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Did The Boys Start A Chick Fight At The LVMPD?

As a civilian 20 miles away in the West Valley, I could see the parallel career lanes being built already in 2019.

I’m thinking to myself back then where is so and so, and what’s her name, and that other one too?

Cursed with being a shy Plain Jane, LVMPD Deputy Chief Sasha Larkin decided to become a cop at three years old after watching an old Barnaby Jones rerun!

Someone on MLK actually thought that fomenting a rivalry/hatred/Pillsbury bake-off for the boys to cheer between now Deputy Chief Sasha Larkin and Deputy Chief Kelly McMahill was a good idea and even healthy one I’d bet too.

I’m sure a Jello-wrestling ring set up has been designed and is in the process of being built somewhere, and maybe a big Bouncy House next to that Sphere thing behind Sands Expo?

In order to comment and inform on what’s happening at Metro most regular people don’t know about, I have to be unkind to Kelly McMahill, to her husband Kevin, and then to his husband Sheriff Joe Lombardo, though suspects in this silly idea now include retired PIO Carla Alston whose writing style seems to bear out rumors of she being a participant in the FB creation, then there’s any number of boot-licking subordinate officers near-to-the Office of Sheriff and another group orbiting nearer to the former Undersheriff hoping to rise in rank and importance assuming Kevin McMahill is elected next year as sheriff.


How this all came about and then became public with the Facebook on June 15, 2021 may have been innocuous and as pure as the driven snow in motive and intention, but because this is the LVMPD in the lead up to an election year, nothing is pure or innocuous or even an accident or coincidence.

As always, there are no degrees of separation regarding anything or anyone here in Las Vegastan.

Kelly McMahill publicly looks the very worst of all of them to date and I’ve been holding my breath waiting for Steve Kroft from 60 Minutes to show up and Kelly McMahill to say to we viewers that by electing her husband as out next sheriff, ‘we’ll be getting a two-fer’ like Hillary Clinton told millions and millions of us watching way back in 1992.

DC Kelly McMahill channeling her inner-HRC from 1992 and Las Vegastan getting ‘a two-fer’ if her husband becomes our next sheriff in 2022!

It really has been that bad with Kelly McMahill stomping through the LVMPD like Godzilla snacking on Tokyo these last few years and her husband not speaking to me and then up and leaving without saying good-bye…then Joe Lombardo pretending that he wants to be our Governor, then the Ultra Black Nationalist Neo-Nazis over at the NAACP this past weekend?

The NAACP spun completely out of control nationally during Bush 43 and embraced Black Nationalist Reprobate Hate and I left my decades long membership in 2006 and never returned!

I would have told Joe Lombardo personally how to handle them last weekend—he never called me—I’d have told Kelly how to back out of the FB and pivot herself differently the very moment her husband said he was running, I’d have told to Sasha that I fully support her continued rise but she already knows that I have had serious and real concerns about her because I have been relaying those concerns to her biggest, baddest, and fiercest protector who considers Sasha to be her protege, retired Deputy Chief Kathy O’Connor whose own exit from LVMPD ten years ago was so bloody, so reckless, and so cold-blooded, and so unnecessary but also so very publicly silent, that the public didn’t know what the LVMPD did to her.

That Chief O’Connor left the LVMPD at the very same rank and title which Chief Larkin holds today, is the rocket fuel of my serious and real concerns for Larkin’s professional safety, survival, and continued success at Metro!

O’Connor was recruited and groomed to become an LVMPD star too and that she had done that in spades and would be working on her re-election to her third term as Clark County Sheriff today if we had known what they’d done to her before she exited to retirement.

I really don’t think that when they brought her into Metro that they ever expected that she would become a damned good cop and capable of running the department as sheriff one day.

Again, it was just so fucking unnecessary and downright evil too with Kathy O’Connor who also played a role in Debra Gauthier’s horrific mistreatment and exit from the LVMPD which Debra reminded me the other evening.

The Retired Women of Metro Mafia

Since the beginning of the month I’ve been in contact in one way or another with former LVMPD female commissioned officers—The Retired Women Of Metro Mafia— and there’s a bunch of stars in that grouping and I’m in a mood lately that we all not let these women be forgotten because they were the pioneers and they treated all of them like shit that they were wiping off of the bottom of their shoes within the Department, and because of that, far fewer citizens knew of them out there in the community.

All besides Debra Gauthier were victims of the Fertitta Dynasty Sheriffs—Bill Young, Doug Gillespie, Joe Lombardo—the most anti-female and sexist era within the most anti-female and sexist police department in the United States.

Pioneer is Ms Gauthier’s term btw and the bullshit that the LVMPD put her through is a legend of its own but she’s far enough back in time to stand as a class of and on her own!

Proving that the LVMPD or any other entity discriminates against women is no easy task because of how the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was created and slapped together on the fly in response to the JFK assassination of 1963.

This is because sex discrimination wasn’t a part of the original Act and was only included by Democratic Party men thinking it would derail the Act for good and when it did not, they had no other choice but to include women in the Civil Rights Act of 1964—and they weren’t especially happy about it either.

It would take a dreadful amount of time for Congress—with a big Democratic majority Congress then too I’ll remind you all—and President Johnson to begin to write the women’s’ portions of the Act’s enforcement protocols in 1967—more than three full years after the Act was passed and signed into law in 1964!

The horrifically corrupted Civil Rights Division of USDOJ today is an enormous ineffective leaden bureaucratic dinosaur which is race discrimination programmed before all else, which is another reason the Act should be rewritten, passed, signed, and the CRA-1964 tossed to the trash heap of history it is so badly built a gigantic federal Act of Congress.

This really did happen and exactly the way I relayed it to you and it was Democrats who did this, not Republicans, and you Woke Folks need to know this about your history!

But we work with what we’ve got and not waste time or energy hoping, wishing, or praying for changes to the law which may never come.

EEOC Relief is in Sight Now

But because of the misconducts of the LVMPD generally these past 7 years, and done by males to the detriment of females there over the entire tenure of the Lombardo administration, they may have mistakenly opened a door widely enough going forward to force Metro into immediate settlement talks with EEOC.

If that’s not the best way to proceed going forward, there’s another way to swarm EEOC with LVMPD women past and present grouped together in separate complaints.  Getting EEOC’s attention is relatively easy, keeping their attention and getting them to take the case is difficult but its not impossible, all thanks going to Sheriff Joe Lombardo ironically!


On June 15, 2021, the LVMPD rolled out a new Facebook presentation of a new and racist policy regarding public input about how we go about choosing Captains from our pool of interested Lieutenants which has been Metro’s Best Officer class for its entire 48 year existence and a still highly desired and coveted rank today many officers choose to retire at when they’re done.

Aside from being viewed as a dogshit move by Lts wishing to promote to Captain, the presentation being done by Deputy Chief McMahill was received far worse department wide because she is near to universally believed to be using this highly offensive to line staff community Political Pander Bear to assist in her quest to become LVMPD’s first female Assistant Sheriff when/if her husband Kevin is elected in November of 2022 and if any of the Assistant Sheriffs retire which is expected.

Presently in the LVMPD pipeline for promotion to Captain next month is Lt Greg Munson from Traffic Bureau and a Lieutenant for the past three years.  He’s got some exuberant personal life issues with a frat boy, juvenile delinquent persona including a FB meme of him being spanked by Sheriff Joe Lombardo that’s still live and still out there somewhere.

I found it, so you should be able to find it too but I won’t further embarrass him by linking it on my pages here.

I just called our El-tees our Best Officer class and have been doing that for 16 years and this guy becomes our next Captain next month and I have to wonder if that was done by the current sheriff to embarrass the expected next sheriff?

Munson clearly disrespects women and himself and has no issues with mixing his personal and professional lives and then sharing them with us on Facebook.  IAB chose to not get involved and therefore they never suggested he take it down either when one would think it was no less than implied that he should remove them by their even knowing about them in the first place.

Would this silly Pandering Board even know about this in Munson’s background?  Nope.  If they found out and could they bring it up themselves?  Nope.

So what’s the point?  Was Kelly McMahill played to be the voice of this silly dogshitiness to embarrass her husband and herself?

You’ve gotta ask that because I’ve never gotten the impression that Sheriff Lombardo was especially enthralled with Mrs McMahill and if he’s not leaving voluntarily just like his predecessor and he’s not happy about it, he still has a very long time to leave all sorts of matters burning in alley garbage cans at MLK for the next sheriff to deal with.


Sasha Larkin proved herself and her mettle to now Sheriff Lombardo in the dark and dreary closing days of his first election by hosting a fundraiser for him when he literally had no money left in his campaign kitty and neither did Captain Burns.

It wasn’t much, $45,000 raised seems to be my recollection but it was so needed at the time and we were all very emotional that this little event even occur for him at all.

This is Patrol Officer Campbell in 2013 within CCAC and who is Deputy Chief Sasha Larkin’s biggest fan in all of human history! Said Officer Campbell to me then, ‘Oh my God, you know Sasha Larkin, I soooooo, love her!’

It revived him and his sagging campaign that evening and there was no question that Sasha Larkin would promote to Captain soon after he was elected.

But now Sheriff Lombardo surprised the hell outta me and many others by making his first Captain appointment after he was elected Roxanne McDaris-Burke! 


I’ve not heard a bad or unkind word about Captain Roxanne McDaris-Burke ‘cept that she can’t sing for shit!

I was ecstatic for her hearing the news of her promotion to Captain cuz though I knew of her, we’d not yet met one another and I’ve been a very big fan of hers ever since!

Affectionately known department-wide as ‘Rox’, I’ve wondered if JoeLo has forgotten this very well-rounded, very well liked, and very well respected department workhorse who has always been there for superior and subordinate alike for her entire career with Metro.

Sheriff Lombardo, why isn’t Rox a Deputy Chief sir?  I mean come on Joe, WTF chuck?

Conversely, I really was very surprised that Sheriff Lombardo promoted Kelly to Captain so soon after his 2014 victory given the hatred and animus that the then Lt McMahill stoked with his opponent and her superior officer at Bolden Area Command, the late Captain Larry Burns.

Larry Hated Kelly Is Too Strong to Say!

I will confirm that Captain Burns ‘did not care for’ Kelly McMahill and that he cited to me her overstepping her bounds and disrespecting his authority and she believing she had some sort of USDOJ authority which would ever supersede and override our departments chain-of-command when she did not and never did!

It was messy and ugly then in 2014 and all behind the scenes and did not bubble over into the campaign but the entire LDS Wing of the LVMPD—still very large and very powerful—knows the whole story too and they’re resentful that she is even at the rank of Deputy Chief they believe is solely because her husband was Undersheriff and will become the next sheriff of Clark County he decided recently to tell us.

Deputy Chief Kelly McMahill belches and farts fire at a recent First Tuesday meeting!

It’s a valid criticism of now Deputy Chief McMahill and her husband which is not sexist in nature.

I’m surprised that when her husband told us he was coming back to run for sheriff, that Kelly McMahill did not take herself out of professional promotion rotation to scrupulously avoid becoming a major campaign issue for him who is largely still well liked when she has lost supporters and she had far fewer supporters than Deputy Chief Larkin to begin with.

Plenty of sexist stuff here which is not unlawful but nothing at all discriminatory because both women can still be demoted by Sheriff Lombardo back to the rank of Captain at his pleasure and leisure and when/if Kevin becomes sheriff, he can do the same thing completely unencumbered except that he shares a bed and life with one of the persons.

That makes all of this contrived Chick Fight stuff icky and sticky for Kevin McMahill who I told him several years ago that I was all in and would balls-to-the-wall support a sheriff race bid from him.

Now I’m having second thoughts about his value to us as sheriff because of his obnoxious wife!

Tom Roberts the former Assistant Sheriff who just up and inexplicably retired during the period right after the Mandalay Bay Massacre has become the ultra liberal Republican leader of the GOP’s Toxic Progressive Wing when no such job exists and no one wants to create one either.

I am very disappointed in Tom Roberts’ political leftward Marxist lurch off the ledge but he’s in the sheriff’s race as a fail-safe in case the McMahills implode for any number of reasons in the coming months and which may occur because they have both have said some very far Lunatic Leftist Marxist things along with current Undersheriff Chris Darcy and our Department seems to now be always apologizing about the past or events and misconducts in other cities so Urban Terrorists BLM and Antifa wont get upset with us!

Who didn’t see the Ultra Black Nationalist NAACP  Reprobate Hate forum last weekend deteriorating into a dogshit dilemma for all of  the speakers?  Why is any Elected or appointed even engaging this horrific hate?

Especially offensive from the ultra-Black Nationalists haters over at the NAACP was their complete disinterest in the professional progression of Black-American officers at Metro, especially Black-American females.


Lombardo and McMahill could go to another male officer if/when AS Brett Zimmerman retires and nothing would be wrong with that either and give Sasha and Kelly more time to develop—or to kill one another—and also to gain more competitors of females I expected would already be pulling up close in their own lanes like a Captain Nicole Splinter who had many fans at Metro and in the community, myself included!

Captain Splinter was a very bright up and coming LVMPD star in her own right that none of you knew anything about and you don’t know about her because of the sexism which is the hallmark of our police department for its entire history.

Not only was Captain Splinter Assistant Sheriff material in the making, she is first among equals to me in also being Undersheriff material in the making and able to run the whole goddamned department herself and that’s why this whole matter and issue is very important going forward.  Comments to me from her former subordinate male officers so far were just outstanding stuff, but I’d only spoken to two females and they’re cool with her too!

Assistant Sheriff Laz Chavez May Be Latino

Happening concurrently in a parallel lane was the remarkable speed and dexterity of current Assistant Sheriff Laz Chavez, who after my prodding at the COH St Pat’s parade in 2014 where he and I spoke about ‘what’s next’ for him career wise, and after that chat together, he began his gigantic career leaps first from Lieutenant into Captain, then into Deputy Chief, and finally to date, into an Assistant Sheriff all coming to him in far less time than the sheriff’s current reign over the same time period and less than 6 of the over 7 years Lombardo has been sheriff.

Pretty much any female going forward and she not falling within the same rapid rise parameters AS Chavez had achieved under Sheriff Lombardo, will be the beneficiary of the new Laz Chavez Rule at the LVMPD under settlement with EEOC, is the goal. 

The precise total number of days it took him to get to Assistant sheriff from Lieutenant will be the maximum amount of time going forward for all females in professional progression at the LVMPD to achieve the same ranks which Laz had achieved.

Past is always prologue at the LVMPD and remembering back to the very last Captain who quit and retired under Douglas Gillespie and leaving us completely female-free at that rank as Captain Val Juick not only left us, but she told me to take her name off of my blast lists and to not contact her further for anything going forward from there!

Something about my losing my moral compass she told me that day, and it stuck and it stung me coming from her!  Captain Juick, I’m trying to redeem here because I didn’t see this fomenting of a chick fight distraction sideshow delaying the professional advancement of all the females who promoted to Captain under Lombardo and who are not named Larkin or McMahill and who are all looking at their big rear-ends professionally and which is still not at all discriminatory misconduct by the LVMPD.

It’s just professionally shitty misconduct from the LVMPD boys!

It also looks like Sheriff Lombardo fell asleep and had forgotten that he had promoted all of these other women to Captain really does look like that I am very sorry to say ladies!

How To Win An EEOC

So what does this have to do with discrimination against the Women of Metro?  Well nothing yet and everything going forward depends on what everyone does going forward as well and the fuel for it all is AS Laz Chavez’s rocket rise to Assistant Sheriff no woman has ever achieved over 48 years., prior to his being appointed as the first Latino Assistant Sheriff of the LVMPD.

Deputy Chief Bobby Chinn Couldn’t Curtsy

Oh, the humanity!

I’ve had great fun over the years laughing at and lambasting our Deputy Chiefs because its either a very important rank and notch for our future sheriffs to make, or its not.

Few ever reach the rank of Assistant Sheriff and it is Deputy Chief on the resume which comforts our Resorts when they’re out shopping for a sheriff they wish to buy and own and boss around!

I’ve long argued that our female officers can pour coffee, tidy up a bit, look beautiful, and curtsy just as well as any of the men in the department could.

Apparently, Bobby Chinn—best buddies with LVMPD legend Norm Jahn—couldn’t get the curtsy right and that displeased Sheriff Gillespie and he was expected to retire in shame because he lost favor with the sheriff, though DC Chinn like DC Lesney before him, could also demote to the rank of Captain in great shame because he could not curtsy to Sheriff Gillespie’s exacting standards of curtsying.

This is how I’ve explained the rank and its importance within our Department to civilians and regular people voters.  During his first campaign, I told Sheriff Lombardo that it was the ‘expected to retire’ part published all over the place from WIKI to and other places, which would get Metro into very big trouble with EEOC should they ever come calling on Metro.

I’ve said this because to date, over the past 48 years, only five females have achieved the rank of Deputy Chief at the LVMPD.

Five fucking females in this day and age?  I know, can you even believe that shit?


This isn’t about AS Laz Chavez who is doing a great job and came out of his shell by placing himself into the Metro promotion rotation line-up, but the speed of his ascent is what makes the EEOC coming to call on the LVMPD a near certainty.  Atta boy Laz!

I don’t know that its a record rise in rank, but I suspect that it is.

Kelly McMahill whom no one ever expected to be a Deputy Chief with her eye on Assistant Sheriff, leaves her own husband with no good choices or options regarding her ambition and which could make him the first anointed sheriff candidate to lose because she has far too many detractors, enemies, and haters, not the least of which is the very powerful LVMPD Mormon Mafia Wing.

EEOC doesn’t see nepotism or marriage as being valid to a correspondent’s potential counter-claim that because he promoted his own wife to Assistant Sheriff, there’s nothing to see here and therefore, no sex discrimination at the LVMPD had occurred.

In fact, Kelly McMahill promoting to AS by her husband, validates any potential EEOC claim they may bring against the department.  That’s how this works folks.

Sasha Larkin who is very easy on the eyes, is also very smart and ambitious and she’s played her hand very well and unlike Public Kelly, is doing better than everyone else with Public Sasha.  That 2014 fundraiser for Joe Lombardo was her very best decision as far as her career goes. and she has an enormous and mighty powerful gaggle of supporters of both genders and across the entire department in her corner.

Even the Mormons like her!

How this would play out at EEOC would be that they’d strike down a lot of the built in sexism within the Deputy Chief position at Metro with the new Laz Chavez Rule for us, but then they’d pivot and do what they do best, shake their bureaucratic nanny finger at Metro by showcasing the horrific things Metro has done to women on the rise and its just a goddamned cluster-fuckster of a history which includes Debra Gauthier, Terry Lesney Laurie Bisch, and Kathy O’Connor, there’s also a sub-group of related officers like Priscilla Green and Juanita Goode who add a racial discrimination outflow to the mix and EEOC publicly pointing this out in their settlement agreement, will show that though discrimination could not be sustained with all of them individually, the effects of discrimination on all of them were real and were found to be because of discrimination against females in professional progression at the LVMPD.

We’re at this Moment in Time at the LVMPD today.


Michael Zahara
A National Treasure writing from Las Vegastan!


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