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Chattah, Heller, Becker and Kirkpatrick 2022 Rise

It’s pretty sad here in Nevada.

If 2020 did anything at all for us, it served to prove that we still are a tiny tumbleweed state no one cares about including us, and that no amount of political chest pumping and thumping changes that for either Party far into the political future.

We need political stars here something terrible and we probably always have needed them but we only notice and realize this when they’re gone and haven’t been replaced by new rising stars!


Republican Sigal Chattah has all of the ingredients and the volcanic personality and fiery intellect to become a real true political star here and nobody this cycle in either party is even coming close to her star stuff she is showering all over Nevada as GOP candidate for NV Attorney General so far!

Sigal and I know of each other’s political legends though we have never met one another.  She surprised me choosing to take on NVDEMS’ absolutely toxic and highly poisonous and Texas transplant and criminal Attorney General Aaron Ford who is always a follower, never a leader, and was elected here with no trial experience and is expected to become the FBI and Metro’s next plumb political target here for selling his office and 400 million in Mandalay Bay Massacre MGMRI settlement work to his former employer in exchange for their paying in full Aaron’s near to $200,000 dollar crushing IRS debt he accrued while being a complete total fuck, a fuck up, and a professional student and Gameboy and XBox player while his old lady Berna earned the bread and raised their kids while he fucked off, until they darkened our doorways in Nevada coming over from Texas where no one would hire him.

In the Texas Legal World, being a fuck up, an XBOX addicted player and a professional C- student had proven to be of no value to law firms there.

Ms Chattah is a fast rising star and is impressed with herself because she’s being very impressive in her first race and I’ve stuck my nose and opinions into her effort suggesting some things which may help her to stay focused on her juicy and always corrupted opponent instead of wandering off into national matters which she has done a few times as our first Israeli born candidate for anything since Victor some time ago.

Sigal to date, very much reminds me of retired Dem NY Rep Nita Lowey, the Jewish-American Queen of the the entire Congress from both parties and besting pros like our Shelley Berkley and Jane Harman from California. because Sigal Chattah has a very sharp, bright, and ever growing intellect and an enormous, educated, and credible world view.

I can visualize Sigal Chattah with some silver streaks in that gorgeous mane of hair on her head Chairing the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee just as easily as I can imagine her Chairing the US Senate Judiciary Committee because Ms Chattah, a one woman law firm here in Las Vegastan, took on a pro bono First Amendment case of our Nazi Governor Sisolak decreeing against church congregants while deferring to our Casino Class here which was atrocious and an every day gross misconduct of toxic progressives everywhere in America we’re all still suffering though across the economy from Blue State Nazis.

That she won her case in the infamous and notorious 9th Circuit Court of Appeals—the insanely super far Leftist and Marxist San Francisco based US Circuit Court of Appeals for our region of the country is something I told her last evening, that I never thought I would witness in my lifetime when I congratulated her spectacular success!

Any blue-chip, top-tiered law firm in the United States would be very pleased to have Ms Chattah on their legal all-star rosters just for her significant for many reasons win with the 9th!

But she’s ours in Nevada and she’s on our ballot for NVAG, I’m a super-motivated and a very enthusiastic supporter of Sigal Chattah and I hope to convince you all to take a look at her further down because its still way too early to be doing this and I’ll revisit Sigal with her own major piece here next spring before the GOP Primary.


The last bona fide star we had was Rep Shelley Berkley and she ran and lost the US Senate seat to Dean Heller in 2012 in the very stupidest political decision I have ever known seeing that both were US House members and with Nevada seats on the uber-powerful Ways and Means Committee which writes our nation’s tax laws.

I’d have had major trouble giving up just one of those seats on that Committee and would have been jumping up and down like my goddamned pants were on fire to try to talk both out of running against one another for the open Ensign US Senate seat here, which I actually did do with both to no avail.

But this was the great political wisdom of Pharaoh Harry Reid who had promised to Dean Heller the Nevada Governor’s mansion if he would kindly cock-block that gawd awful Jewish woman who upstaged him all the time, from ascending to the US Senate.

Keep in mind Harry Reid is also married to a Jewish woman!  I know, right, WTF is that all about?

Harry Reid has always had a problem with women, and Jewish-American women especially as his record with so many females has shown for decades.


Dean Heller is back this year to collect his mansion the Desert Kennedys promised to him and I will cast my vote for him too even after he lost his senate seat to another Jewish lady who loves to vacuum the synagogue and never had done anything politically in her entire life prior to running against Dean Heller in 2018.

Dean Heller’s ‘overnights’ as flash polling is sometimes called when something big or significant happens in a particular race, were terrific and showed he hasn’t lost his luster with his base in Northern Nevada.  Dean will pull significant votes up north this is clear to all who know him and what his appeal is to his base.

The NVGOP misfits and malcontents who now hate Heller for being Heller and a RINO who hates Trump, are a small, annoying, very destructive, and vocal Wing of the NVGOP and the GOP race for Governor is already too crowded and may get even more players before filing closes next spring and that favors Dean Heller winning his ancient home turf territory up north and picking up some scraps elsewhere.

Dean Heller’s haters are almost universally Adam Laxalt lovers which is strange because Adam’s really a Domenici and the most easily flattered floozy Nevada has ever suffered through.

Adam Laxalt is today’s undisputed ranking Fremont Street Political Whore of no value to anyone here or over at his father’s place in New Mexico either.  His enormous ego and exaggerated sense of self-importance is a huge turnoff to the majority of voters across the spectrum here and has been since he first showed up in 2014 and gave his Auntie Neenah—his mother’s lobbyist sister—a heart attack and shit attack at the same time!

Oh my God, what is wrong witchu people?


America’s very worst State Party Chair is the NVGOP’s Michael McDonald who was a dirty, mobbed up Metro cop, a dirty, mobbed up Las Vegas City Council creature, and is a pure as the driven snow today (Pffft!) Chair, who has now delivered successive, atrocious election cycles of dismal, abysmal GOP outcomes because he thinks a Party chair’s job is to party!

Its 11 months now since the 2020 election and I’m only now getting over my anger and frustration that Chair McDonald failed our two Clark County best prospects—Stavros Anthony and April Beckervery bigly  very badly by not requesting/demanding President Trump do a major West Valley two rally swing at Floyd Lamb for Stavros and Desert Breeze for April.  Stavros is my really, really old friend now and April was supposed to be my State Senator and I like ice-cream too goddammit!

After the election I chatted April Becker up and apologized for our poor performance as a party on her race and told her what I liked about her effort and begged her to stick around and be on the 2022 ballot.  I’m sure many others did the same thing because she chose an office she can win this cycle against Susie Lee but its gonna be tough and expensive too because we let Lee ascend to public office as the woman who owned 19 houses staffed full with slaves and none of them making $15 an hour, with healthcare benefits, daycare, etc…as Dems are demanding of business owners, and how did we know this?

We didn’t because no one ever asked her about it on the campaign trail that’s how truly awful Michael McDonald is as Party Chair, so I asked if she joined the wrong party because I didn’t know too many Dem Debutante Dipshits with substantial real estate and investment portfolios ’round these parts?

Chair McDonald, this is where you are to step in as Chair and clear the decks for Ms Becker by bringing along your Outfit buddies to whack any of them who don’t see the wisdom of your suggestion that they bow out in favor of her and the continued health of their own kneecaps!

April Becker is a pistol and a firecracker of a politico but will be fatally burdened having to expend resources in a GOP primary for the nomination.

Nancy Pelosi, heading for the exits and to court ordered rehab, will not let this seat go and no expense will be spared to keep Susie’s big fat ass in this seat!  It could very easily become the dirtiest and most expensive House race in the country this upcoming cycle.

I spent 40 years in their sandbox and I know how dirty they play and what’s important to them and why its important to them too!

Susie, by having a stupid name like Susie, has no idea how to throw a political punch or even a bitch slap across the faceApril Becker is a seasoned veteran attorney adverse to settlement negotiations and preferring trials and is quite familiar with busting opponents in the chops for some reason!

Trust me on this one loyal readers, national Democrats are not shittin’ kittens about our NVCD03 race for 2022, they’re shittin’ bricks and very big ol’ bricks too!

Building winning tickets is a primary job of any State Party Chair and Michael McDonald seems completely oblivious to this salient fact.  Good effective Chairs are very rarely the nicest person in the room in either party because you have to necessarily be a dick and a deal-maker to affect the best possible outcomes benefiting your party when you’re the fucking Chair!

I know, my language, right?


If Dean Heller is in to block Joe Lombardo, it’s already worked and Joe would have to spend ungodly amounts of money up there so Lombardo isn’t expected to win the nomination now or even do well anywhere up there he being from the always hated elsewhere, Las Vegastan.

He’ll have to come out of Las Vegastan on fire and in a very strong first place out of Clark County to even have a chance to win the GOP Primary and his horrific performance as our current Clark County Sheriff these past four years is among the very worst crime stats in the entire nation which is already proving a too steep-to-totally insurmountable burden to his former Undersheriff who used to run the whole damned joint and who inexplicably just up and left us this past December, ‘anointed’ to become our next sheriff and who became current Chinese aspirin and bandages salesman Kevin McMahill!

John Lee, a Boy Scout, a moron, and a hella-headcase who has made a number of very bad mistakes in office despite his rhetoric, will vacuum up the LDS votes and those interested in returning the burn to Joe Lombardo for Captain Larry Burns’ loss in 2014 which still remains today the great unanswered question of the entire 2014 campaign in Nevada:  What happened in the Clark County Sheriff’s race that year to become the very last race called in the entire state near to 0100 AM the next morning?

Captain Burns and I came to the belief that this never explained delay was the notorious and super-corrupted FBI’s Las Vegastan Bureau stealing the election from Burns to cover-up the Metro Vice Scandal we didn’t yet know about because USDOJ was never going to do anything about it because they’ve been 100% complicit as the ringleaders for allowing this for no less than the past twenty years.

2021 marks the 20th year since USDOJ had any type of case here against Domestic Organized Crime and those perps were from Detroit or something, I think.

Seriously, 20 fucking years and this is Las Vegastan where during these past 20 years we opened a new tourist amusement park thrill ride called the Mob Museum whose #1 patron is none other than notorious former mob lawyer and Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman, husband of our current mayor, Bubbles Goodman!

Sheriff Lombardo anf former Sheriff Young appeared as guests in the museum’s Vaudeville productions too!

2021 also marks the 10th year since the LVMPD had an active Organized Crime Bureau headed by a Captain at Metro.  The last guy was a very longtime favorite of mine, retired Deputy Chief Al Salinas who would make an exceptionally strong 2022 candidate for Clark County Sheriff seeing that he is an old school department warhorse of equally exceptional standards of integrity, honesty, and police professionalism and performance who also happens to be the former highest ranking Latino-American in the department and Las Vegastan and Clark County became a Latino-America majority city/county long, long ago!

I’ve had the Bat Signal on and shining into the nighttime sky of Las Vegastan trying to coax a response from Salinas, former US Marshal Chris Hoye, former Deputy Chief Kathy O’Connor, and former Officer Laurie Bisch Carrison to come rescue us from the worst sheriff’s candidate field we’ve had in over 20 years here.

So far, none of them are responding and I’m becoming despondent!

The campaign pic everyone will want to take is that of Chair McDonald and Sheriff Lombardo standing together knee deep in manure and alfalfa up north as political paisans alongside Joe’s inexplicable campaign Chair Mark Hutchinson who drove Stavros Anthony’s NVSC effort right off the fuckin’ cliff.

I don’t know Mark Hutchinson, I don’t like Mark Hutchinson, and worst of all I do not trust Mark Hutchinson because ever since he showed up one day in political life here, he is directly associated with conducts which have harmed our Republicans.

Someone flattered Joe Lombardo that he could carry this state in a Primary when there is no indication he is even aware there is an entire state directly north of Las Vegastan!

He had a dreadful experience at the NAACP Burning at the Stake and he seemed surprised everyone was hating on him most there!  One doesn’t recover from that kind of blind and deaf political unawareness and it can’t be coached out of him or mitigated by crash coursing him in the glories which are our alfalfa and manure exports!

The best and most interesting news leaked out recently that CCBC Chair Marilyn Kirkpatrick may throw her garter belt into the Dem Gov Primary and that excited the biggest bloc of voters statewide who looked right past Steve Sisolak being a big, huge perv and #MeToo inspiration his entire life in 2018 because everyone was determined to block Adam Laxalt and end his political ambitions forever.

Marilyn wouldn’t let that info be leaked about her interest unless it were true and someone big and important were whispering into her ear that the Resorts want to dump Sisolak and Lombardo is just not cutting it for their needs.

Its only October 1st and we’ve got many political lifetimes to go before filing even closes next spring and as a former Dem, I am very pleased to hear of Marilyn’s interest in running this cycle.

You should be too and so should all the Republicans in this state because that is very good news and very healthy for political Nevada in the short and long runs!


Michael Zahara
A National Treasure!