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LVMPD Homicide Is Covering Up Daniel Halseth Facts

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Sheriff Lombardo is pretending  that he wants to become our next Governor when he never wanted to become our current sheriff—and now his Homicide Bureau is in full cover-up mode about sexual deviant and pervert Daniel Halseth!


It’s bugged me ever since first reading the story of Daniel Halseth’s Suicide by Sierra this past April, that the local Las Vegastan media was calling her boyfriend Aaron a runaway at 18 years old.Teen couple pleads not guilty in murder of girlfriend's father | KSNV

Thankfully, Aaron Guerrero’s hair has grown back since April!

As I mentioned in my May 9th piece here, no 18 year old person can ever be a runaway when they are free to leave and do much of whatever they please having reached majority age by turning 18 as Aaron Guerrero had already done.

This is classic LVMPD Criminal Intelligence Section directing its media flunkies to report their stories exactly how Metro and the District Attorney want them to be reported.Mother of boy found dead near Las Vegas trail is arrested

People magazine and the New York Post covering Daniel Halseth’s Suicide by Sierra?   
Oh come on, please with this bullshit Homicide Lt Ray Spencer and Sheriff Lombardo!

Even for Metro, whose super-secret covert internal Ops are completely off-limits to Criminal Justice Reform and to prying eyes, this was a major mistake by them trying to divert attention away from the sick sexual perversions and depraved sexual proclivities of Daniel Halseth by publicly portraying Sierra and that forbidden Brown Boy she was dating, as a craven teen couple hellbent on murder so that they could run off together and have sex!

Oh my! 

This isn’t about Aaron having sex with Sierra—but about Daniel and sex with Sierra— and her father preparing to Sex Traffic her in Las Vegastan last year!


Jacent Wamala’s Couch-y for the Coochie!

Interestingly, Las Vegastan’s racist and exploitative tabloid TV station and local ABC affiliate, KTNV Channel 13, had a local LMFT therapist on named Jacent Wamala who specializes in ‘Therapy for Black Girls’ at her Wamala Wellness office at 1919 S Jones Blvd here, which is less than 3 miles from KTNV’s Valley View & Desert Inn studios, when there are literally hundreds of LMFT’s as well as actual psychiatrists and psychologists in Clark County Channel 13’s 3rd-rate stringer reporter Jeremy Chen could have engaged for comment about the Halseth Suicide by Sierra April 9th.

Chen instead chose a misandrist, bigoted and biased hyper-racist woman and 2015 UNLV MS graduate with a Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy which is something every single person I’ve ever known can and would earn too if they were interested in doing so, its that easy and a blow-off of a discipline these days!Jacent Wamala, Marriage & Family Therapist, Las Vegas, NV, 89146 | Psychology Today

This sofa is Jacent Wamala’s ‘Couch-y for the Coochie’ for emotionally damaged Black girls like Aaron, Sierra, and Daniel!
Jacent's Gems (podcast) - Jacent | Listen Notes If you’ve ever gotten one those emails from Uganda begging/demanding your financial help, maybe Jacent Wamala authored them because she was Miss Uganda North America, so pay up buddy!

Here read this!  I’m trembling at her colossal narcissism and completely nonexistent intellect, so I know that you all will tremble along with me too!:

Anyway, Ms Wamala did bring up some interesting points without knowing a goddamned thing about the Halseth case, and she inadvertently provided Aaron with his defense going forward.  Read this ‘Jacent Gem’ from her:

You’ll all have to forgive Ms Wamala’s clumsy misuse of the adverb ‘relationally’ as our friend Jesus reminds us that UNLV has never had a functional literacy requirement for any degree program there… which is also why I’m no fan of the new UNLV Kirkorian Medical School currently going up where the old Clark County Health District almost Miami condo-like fell down before they condemned it!

The land parcel is cursed and the very bowels of Hell are only six inches below the ground surface, and we’re building a medical school there?  Conveniently, the Clark County Coroner is directly across the street to the north!

There was a lot that showed dynamics in the relationship and a little bit of power relationally,” she (Wamala) said…’

“If potentially there has been any history of trauma. Has there been any history of inconsistencies? Changes in the home? Losses? Just compounding factors that build-up to create a perfect storm,” she said…’

Gee Ms Wamala, you don’t say, huh?  Changes in the home did you say?


Drone Taping Unaware Females

I hadn’t told my readers about Daniel Halseth’s gross drone misuse which may have crossed over to become major federal criminal violations prior to his Suicide by Sierra, and I sped right by it with Elizabeth because of my fears about him and what he was doing and planning to do had never subsided.

He actually thought that just avoiding McCarran, Nellis, and NLV airport flight paths was all he needed to do!  He was very wrong and I’m still wondering where his Apple phone and other devices are being hidden by Metro Homicide and you should too because they contain a treasure trove of Daniel Hasleth’s perv and freak show shit!

It wasn’t pleasant nor easy for me discussing Daniel Halseth Trafficking his own daughter with her mother, but I did express my concerns over the months Sierra Halseth was abducted by her perverted father with Elizabeth.

I have written and spoken extensively about Dark Vegas and the violent underbelly of Sex Trafficking and prostitution violence in Las Vegastan.  As my webmaster since 2017, Daniel Halseth had master-key full and unimpeded access to all of my written work, my liner notes, and some of my sources.

I’ve wondered if my work provided that detestable, despicable, POS pervert a how-to manual for Sex Trafficking his youngest daughter.


I was Dan’s guest at Red Rock Canyon 5 times between 2017 and his 2021 death and we were there to ‘fly his drones’.  He had three of them that I knew about and not once did he ever let me fly them, which of course was tons of fun for me!

With a good wind at your back, you could spit on the Hegelian’s home from Red Rock Canyon!

I analyzed all of his drone footage on the Net particularly noting his Best Western in Vermont footage and he never made a dime on that with the motel chain because what he was doing because he was a hyper-control freak, was polishing his craft by perfecting his ability to control the drone and deliver the footage he wanted to have.  More on this coming up…

The final time we were at Red Rock together was a Sunday morning in January of 2020 on a cold, bright, crisp morning when self-proclaimed Jesus-lover Daniel should have been in church, but there we were sinning in the Sunday morning sun instead with him practicing his drone maneuvers, so I went about schmoozing with people nearby instead and met a very cute little pistol of a mid 30’s power female named ‘Aimee’ who created and runs five businesses which all checked out to be true, and she is smart, sharp, and very bright, so I tried to fix her up with Daniel.

But she wasn’t damaged and desperate enough for him to be interested in her and he and I met midweek for supper about two weeks later at my favorite West Valley watering hole which lets me come in and write when then spirit moves me and I need some spirits to help me write! 

Red Rock Aimee from Henderson responding to his text, had called Daniel while we were there and he tried to feign interest in her in front of me and they never met up or spoke again.

Our bill that night was over $200 and was 97% drinks cuz he was just slamming Long Island doubles and I can’t drink much and only had two over our 3+ hours there.  This was a post-2018 major change in Daniel’s behaviors cuz he wasn’t this much of a drinker when I was one a decade ago, and I told this to Metro cop friends in 2020 when he abducted his daughter Sierra and shut down my website.

Daniel Halseth & Peggy Newman:  Lovers and Other Strangers…with Hannah Newman for Desert?

Metro was very well aware of Daniel Halseth’s sexual perversions and my grave concerns about his Trafficking his own daughter Sierra because I told them all about it and suggested that they pull the CPS interviews I did in August 2020 trying to secure her return to her mother Elizabeth Hegelian.

They were well ahead of me and never said a word about it to me.

May be an image of 1 person

Well now, this is 23 year old Homely Hannah Newman, Piggy Peggy Newman’s granddaughter and who lived at Tanto Circle with Daniel Halseth and his three kids there too in midyear of 2020! 
This is a very big deal the LVMPD didn’t want anyone or the media to know about!

Hannah Newman was fortunate enough to be enjoying Maui on April 10, 2021 with her boyfriend…

…or did Peggy Newman ship her off to Maui to be far, far away from their dual-complicity in her lover Daniel Halseth’s death?

Daniel Halseth was found April 9, 2021 at her Granny’s other house at 8417 Dunphy Court, while Peggy-Boo-Boo was Oscar-caliber performing as Mother Theresa for the media here…we assume on Metro Homicide’s direct orders to her!

Metro may have also been the reason why Peggy Newman kicked Daniel and Sierra’s asses out of her Tanto Circle home and sent them over to her new Dunphy Court in the West Valley home more than 16 miles away and clear across the entire valley, because her grand-daughter Hannah who is 23 years old, was living there too and had already become an L.E.S.T civilian employee at the LVMPD working at the jail since April of 2019!

Scooby Doo's Real Name Isn't Really Scoobert Doobert

Ruh roh! 

This is just one of the many things Metro Homicide didn’t want anyone to know about and is still actively covering up today because Hannah Newman should have been fired by the LVMPD the moment Daniel Halseth abducted Sierra Halseth by refusing to return her to her mother the day before school started on August 24, 2020…regardless of the pandemic.

Daniel Halseth was not jailed for contempt by FC Judge Hoskins because we were at the height of Covid lockdown and Peggy and/or Hannah Newman may have also privately and personally lobbied Judge Hoskins because Peggy is a major-minor level Dem donor to Marxist Leftist politicians and Hannah processes Intake arrestees for the LVMPD.

Peggy Newman is a lifelong Toxic Progressive Marxist Democrat and Hannah Newman is a 6 year registered Republican and Sheriff Lombardo needs all of those that he can find to not come in third place in the GOP Primary next year.

Hannah Newman had a sworn duty to inform her LVMPD superiors and IAB of her living arrangements with Daniel Halseth the very second he refused to abide by the visitation agreement of nine years ago and return Sierra Halseth to her mother’s custody the day before school started in 2020.

It wasn’t until early 2021 that the CCSD even learned where Sierra was and why her whereabouts hadn’t been reported to them.

Peggy and Hannah Newman were both conspiring and running deliberate interference for Daniel’s abduction of Sierra and covering their tracks to protect Hannah’s LVMPD job at the CCDC by moving Daniel and Sierra over to 8417 Dunphy Court where he died.

A Home for Peggy Newman’s Lover Man Daniel Halseth

This might be the right time to tell you guys that Peggy Newman purchased the Dunphy Court home closing in late July of 2020 for $300,000!  My grandparent’s first home on Jon Belger Drive is a two minute walk away from the home Peggy Newman purchased to affect Daniel Halseth’s death she and her granddaughter are complicit in ensuring occurred…because as gross and disgusting as it sounds, Daniel Halseth was likely sleeping with both Grandma and granddaughter Newman!

This was the despicable piece of shit that I knew Daniel Halseth to be!

Someone just happened to inform Aaron’s parent’s where Peggy was stashing her lover man and his daughter and if we are to believe the bullshit media production LVMPD Homicide was peddling, Mr & Mrs Guererro just happened to be walking by and bumped into Newman and her companion who also just happened to be walking by near to 8417 Dunphy Court!

I know, can you even believe that shit and such a lucky coincidence for everyone?

But here was the problem with LVMPD Homicide telling that whopper of a lie to all of us because as I just told you, my grandparent’s first home here was two minutes away over on Jon Belger Drive and I actually had a good wind at my back and I actually did spit on their old former home from 8417 Dunphy on April 11, 2021, when I also became the very first person in human history who just happen to be walking by either on Jon Belger Drive or Dunphy Court!

Nobody walks anywhere in Las Vegsastan!

I’ll bet you all think that I’m done with this portion of the LVMPD Lies Told About Daniel Halseth, but nope, there’s even more to come I quite by accident discovered hiding in plain sight right for everyone to see just a few days ago, and its another whopper Metro and candidate Lombardo don’t want any of you to know about!

That’s up next!


Michael Zahara
A National Treasure Writing from Las Vegastan!


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