Toxic Progressive Reprobate Hate Reports

No One Cares about your Blackness

I’ve read through most of the vain, self-absorbed, selfish, envious, self-centered, Black bilge & bitching on Medium regarding Race, so I’m declaring enough already, let’s just knock that bullshit off because we’re all Americans and none of us are supposed to give a rat’s ass about any of the others of us.

This is what’s called being a ‘good American’ and which is closely related to a skewered Robert Frost’s ‘Good Fences make Good Neighbors’.      

We’ve always been less than those who came before us, but better than those who followed us. That’s just how those of us whose ancestors immigrated to the United States have always felt about those who may look like the rest of us, and for whom Black bigotry and racism thrives post-Trayvon all thanks to our most biased and bigoted president ever, Barack Obama, who Identifies White all of his miserable life, and acts so, as much as is possible for him.

It took him over five entire years to begin to somewhat pretend to care about Black-Americans with Trayvon during his vulgar hateful, hate-filled presidency.

For the record, Trayon Martin was a 18 year old Black brat, expelled from school, kicked out of his Miami home by his mother—Sybrina Fulton–who’s always hated him and  she sent him 240 north to the Orlando area to be with his father who had hooked up with a much younger, much thinner, far prettier female, and who testified under oath in George Zimmerman’s trial, and gave the best, most honest, testimony of all the witnesses.

Zimmerman was the off-keel Hispanic-American–not White-American–security guard the HOA at the Martin’s condo complex hired but didn’t train and the HOA settled for a one-million-dollar liability insurance payout for not doing so.

Sabrina Fulton went out and got herself a Titty Tat and Glamour Shots photo shoot, she was so happy about her hated son Trayvon’s getting himself killed!

You’ll not hear often, a melanin-challenged person whose skin is White, refer to themselves as White, and that’s another cultural catastrophe for contemporary Black bigots and racists who are Bathing in their Blackness and demanding of respect and an always riveted audience of Woke fellow Toxic Progressives nodding in agreement, for their narcissism and self-indulgent pity-party theatrical play-acting these past seven post-Trayvon years, when America has never indulged that conceit of any race or ethnicity who came here to leave their pasts behind and become Americans instead.

That includes those who came here against their will too, for those of you playing at home!

We’re a culturally pluralistic—not a multi-cultural nation and society—there is a big difference in the two–and that’s what these Toxic Progressive Black-American biased and bigoted mostly youngsters, miss entirely.

And because we’re pluralistic, we’re also majoritarian, and whosever’s group, ethnicity, identity, or race in a particular part of the country who is in the majority has the greatest influence over what is culturally and societally acceptable within that region, area, or neighborhood of the country.

We owe to you nothing and nothing is expected from you in return.  ‘We’ is all the other 333 million of we Americans, including for these misanthropic BLM and Antifa Urban-Terrorist types, other Black-Americans too!

Does anyone honestly believe that ‘Stand your Ground’ laws—which swept the nation–would have or could have ever passed without strong Black-American and Latino-American support conveyed by citizens from those Identity Groups to Congress or state legislatures?

Structural racism, institutional racism, economic racism, color-blind racism, systemic racism, inter-sectional racism, environmental racism, educational racism, healthcare disparities racism, micro-aggression racism, and all other such nonsense gibberish tripe are the modern Tropes of the Toxics and are all invented, created, and contrived hogwash feed of pathological Toxic Progressive Sociologists & their Groupies feeding at the annual multi-billion-dollar Grievance, Gripe, Race, & Poverty Pimping Industrial Complex’s gravy-train today!

‘Racism’ as a word and idea, came about at the very beginning of the 1900’s from Toxic Progressives of the ‘ultra-racist’ Woodrow Wilson-era, but taking until the late 1950’s to come into political fashion with the Democratic Party’s racist bigots and societal terrorists, who would write two Civil Rights Acts—1957 and 1964—both of them not exclusively addressing for repair and reparation, the Democratic Party’s 100 Year War of Jim Crow Hate against Black-Americans and their revolting, fully-documented 192-year History of Hatred of Black-Americans.

White people, Whiteness, White Privilege, White Nationalism or White Supremacy did not commit these atrocities against Black-Americans, it was White Democrats and White Democratic Party politicians north and south, east, and west, who are 100% responsible for every law, every covenant, every cruelty, every crime against humanity committed, against Black-Americans.

Every single thing.

Red lining?  That would be FDR’s 1934 Federal Housing Authority’s greatest accomplishment in ensuring that the antebellum Democratic Party and its Elected Class would continue to exert full command and control over the grandsons and great-grandsons of the former slaves the Republican Party’s first president freed and which cost him his life.

I knew what Red Lining was as a ten-year-old when I asked my mother one day how come we weren’t an Allstate Insurance family?  Allstate, then a subsidiary of Sears, and since we were an all-Kenmore, all Sears family top-to-bottom, it seemed unusual to me that State Farm had our family business though both are Illinois based mega-insurers still today.

‘Cuz we were Red-Lined and they wouldn’t insure us.’, she told me. It took me a while in 1971 pre-Internet to confirm what Ma told me, but I did and I’ll tell you a terrific story of my attempt to dismantle its remnants in Illinois in the 1990’s with our then State Attorney General who was a political ally and friend, but the firewall against me was actually the Pentagon, and which was the toughest to overcome.

That’s coming up very soon too!

He Bathes in Black Reprobate Hate

America’s Baltimore born super-hater Ta Nehisi Coates (above) is our  nation’s premier biased and bigoted hyper racist, but gifted writer of urban fictions, falsehoods, and fables, whose much anticipated death can’t come soon enough for anyone, anywhere in the world, his anti-White poison is so toxic and so deadly, he needs to be eradicated like polio and smallpox once were.

He literally hates God Almighty and His boy Jesus, for his not being born a White person.  Coates joined NYTimes’ hyper racist and anti-white bigot extraordinaire and down-low dick smoker—now Hate Columnist Charles Blow–who was their 14-year Graphic Arts Editor for NYT, whatever that person is and does, then he threw his Closet Doors open and ran off and found another man to love him in the ass and abandoning his wife and three grown, educated children!

Blow took Top Dishonors as the entire Universe’s Very Worst Member as their King of Reprobate Hate for these past five very long years.

NYT Super-Hate Spreader & dick smoker–Charles Blow–left his wife and 3 grown kids to become King of Reprobate Hate 2015-2021!

Toxic Progressive biased and bigoted super-racists like Michelle Obama and writer-whiner Ta Nehesi Coates, both who have also published books referencing Chicago and racism and left out pertinent facts and details like my father’s southwest side family’s parish on south Hoyne Avenue there—St Paul’s—where parishioners gathered in the church’s basement and created what became a mighty and powerful Chicago institution and Thrift called St Paul Federal Savings to mitigate and overcome established traditional banks who would not lend to them because of FDR’s outrageous and destructively racist toxic progressive home lending policies which lasted for more than 38 years.

German, Polish, Italian, Slavic, and Jewish families were the majority of ethnics pooling their savings so that others within their groups would have a better shot at getting loans that they needed for housing, small businesses and later, automobiles and college.

Image result for st paul's' chicago

This is a beautiful and very scary church on Chicago’s near southwest side built by German immigrants without using a single nail in the entire structure.

I stood up to my cousin Rita’s wedding here and my paternal grandparents funeral masses were held here too!   

It is also the birthplace of St Paul Federal Savings created to address FDRs Toxic Progressive racist lending policies which shut out both sides of my family from being able to borrow any money because the parish is within the Red Lining his FHA created!

Smaller numbers of Black and Mexican American St Paul’s investor families were also part of the first family investors and taker of loans the new church basement born Savings and Loan accepted the risks of leading to on.   

Two gigantic employers-of-the-era, the one-mile square Union Stockyards and near to same size McCormick Works—now International Harvester–making every wheat reaper harvester tractor in their inventory there and employed the men of both sides of my family and many of our women as was needed for the War efforts too.  

Coates and Obama’s Hate Narratives prevent them from being honest or forthright on any of their views on anything they write about.  It would take more than 45-years after Dr King was murdered, to begin to explore why Toxic Progressive academics were outright lying about why Chicago’s West Side nearly burned to the ground in the riots which followed his assassination, but there was barely a scratch on Michele Robinson Obama’s South Side.  That’s coming up soon too as we address these past five years of Toxic Progressive Democratic Party reprobate hate.

Rewriting history is just as bad, if not worse than, ignoring history; Toxic Progressives have been doing both for 12 solid years!

The 34 years FDR’s Toxic Progressive housing policies wouldn’t end until 1968’s Fair Housing Act and Democratic Party Electeds were slow to end their government sanctioned and racist mortgage lending practices through the 70’s and into 80’s.

Here in Las Vegastan, we are America’s least racially segregated urban area largely because of the Californians who escaped the super-regulatory and even super-higher taxes there and had moved here cash-rich by selling their overpriced homes there and super-fueling the rise in home values here.

So, the Westside of Las Vegastan remains the only race or ethnic-majority tract in the state because Toxic Progressive Preachers of the neighborhood have their proverbial ‘boots on the throats’ of their members and communities still today!

Also still today, the Toxic Progressive Democratic Party’s biased and bigoted members of Urban Terrorist Groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, refuse to challenge the nation’s Toxic Democratic Party’s three credit-reporting bureaus who have a government-sanctioned and controlled monopoly to determine someone’s credit worthiness, remains an archaic vestige of the Democratic Party hatred for Black-Americans who of course, are disproportionately affected by poor-credit scores from these Ultra-Leftist government-sanctioned credit reporting monopolies.

Then Democratic US Senator Joe Biden of Delaware spent his 36-year entire career in Congress ensuring such that racist and sexist US Banking & Lending policies would adversely affect Black-Americans and women.

His state partner in the senate—Republican William Roth–would champion and pass Roth IRA’s, the most affordable and economical vehicle for persons to accrue ‘legacy wealth’ to use or pass down and of course, Toxic Progressive Democrats would have none of that and tinkered and toiled over changes to it over the years, and it no longer holds the promise GOP Senator Roth’s original legislation did.

The Democrats’ Clinton/Gore + 90 More–2008 Great Recession was caused solely by Clinton ordering his USHUD to lend and guarantee more loans to increase homeownership for minority buyers who were not economically stable enough to take on such debt.  One front page article of Toxic Progressive hyper-racist and super-bigot Brian Greenspun’s Las Vegas Sun newspaper, chronicled how one illegal-immigrant and con-artist entrepreneur here, had secured Liar Loan mortgages for 4 homes she purchased, and then defaulted on all four after 2008’s meltdown and the writer was attempting to steer us into feeling sorry for her.

Had Democrat Clinton and 90 US Senators not repealed the Depression-Era’s Glass-Steagall Act which prohibited any comingling of Commercial and Investment banking, 2008 wouldn’t have occurred, and exotic instruments like Derivatives would have never become realities.

We in Nevada had two Democratic Senators, congenital liar and public dollars thief Harry Reid who voted to repeal, and our best former Governor as well as our other US Senator at the time, Richard Bryan, voted ‘NO’ one of only ten US Senators to vote correctly back then!

Biased and bigoted racist President Barack Obama’s championing of and creating the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s super-powers, which answers to no president, nor to Congress, and are therefore unlawful to many, allowed for predatory lending practices which resulted in Black-Americans once again being disproportionately and negatively affected by Obama’s scandal in Reverse Mortgages lending, where missing one single payment or missing the property being continuously insured, had lenders defaulting the mortgages and taking ownership of defaulted property:

And still, despite the overwhelming evidence that the Toxic Progressive Democratic Party is the entity which has its enormous ‘boot on the throats’ of Black-Americans today, they provided known lifelong racist Joe Biden with his margin of victory in 2020.

But the 2020 election also served to introduce all of the Identity Groups of the Toxic Left to BLEXIT and conservative Black-American voters flexing their electoral muscles for the first time and in such great numbers, and exposing serious cracks, fissures, and faults-lines of breakaway cohorts of minority-grouped voters who would no longer tolerate the Toxic Progressive Democratic Party’s boots on their throats on the Dem Plantation and Safe Zone for self-hating Black-American and Latino-American voters who realized everything I’ve stated in this article is the truth and that they’ve been played each time they voted for Democrats who are solely all about White women and their White gay male playmates in the party.

That Toxic Progressive Karen Democrat woman who introduced herself to us in Central Park in New York and in SFO has always been a DemFem and she in NYC last summer freaking out that a Black-American man and bird-watcher, was so upsetting to her, is exactly the person I spent over 30 or my 40 years as a Democrat fighting tooth and nail their advancing their Toxic

Human Vermin both--Ultra Misandrists and Anita Hill is hyper anti-miscegenation too! 

Dr Hill hates Black men marrying White women and her man Clarence Thomas did just that and upsetting her so much, she just had to follow him to other employment his phony harassment of her was so bad!   

She never married, that’s how fucked up Anita Hill still is today!

Progressive Hate Agenda of racism, bias, bigotry, and intolerance, at the expense of our traditional Liberal base, my having intermittent success over the years, lost the battle and the war and my finally joining Brandon Straka’s #WalkAway Movement on October 1, 2018 after the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on Bret Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination, devolved into a Circus of Hatred and starring a pathological, mentally-deranged Toxic Progressive female speaking in an affected childlike voice, who told us nothing but lies, and suffered no consequence either for doing so under oath.

America’s Karens have always been chubby, frumpy, no man leaving his boots by her bedside, college-educated, good jobs, Toxic Progressive Democratic Party females who insist all Black-Americans must jam themselves into tiny, confining Identity Boxes, or they simply can’t cope.

Ask any 911 or 311 Dispatcher anywhere in the country who it is who calls them about Black-American men doing anything while being Black-American men?

This incessant Black-American whining about ‘racism’ and ‘whiteness’ has never been true, just ask any of the White-American men who’ve been telling us for over 40 years that any remnants of White-on-Black racial hating-on has been exclusively from Toxic Progressive Democratic Party females, not the entire White race in the Western world.

And speaking of boots on throats, Mr Floyd in Minneapolis was not murdered by police there.  He died of Fenntyl intoxication according to the Coroner’s Report—Corners are by definition, Scientists!

The Democrat elected judge and prosecutor have already dropped the third-degree murder charge which is akin to depraved indifference and was most likely to have produced guilty verdicts.

That and the neck hold being perfectly lawful there and that Democrats hired every officer, trained and promoted each officer, wrote and signed their contracts, wrote every word of police training manuals and wrote and enforced every city and county, and state law and code Hennepin County required there.

We’ll write about the millions of Black and Latino men who finally left the Toxic Progressive Democratic Party in 2020 and those losers, mopes, and misfits and their zaftig woman bossing them around, who stayed because they love and enjoy being owned on the Dem Plantation and Safe Zone.

There are about 50 million Black-Americans and fewer than a half million are part of their Violent, Predatory & Extortionate Class of Democratic Party voters today.

It’s not White-Americans who’ve allowed a 35-year long flood of Latinos to surge and purge our southern borders diluting Black-Americans’ Toxic Identity Group claims.  And it wasn’t White-Americans who sat down together and conspired together to change voting in California to ensure Black-Americans are further marginalized by their ‘Jungle Primary’; that was Latinos and pan-Asian politicos who did that there and no one thought to file a Voting Rights Act violation claim either.

I am going to deconstruct and inform all of the evil that this newer Black Klan Enforcement Wing of BLM/Antifa Sociopaths the Democrats are now 100% dependent on today, killed 25 peace officers in Hate Rage everywhere, burned and looted 250 American cities in 2020 and suffered almost no severe consequence or loss of liberties for doing so.

This isn’t about Donald Trump or 1/6/2021 our corrupted FBI knew would happen a for a month prior, but blocked NG and the securing the Capitol in order to direct a USDOJ political narrative, just as they had done in Charlottesville in 2017 by not arresting, jailing, trying and convicting former DNC Chair vermin then VA Governor Terry McAuliffe, the VA State Police, the local police chief, and the mayor, in their being 100% complicit in the death of Heather Heyer there.

Her killer got 419 years and they all walk and breathe free today despite their all being drenched in her blood still today.

Biden Attorney General nominee, failed US Supreme Court Obama nominee Merrick Garland holds all of the cards on any of this being properly accounted for and fully prosecuted; and the prognosis for the irredeemable and 20 years broken and destroyed USDOJ is poor, unless he steps up and steps out and shows us why they should have voted to seat him on the Supremes.

USA Durham, now the AG Barr appointed Special Prosecutor, may be the only hope that some people will ever answer for these last 7 years of Reprobate Hate of Toxic Progressivism which enveloped and smothered to death, our entire federal law enforcement and the credibility it once had long ago.

They won’t be able to Blackwash it should SC Durham deliver once again, just as he’d done over his entire sterling career at Main Justice.

Mike Zahara
A National Treasure writing from Las Vegastan