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Jason Frierson Will Be A Disaster As US Attorney

I got along with him until he became Don Vito of Downey some years back in Las Vegastan.

He and my former AD34 Assemblyman William Horne used to gay it up pretty good together trying to out-gay the other to impress ‘Missy’—our former sociopath Speaker Misandrist Misfit & Toxic Progressive Puke—Barbara Buckley.

Oh my God, what did you people ever see in that evil woman with that dreadful child she forced onto all of us?

During those early years, William Horne just got duller and duller and Jason Frierson just got chubbier and chubbier.

To watch those two squander the very last crumbs of dignity Black-American men may have had left in SoNev and Las Vegastan at the time, was painful to watch for Dem political people like me at the time.

<—Speaker Jason Frierson as Stepin Fetchit!

William would bring her a fresh cup of tea at the top of every hour, and Jason would bring her a fresh tampon and new mini-pad at the bottom of every hour.

Frierson is more than twice the man today he once was at UNR where he failed to kick Colin Kaepernick’s sorry ass for being so pussy whipped over Muslim misanthrope Nessa Diab’s tired, old, stinky, stanky middle-aged pussy he’s still not getting today!

Nope, she’s still not fucking him!

At the time, Jason had just completed his time as the Fresh Prince of Bell Garden on his was to becoming the King of Kompton, when a ragtag group of Catholic missionaries threw a burlap bag over his head and spirited him away to a church over in Downey California for deprogramming and reprogramming to get rid of that Negro-Stuff he had picked up on the streets of SoCal along with untold amounts of Dale’s Donuts.

Today, Jason suffers prostate issues and his whole family has joined in the fun of digital prostate examinations though most of them don’t have prostates.

He was supposed to be interested in replacing dinosaur Dem Dina Titus as US Rep for our NVCD01 whenever she decides to die off in a mass extinction, but her office confirmed that she’s never gonna die, so Latina Drag Queen Amy Vilela is on deck this cycle to challenge Titus and to once again not listen to anyone’s advice or counsel as she prepares to lose even worse than she did her last time out!

Dina’s not especially popular even in her own household but she does have some valid street cred as America’s oldest Confederate war widow and ancient Thomasville Dixiecrat delight!

Dina’s safe this cycle with that huge cannon she carries around everywhere in her purse!

If she were the gracious & magnanimous type of political fossil, she’d step down this cycle and reshuffle the SoNev political deck seeing that she’ll have even less power than she does now when the GOP takes over the US House in January of 2023.

<—Amy Vilela is a hot goddamned mess of a misanthropic toxic progressive woman who makes Dina Titus slightly tolerable!

But after 275 years in elective office in Nevada where she still hasn’t lost that annoying Chinese Thomasville twang of hers, Dina Titus has never done a damned thing for mentoring or guiding lower-level Electeds here to higher office!

Michael Naft?  Pffffft! OK, if you insist but come on let’s try to be serious here.


So what’s this Frierson Fraud for US Attorney for the Nevada District all about?  Its not like we don’t have more lawyers in Las Vegastan than actual people residing here; with more than 13 million members of the Bar just in SoNev, they could have their pick of the litter of any one of the Half-Priced Lawyer lizards they wanted here as our next US Attorney and they wouldn’t have to deal with Jason’s appalling lack of character, standards, morals, values, or basic human decency which he left burning in an ashtray up at UNR one day many years ago.

You see, up until 2014, Jason Frierson had some level of discernible and admirable political values which didn’t always include stuffing his pockets full or screwing fellow Nevada Assembly members right in the ass and doing it so very publicly too!

2014 was a Wave Election year being Obama’s 6th disastrous year as America’s very worst president in US history.  Here in Nevada in 2014, the Dems lost almost everything that year including Jason Frierson who embarrassingly lost his AD seat that year because he thought he had bowed and scraped enough to let Harry Reid Inc win his seat for him again.

Harry Reid doesn’t like Black-American people as his appalling record over his entire career shows to all of us and unfortunately, Jason Frierson Identifies as Black-American.

I know, can you even believe that shit?

That Speaker’s gavel was Irene’s to claim but hyper-corrupted Black Electeds wouldn’t hear of it then and that’s a ticking political time bomb just waiting to explode all over the place here!

But Jason would whine and cry like a little bitch that Irene Bustamonte Adams shouldn’t become Speaker though she didn’t lose her seat in 2014 like he did, and she had outperformed the entire Dem Caucus in Carson City since arriving there.

Jason Frierson Fetchit used every racist, sexist, misogynistic trope to ensure he would become Speaker and Irene, up and resigned and that’s going to cost Nevada beginning this current decade because we have been a minority-majority state for years now and that minority is Latino not Black Americans.

Black Electeds have been squatting in the seats which plain old Democratic demographics say should be held by Latinos all over the state.

Then there was Jason and Aaron ensuring Kelvin Atkinson got his ass convicted of campaign fund fraud though everyone knew about that for the previous 17 years.

That happened as the LVMPD and CCDA did not want any real Criminal Justice Reform passed here and literally on the very day Atkinson could say he had the votes to pass and send to the governor substantial reforms, our friends at the FBI swept in and pounced on Kelvin.

Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Harlot hambone CCDA zaftig drone Nicole Cannizarro would sweep in to replace Atkinson and put an end to that reform bullshit.

Yet nobody ever asks about this unusual relationship between the FBI and Metro’s Criminal Intel Ops which keeps our Electeds tethered to the Gravy Train while biding their time until they need to strike out against any particular Elected here like they’re doing today with Aaron and Berna Ford who should have already been indicted for selling Aaron’s position for the IRS tax lien relief they both enjoyed nearly $200,000 in relief from.

The FBI claims it did not investigate Mr & Mrs Ford and you gotta ask them, why the Hell not?

Our New York Crime Family owned LVMPD, and their partners in crime at the Las Vegastan Bureau of the FBI, and the Nevada District of the US Attorney’s office recently entered their third decade together without any trace of interest in Domestic Organized Crime anymore in Las Vegastan.

Human shit stain Jamal Rashid aka Mally Mall did finally get sentenced for his Vice-related criminal activities after hyper-corrupted US District Court Judge Richard Boulware III was removed from his case in favor of Gloria Navarro.

She sentenced him to camping up in Oregon but neglected to require of him to pay even one dime of restitution at over 130 million grossed over a decade of his directing LVMPD’s Vice for his personal gain.

Cops and DDA’s should be in prison too, so should Sheriff Lombardo and District Attorney Steve Wolfson, but that’s not how things work here.

Sticking in my craw since this past spring is that Jamal Rashid got to enjoy the last public word on all of this as he is published trashing in the press Las Vegastan FBI Agent Kevin White as dirty and corrupt, and I’m here to call bullshit on that because though all of this was hard to accept after more than a decade of very public decay and degradation in federal law enforcement here, I still believe that Agent White was honest and forthright in his duties to us and efforts to document all that so many people here brought to his attention.

I believe in Agent White, but I don’t believe that Jason Frierson is anything more than a potted plant chosen for USA here to do anything at all but collect dust and take up space entering our 21st year of nothing at all from the Feds here about anything which matters here!


Michael Zahara

A National Treasure!



An Adorable Deplorable!