higher Education Act above, was passed and signed into law by President Nixon on June 23, 1972.

I was in 6th grade, and the following fall, my school district would send the 6th, 7th and 8th grade boys to Home Economics once a week and the girls to Industrial Arts.  We young fellas were cool with anything where we could eat chocolate chips and butter every week, and the girls seemed OK with making a clipboard and using a belt sander.  No one of either gender complained at my school!

‘I wish I could throw like a girl!’ 

JoEllyn Mataya and Laura Grisafe were two athletic standouts in my grade school district and they were both natural born athletes and better than any of we boys at my school.

A popular joke from 6th-grade MikeyZ back then was, ‘I wish I could throw like a girl!’ 

That one even made my athletically gifted and mathematically even more blessed, College Trig in his damned head late father, laugh out loud!

On my very best days, I was only fair at sports where beer drinking and smoking were forbidden by participants, because I chose to have my present day devastating handsomeness, smarts, quick wit, and class popularity, instead.

Did I mention my devastating handsomeness?

I will turn the Big 60 in the coming weeks and those goddamned lawyers I know, inform me that there is nothing I can do about it, but sent along their Congrats that I will begin at that time, my 7th decade of never needing or using Algebra or College Trig for any reason either!


Title IX is and has been such an integral part of my personal and professional life for 49 years and was paired off and written as an extension of the Higher Education Act of 1965 which I once believed was the most simple, elegant Act of Congress that America’s Liberals had ever written…because it really was that.

Leftist lawyers destroyed the Act and today its 100% dogshit and deserving of repeal.

Her death can’t come soon enough for tens of millions of Americans who know she is one of the Black Electeds who sold out 50 million Black-Americans for a cut of the action!

But years before SallieMae had darkened for us our already Dark Vegas reputation and doorways here in the Summerlin neighborhood of Las Vegastan, the Califate-wannabe little fuckers over at the US Department of Education–still seething today more than 50 years later, that they completely failed to do through forced school busing from suburban-to-urban cores, desegregate America’s public schools–did manage to do what they thought was the next best thing in 2020:  Steer an atrocious affront to humanity and to basic decency, a despicable, degenerate sexual deviant, to the  completely unearned, and totally undeserved Office of the Vice-President  of the United States in political prostitute, Kamala Harris.

Only Toxic Progressive Biased and Bigoted fascist female-haters, would force born females to compete against born males in Sports!

Our local Park Districts were actually well prepared for a mid-1972 expansion of girls’ sports and 14 years later, I would return to my high school district to celebrate our Girls’ Softball Team which just won the Illinois Class AA State Championship for the first time in 1986, all thanks to Title IX of the HEA.  Many of the team’s players over the years earned four year full-boat college scholarships based on their athletic acumen and talent and academic excellence.


The following is why we don’t allow born males to compete in Girls Sports and if you don’t see that allowing Trans boys pretending to be girls, to obliterate Title IX is wrong and discriminatory, you’ll accept anything which destroys years and years of clearing the decks and removing impediments so girls and young females had a chance to shine competing against other girls.

I don’t know Ms Corbett, but she graduated my high school 25 years after I did and I couldn’t be more proud of her for coming back to where it all began for her.  This is the very best of what Title IX of the HEA did for America’s born females that today’s Toxic Progressive Democratic Party haters are hellbent on destroying today:

Marcy Corbett
Varsity Head Coach

Marcy graduated from Morton West High School in 2004. After graduation, she attended DePaul University on a full ride softball scholarship. In her four year career at DePaul, she started at 1st base, attended the Women’s College World Series in 2005 and 2007, played against the Olympic Team in 2008, travelled the country playing top competition in the Big East Conference, named Big East Player of the Week in 2006 and All-Mideast Region Player in 2007, made the All-Freshman team 2004/2005 season, academic honor roll all four years, and was a member of Captain’s Council in 2007/2008 season.

The start of Marcy’s coaching career began with the Lemont Rockers. She spent a season in 2008 coaching a 16 and under team; developing their softball and conditioning skills. Marcy went on to coach at Joliet Junior College as an assistant, head coach with Orland Park A’s, and with Orland Park Magic. Working with these teams, Coach Corbett developed their offensive skills and prepared the athletes for college. Marcy specializes in batting and fielding skills, and emphasizes proper execution of fundamentals.
Marcy graduated with a B.S in Sport and Fitness Management. She is currently in her 2nd year as Head Coach at Morton.


HRC:  Intolerant Hetero Hate-Mongers

Always seething and foaming at the mouth ACLU bigots and the super intolerant hetero hate-mongers at the HRC have taken to outright lying about Trans and trans athletes, now claiming that we didn’t know what Transgender was in 1964 when the nation was introduced to Tranny Christine Jorgensen in 1952 via the New York Media.

Jorgensen got his reassignment surgery in Denmark and became a popular celebrity figure in the United States after 1952.

We knew what Trans was then, Congress knew too in 1964, and still did not include them in the CRA of 1964.

We also knew then that humans had genetic infirmities, abnormalities, and, anomalies after discovering the X and Y chromosomes way back in 1871, and by 1917, we knew that not all human males were born with XY chromosomes  and not all females we born with XX chromosomes.

Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullers, and Opel Tometi are the dogshit human vermin who created Urban Terrorist and Extortionate Enterprise, Black Lives Matter and its hashtag in 2013, only to never assist any Black person with anything, but to rail and rally everyone against discrimination of Queer and Trans victims of White Patriarchy fetishizing them and committing State Violence against them too!

What cockamamie bullshit from three truly ugly Black-American biased and bigoted super-racist born females, who don’t like much of anything with a cock!

All three ghetto garbage girls live lives of great privilege and luxury today thanks to their willingness to suck on George Soros’s nasty-ass cock for the Obama family, and for the one billion dollars in value and assets which came along with doing so!

This is how stupid a tiny segment of Black-American haters are today in thinking that Black Lives Matter is anything more than these three evil bitches cashing in on their stupidity!

The US Supreme Court has not ruled because they have not yet accepted a case where Title XII of CRA clashes with Title IX of HEA.

They will, and it is imperative until then, that biased and bigoted phony Democratic Party of Hate legislation like the deliberately misnamed Equality Act, dies a much deserved death to save our born females from further disrespect and disregard from this evil party which falsely claims to love them, but which its own ugly 193 year long history, proves otherwise.


Mike Zahara

A National Treasure writing from Las Vegastan!