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Another Dogshit Democrat Dies in Office

Three Dogshit Democrats from the US House are now thankfully dead and the hope for a better, much less hyper-racist Congressional Black Caucus got better with their long awaited and much celebrated passings and the entire world is a much better place without the three of them and their lifelong race-baiting hatreds, Black Superiority on weekdays & Black Fragility on Sundays, and their corresponding enriching of themselves at the public trough.

Black-American biased and bigoted racists really, really hate this guy for speaking the truth:

Rep Elijah Cummings of Baltimore, then Rep John Lewis of Atlanta, and now Rep Alcee Hastings of Fort Lauderdale were legends and experts in racist dog-whistling and Race and Poverty Pimping, because each truly believed Black-Americans were too stupid and too dependent on them to ever see through their 24/7/365 pocket-stuffing bullshit in the US House.

You may not know that Black-Electeds in the US House all knew them to be the human garbage all three were since birth, and they never allowed for any of the three to Chair the now always corrupted and seething with hyper-racism today, Congressional Black Caucus, which is America’s largest race hating, race baiting Hate Group since choosing to become that in the 1980’s.

OMG! Look at THAT caboose on Pearl Bailey!                 

No wonder Gerald Ford was so smitten with this way too much junk in the trunk kitten in 1976!

The gigantic pile of money and all that came attached with that was too rich to risk those three assholes with the CBC Chair and which President Ford had inadvertently steered to land right into the CBC’s laps in 1975.

Betty introduced ‘Swinging’ into the Ford’s dull, lifeless marriage with Gerry ordering her to ‘Not let that Boo-boo bang her!’ even though she got for her husband Pearl Bailey to swing with on 12/1/1976, though she later blew Bailey’s manager seen here on the left!

Gerald Ford refused to ever do the Hokey-Pokey for foreplay again after that fateful night!

Ford was a dufus, but not a bad guy, just a Grand Rapids Rep and former GOP Minority Leader so out of touch with reality, that his wife Betty Ford was a falling down drunkard–Betty Foster Brooks–and he never noticed how goddamned wasted she was, sun up to sun down!

<–Said Mrs Nixon to Life Magazine, ‘Oh goddamnit, Dick’s throwin’ a ‘lil chub and this fucker’s taking pictures?’

One would expect Pat Nixon to be mainlining heroin having to bed Tricky Dicky and blow him on his birthday, but Mrs Ford loved a good roll in the hay with her old man who made her call him Mr President whenever the two got all horny for one another.

Dumbass though, remains the only non-elected president and vice president we’ve ever had because he was too stupid or drunk to name Ronald Reagan his VP and chose Nelson Rockefeller who was ‘always Happy‘, instead!

Again, the big dumbass!

Gerald Ford may have been drunk out of his head when he signed what became known as ‘Community Development Block Grants’ for USHUD in 1975 which forever ruined the CBC and resulted in the hyper-corrupt, hyper-racist organization it remains today.

Congress became instantly addicted, because these Block Grants had virtually no oversight on them and still don’t today.  They allowed for further gross expansion of ‘lazy legislating’ which is both Houses of Congress’s hallmark claim to fame today!

We’ll get into how these Block Grants gave birth to ‘community organizers’ and how they were used by racist Democrats to keep those ‘uppity niggras’ as President Johnson used to call them, from acting up again and burning the cities down!

Crooks and Creeps from all over the world came to Detroit when Coleman Young was mayor from 1974-1994, to get lessons from him about how to be the best possible assholes in public life that they could possibly be!

CDBG’s only served to pilfer the entire city and everything that wasn’t nailed down was stolen by public employees, so when Puff Daddy lectures the automakers today, he needs to review Young’s 20 years of larceny legacy by everyone associated with him for two decades, first!


This is the 100% useless Coleman Young Jr who Detroiters were damned determined not to elect after 20 years of his father’s bullshit, that they actually chose hater and racist bigot Rep Rashida Tlaib instead, and who is an embarrassment to humanity everywhere!

It’s the real true story of how America lost its Black-American Electeds to the Democrats and their horrific corruptions of those associated with Tom Bradley, Wilson Goode, Harold Washington, Maynard Jackson, Andrew Young, and even Coleman Young who was an asshole everybody in Michigan hated and who ensured after 9 times in a row losing out in the corrupted bidding, would never get a Summer Olympics for Detroit…but which Atlanta did get in 1996 in what is universally known as the Worst Olympic Games in Human History!

That’s how bad Black Electeds nationwide had become is just a few short years and is why no one had much of anything to say when President Trump called Elijah Cummings’ Baltimore District a ‘shithole’!

Because Baltimore really is a shithole and America’s very worst run city 100% controlled by Black-American Electeds who are vehemently opposed to Term Limits, or doing away with Block Granting federal largesse to them who control hundreds of millions…

…and it’s the only reason WHY America’s urban ghettos are still ghettos today even after 33 trillion dollars alone in Great Society–all cash, zero-oversight–taxpayer cash infusions, but Black-America voters still believe the Democrats are their salvation!

Black Electeds in Congress’s Millionaire Class is growing by leaps and bounds courtesy of the very people residing in America’s urban ghettos!


I’ve been crying my eyes out all week that Rep Alcee Hastings of Florida–one of the premier Dogshit Democrats in the entire nation–finally bit the dust and cashed in his chips and died of pancreatic cancer!

700 lbs heavier and pre-Jheri Curl Al Sharpton and Dogshit Dem Alcee Hastings exchange hand-jobs in Washington in 1988!

Damn!  Pelosi’s fragile majority is now down to 7 lousy seats.  Only an idiot would bet that the House won’t flip back to the GOP in 2022 given Trump’s remarkable success in races other than his own in 2020.

Trump’s lingering around like a really bad fart at an even worse cocktail party, pretty much ensures that the Dems will keep and expand the US Senate instead.

He’s too damaged and left 100’s of millions of things incomplete and forgotten about, makes him a zero-value presidential candidate again in 2024.  HRC will forever remain the albatross around his historical neck because there is no indication whatsoever that he ordered either of his AG’s to continue to investigate her emails and vast corruption as Secretary of State.

But Hastings has a special place in Toxic Progressive Democratic Party corruption history.  This vile reprobate hate Representative was nominated by Carter to the US Bench in SoFla where he sold his robe and bench and assisted Florida mobsters on trial in his court, and got himself impeached, convicted, and removed from the federal bench in the 80’s.

He voted twice to impeach Trump which was just delicious of him because he couldn’t find the appetite to vote to impeach Clinton!

Hastings would whore himself out to anyone with $5 and some Shea’s Cocoa Butter for his toast!

Dems chose not to recall any of this real history in their phony eulogies this past week.  The Dems who removed him forgot to bar his ever holding public office again, so of course, the US House was the natural place to revive his stunning corruptions where he served himself for 14 terms–28 long exhausting years of nothing but shit from him–as a top poster child for federal term limits.

Cummings, Lewis, and Hastings were but just three conmen who made a very good living keeping their knees on the necks of their voters in America’s poorest and Black urban neighborhoods.


Mike Zahara
A National Treasure writing from Las Vegastan!