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Kyle Rittenhouse Will Be Acquitted This Fall

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They’re still upset up in Kenosha Wisconsin according to USA Today, America’s #1 Toxic Progressive Hate Narrative Media!

They’re still upset in America’s toxic progressive Black-American Hate Mills in Urban America too!

I however, am not upset at all and I feel revived and rejuvenated that among our silly citizenry, walk our Giants of Liberty today—and of tomorrow too because they’re youngsters today.

Gimme a second here to get a Kleenex pull myself together people because I want to look my very best for when that little racist & White dick-smoker Don Lemon from CNN gets here!


By simply picking up a firearm and discharging it several times in response to Black racists and bigots terrorizing him on Kenosha’s streets in August of 2020,  Illinois teenager Kyle Rittenhouse and his buddy singlehandedly did what no other American was able to do over the 7 years of Obama blessed and birthed racist anti-White reprobate hatred: 

He stopped the Black Racist Hatred cold stone dead in its tracks!

It’s now been over one year’s time having passed without a staged and scripted Racist Hate March or rioting, burning, and pillaging done by Black-American Ultra Nationalist Nazis from coast-to-coast!

Whiny little Black Bitch pussy-boy Jacob Blake complained bitterly that police didn’t even stop Rittenhouse while carrying his firearm when he got his violent, misogynistic, domestic violence, sexual assault perpetrator ass deservedly shot up 7 times by Kenosha police!

Kenosha police weren’t stopping or arresting anyone that night unless they had felony criminal warrants and it was just Jacob’s bad and dumb luck that he had one of those felony warrants and Kyle did not!   

Jacob Blake also had the female girlfriend and DV victim who had called the Kenosha police to her home which they were responding to and ended up shooting his sorry hater-ass up 7 times!

Had he gone to his court date, this reprobate hater Jacob Blake would not have been en warrant and they wouldn’t have engaged him that night at all.   Poor thing, huh?

Plus, in a Defund the Police toxic progressive narrative media frenzy last summer, Police Chiefs were forbidding officer engagement of any criminals shitting all over our cities and towns to better protect and ensure our officer safety.  Yet another consequence of Defund the Police no one bothered to think all the way through and out before running their ignorant-ass mouths in 2020.

…and its just gotta be killing the Black Nationalist Nazi Haters that the young man whose shooting skills and prowess proved handy and timely to him, killed two White toxic progressive haters and badly wounded a third and that it is now highly unlikely he will see a single hour in prison for those killings…and he may walk on all of the excessive charges that two hyper-partisan Democratic Party registered voter Kenosha County prosecutors brought against him.

One of those two has left the prosecution team just a few days ago, and Mr Rittenhouse has two of Milwaukee’s very best top-tiered defense attorneys as his counsel for his trial beginning 11/1/2021.

Kenosha: The City Which Stopped Ultra-Black Nationalist Nazi Hatred Cold in 2020

Kenosha is a city as well as a county name and seat bordering Illinois and the Chicago area to the south, so gun-owning and loving young citizens in Antioch Illinois decided to drive up and assist where they could in Kenosha based on a Kenosha City Councilman’s Net plea to patriots to come help.

It wasn’t a very far drive for the boys as Antioch is a mile or two away from the Wisconsin border and Kenosha and most 18 year olds can legally drink in WI if they’re with their parents.

WI juries are very unlikely to be upset that a 17 year old Kyle had straw purchased an AR-15 with his stimulus money and that he knew how to use it—and did use it and very successfully too!

Like my adopted son Nick Sandmann—remember him?—down at Covington HS in Kentucky in 2019, well kids this is American hero Kyle Rittenhouse above whose heart was definitely in the right place, but perhaps he and his buddy’s heads at 17 years old were not! 

Black Ultra-Nationalist Nazi anti-White haters tried to immediately destroy Rittenhouse as a White Supremacist racist bigot rather than inform people of his being the former Police & Fire Cadet as he had been.

Black Nazi Squad Member, vulgar vile political pig, and insufferable Boston US Rep Ayanna Pressley publicly called Kyle Rittenhouse ‘a white supremacist domestic terrorist’ and didn’t retract or retreat when the ADL proved that Kyle Rittenhouse was not a white supremacist and that he had nothing incriminating on his social media either.

Pressley’s many millions of haters nationwide talked openly about getting about the business of finally killing her after her last summer hatreds and finally ending her ugly politics in response to her unjustified Kyle Hate since he has no recourse against her as a public figure.

Others in Chicago picked up on Pressley’s long known ultra phoniness as both a Squad Urban Terrorist and graduate of the pricey, tony, chi chi, and White bourgeois, Francis Parker School in Chicago.  At $45,000 per year in tuition for grammar school and high school, Pressley isn’t Woke, she in a irreversible coma.

Bougie is what Bougie does and it doesn’t get any bougier if you’re an anti-Black Elitist/BLM urban street terrorist, than terrorist hack Ayanna Pressley pretending to be Black and at all Woke.

They may have bought her bullshit in Boston, but she wouldn’t and couldn’t cut it in Chicago where she came up and ended up at Francis Parker!  Racist and misandrist Ayanna Pressley’s much deserved death can’t come soon enough for anyone.

Young Mr Rittenhouse thankfully whacked two White BLM/Antifa-type Urban Terrorists huge fans of Jacob Blake that night in Kenosha—one was human vermin shitstain and a convicted little boy pedophile sex offender Joseph Rosenbaum age 36 and his equally creepy-ass boy pal Anthony Huber age 26.

Rittenhouse’s superior shooting skills proved to the entire world that the violent Urban Terrorists at BLM and Antifa had indeed been assisted by convicted criminal felons all a long and that they were never peacefully protesting anything, anywhere in America.

Everyone was truly happy that both these hyper-racist Democratic Party voter vermin who tried to bait and goad these two Illinois boys into violent, unlawful confrontation, died in defeat of their uber-racism and hyper-hate by the bullets fired into them by Kyle Rittenhouse!

Atta boy Kyle! 

Trust me on this one, tens of millions of Americans said Atta boy Kyle to ourselves when we learned that the toxic progressive Journo-Hate Media was having conniption fits that this ‘white supremacist boy’ had killed who they were calling peaceful White guy protesters instead of their beloved Black Militants!

The entire nation had waited since Trayon in 2013-seven long years of Obama-blessed Black-American Reprobate Hate—for anyone to step up and lock and load their firearms and fire in response to toxic progressive degenerates and their extortionate burning and looting of our cities!

White Woman Coming to the Rescue of a Black man Again

Though I am loath to link a toxic progressive media piece from the New Yorker because of its hyper-propaganda intent and it being loaded with bigoted bias and Marxist/Leftist Hate, but this writer is ’embedded’, she was trailing Tucker Carlson’s video guy for the Daily Wire in Kenosha where media swarmed after getting word of Jacob Blake but not reporting until the next day of rioting on his behalf there that he was under felony warrant for criminal sexual assault.

The author Page Williams, a White-American toxic progressive biased and racist bigoted female, severely underplays and then she underwrites about his misogyny and anti-female violence, thus creating another White woman coming to the rescue of a Black man narrative and further pissing off toxic progressive Black females, especially the younger females who were much more agitated by this gift to readers from Ms Williams:

Though intended to pollute, dilute, and taint the Kenosha jury pool publishing on July 5, 2021 with profound anti-gun hatred,  Ms Williams’ story will likely be the stated juror reason that Rittenhouse is acquitted by them.

Kyle Rittenhouse has become a true national hero to the middle-ground grouping of Americans, to 2-A Americans, and to the Republican conservative-leaners all over America.  He had raised almost $600,000 dollars easily, made his 2 million bail even more easily, and few expect him to be convicted after being outrageously and creatively over-charged by two local media loving lemmings and registered Democrat Kenosha County prosecutors who are still completely disinterested today in recouping hundreds of millions in extortionate violent protester caused damage in Wisconsin alone!

After some early lawyer intercepts and missteps from Trump World like Lin Wood,  Kyle’s blue-collar Mom took the reins and complete control and what could have been a disastrous diversion into politics by Kyle was averted, and she has done an exceptionally good job managing the donation assets she is Trustee of and she and their family are still on the lower economic rungs, but not because they are White Supremacist or at all racist or bigoted or biased like their media haters are, because they can’t pin anything bigoted, biased or at all racist on the Rittenhouses.

Those multi-millions are fiercely protected from Black-American haters and biased bigots ever getting their hands on or any court being able to order they be used for any nuisance lawsuit against Kyle which may be filed or won.

…oh, and this useless little fucker is human vermin shitstain Jacob Blake of Kenosha but really of Evanston, IL and who will never again harm or harass another female he was involved with!

The always creepy Jacob Blake was en warrant for felony sexual assault is what Kenosha officers were trying to arrest him for with his being in possession of his victim’s rental car and her children inside of it which is also why all of the officers were also cleared in his shooting.

The ACLU was livid about that of course, but reasonable and rational people clearly understood that Blake himself escalated the incident and is lucky to be alive at all.  After completely ignoring officer commands, then stooping to pick up the knife he dropped, officers responded accordingly as if he was reaching into the backseat to stab his three children to death.

Jacob Blake’s parents outright lied about his 29 year old complete lack of character and temperament, and he never explained to the media why he had to escape to Kenosha for a fresh start from the Agony of Evanston life and he never married the mother of his three children either who Kenosha police dispatchers and officers all know very, very well!

Jacob Blake is a Dogshit Dad

One doesn’t retreat to Kenosha to escape from Evanston because you’d be going in the wrong direction if that was your goal.  That was his first easily proven lie told from his six week stay in the hospital after ensuring he’d get shot up by police while stealing his girlfriend’s van with their kids in it!

Jacob Blake sexually assaulted her by performing a ‘coochie check’ with his fingers inserted into her vagina then smelling them and declaring that she had been with other males! 

That’s a felony criminal sexual assault in all 50 states. Toxic Progressive Leftist Hate Media doesn’t think is valid to report this and Marxist/Leftist women all over America were OK with his physically violating and assaulting her like that!

This also makes Jacob Blake a Dogshit Dad in every single corner of the universe because Dads who love their kids don’t torture, torment and sexually assault their mothers!

That toxic progressive women far and wide weren’t outraged by this speaks to their duplicity and double-standards when it comes to Democrat criminals and their sex-based sins committed against women.  His female was threatened and she became uncooperative with Kenosha police after those threats, so prosecutors dropped those charges against him.

No outrage at all from the Feminists that women in Wisconsin can be intimidated out of cooperating with police on Domestic Violence is astounding in this day and age that prosecutors cannot proceed against the DV assailant without the victim, speaks to why DV is still a scourge across the country today.

This is important because much was made that his grandfather was a ‘church leader’ and that the family is still all churchy and loves Jesus—so don’t you dare look at our family warts or our Jacob’s warts either—but Grandpa was against Fair Housing bias in Evanston when that was resolved some 50 years ago back when Northwestern University didn’t ever admit that it was them which was responsible for Housing Bias in Evanston and was more benign ‘steering’ of Black-Americans away from the lakefront and university but not away from Evanston, just toward their western border.

Many Black-Americans still amassed substantial legacy wealth in western Evanston because its a beautiful, high income, snooty, pretentious North Shore university town on Lake Michigan where one can jump on a train and be in Chicago’s Loop in 22 minutes!

WatchdogWag Free Tutorial: Evanston IL is home to the Big Ten’s Northwestern University and is so ultra-liberal that they’re already paying residents Reparations though the university wasn’t a Slave University like those little bastards over at Georgetown once were!

Nevada’s human catastrophe of a Marxist/Leninist Loyalist, Yvonna Cancela, actually graduated from this Hellhole on the Lake but was so incompetent for the Biden Administration that they hadda fire her sorry Communist ass after a few weeks less everyone think Biden actually believes any of that far the fuck Leftie drivel she gibberishly speaks!

She’s Governor Pervy Sisolak’s new Chief of Staff and this should be a lot of fun for all of us here because she’s a hot looking hot goddamned mess of a female and has the intellect of a bar of soap much like NVDETR’s first Chief did too under Sisolak!

Journo Toxic Progressive Lying In Hyper-drive Since 2013

Also last year and about 60 miles due south of Kenosha in Chicago’s desperately poor Englewood neighborhood the Obamas never had time for during their Obnoxious Bougie Pretentiousness, so that for the very first time since 1968, heavily armed Black-American men and women there took to Englewood’s hard streets and turned back and forced away all of the BLM and Antifa fascist and racist political toxic progressive terrorists haters!

It was a magical moment of Unity across all demographic groups, ethnicities, and races in my hometown!  Here, read this too:

The Summer of 2020 certainly defeated President Trump, but at what cost to the Democratic Party?  Those Dems which won special elections since 2020, have all been Establishment Dems to the great consternation of the toxic progressives.  Crime is up in all US counties from coast-to-coast. Covid Crazy Karen Democrats are running amok and inflation and price increases are reminding me of my teen years in the 70s.

The Political Laws of Cause and Effect No One Reported in 2020

Quietly building up support across all constituencies in America’s Urban Toxic Progressive War Zones, is the banning or capping of lawsuit settlements for ‘self-insured’ law enforcement agencies which most in America are today!

That means that local taxpayers are 100% on the hook for any damages amount a shyster attorney can imagine and with no incentive at all to fight back from city or county prosecutors.

This absolutely must change immediately!

Just because the police killed someone regardless of their reasoning, should never again become an automatic check cut by taxpayers to the deceased’s family, especially if they and their familial misconducts were contributing factors in their relative’s demise.

Private insurance is quite good at legitimately denying claims which is why politicians ensured that insuring cops migrated over to becoming self-insured and tax-payer paid instead in the 1980s.

Be Careful What You Wish For!

If our biased and bigoted hyper-racist Criminal Class citizens are hellbent about ending Qualified Immunity for our LE Officers, it naturally follows that any reduction of QI for them, must be met with a drastic cutback of police department liabilities to be capped by law at $1,000 to $10,000, for instance.

Can you even imagine the howls of protests from the Criminal Predator Class and their bottom-feeding lawyer lizards if they were to be discussing this publicly today? 


Kyle Rittenhouse doesn’t cut a dashing handsome figure at now 18 years old, he isn’t as handsome and polished as Nick Sandmann is and the differences in their economic status is as clear as day.

I’ve been following this for more than one year now and its because of what the media did to Kyle and continues to do to him and to his family.  He was employed as a lifeguard and was employable but the Marines rejected him likely because of grades though the US Army seems the better fit for him.

That there’s no senators or other politicos lining up to offer Kyle refuge though that may change upon his acquittal this fall.

The Rittenhouse family is every American family, none of them are inherently bad or evil people from what we know of them.  Kyle has much potential depending on how he recovers from this, and he will recover because I just don’t see him being convicted of the bad charges because jurors are going to look at him and say hey, that’s my stupid kid!

That prosecutors are attempting to get a donor list of the people who kicked in to meet Kyle’s 2 million bail was a major mistake by the bigoted and biased Democrat prosecutors and may be why one of them has departed the team, it was such a bad mistake.

What the jury will be laser focused on is his post incident conduct and behavior. There is no White Supremacy from Kyle, no racial hating or animus, and the entire Rittenhouse family thought Derek Chauvin was guilty of murder.

Kyle was not roiling and boiling with hatred for anyone unlike the toxic progressive racists who loath him and his very Whiteness which becomes clearer and clearer with each passing month.

Proud Boys in Miami for lunch was no harm no foul for him as we’re seeing with the January 6th lack of substance or serious recriminations.

Beers at a tavern even underage is no sin—this is the Milwaukee ‘burbs after all— and I can attest to many a weekend in my teens and twenties hopping the boarder over to Cheeseheadland where the drinking age was only 18.

Though dismissed from Rittenhouse’s case early on, famed defamation lawsuit ace Lin Wood who orbited in Trump’s sphere could be a returning blessing to Kyle should he be acquitted—especially of all of the charges.

With a little bit of study, practice, polish and presentation, Kyle Rittenhouse could turn into an elegant and eloquent delightfully calm voice of reason answering the vanity insanity of toxic progressive hatred delivered for his generation’s consumption!  He also stands to make a mint for himself and candidates and state and county parties he favors should he walk away from everything unscathed.

His becoming a suburban cop in Chicagoland at 21 years old is a given because his value far exceeds his liabilities should/when he walk free this fall.

Lin Wood secured several million in media settlements for Richard Jewell in Atlanta post 1996 Olympics there with NBC News paying $500,000 in one of the actions.  The media isn’t reporting any of this currently because far too many of them are concerned for their own legal liability for defaming Kyle Rittenhouse last summer.

But however different Nick and Kyle’s circumstances are, they both acted atypically from what we’d expect from guys that young and I’m quite proud of both of them because they’re both from the Right side of the political spectrum which makes me near to deliriously happy just like a proud Pappy!

Nick, you’re getting a new little brother son!


Michael Zahara
A National Treasure Writing from Las Vegastan!
An Adorable Deplorable!