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Did Family Court Judge Charles Hoskins Kill Daniel Halseth?

I was the Accidental Tourist in Daniel Halseth’s Suicide by Sierra last month, and my patience was almost gone with the judge.

Though I should have anticipated Daniel’s petulant tantrums and self-loathing public tendencies in response to every lie and manipulation he had ever told to anyone in his life, I did not do so.

There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do so, so you quickly develop and color-coded warning response internal system to deal with his threat levels and though I never asked her, I would assume Elizabeth had done something similar when she was married to him.

In August of 2020, I would call him an Emotional Terrorist and what he was doing to all of us involved, emotional terrorism and I said this to Elizabeth Helgelien.

In June of 2020, he called me for the first time since blowing me off at the very dawn of Sisolak’s unnecessary Quarantine & Shut Down here in Nevada last March, Halseth declaring to me that he knew that me and Elizabeth had been working together and plotting against him, so I had two hours to move and all of its files and archives to another host, or he’d shut it all down and destroy it all.  He had been my webmaster since 2017.

Still, even that didn’t ‘trigger’ me though about two minutes later it was all gone from the Net in the 11 o’clock PM hour but me feeling this would resolve out the following day with him.

It was never resolved with him.

What he was doing with me was ‘severing’, finding no further use having me around, I was an impediment in his corroded mind to whatever it was that he was planning which he certainly didn’t want me to write about.

It was only then that I contacted Elizabeth with my concerns which rapidly multiplied during our conversation.  It was the first time she and I had spoken in nearly a decade and I had no animus for her, nor she any for me. She was as surprised to hear from me as I was with her candor in sharing with me what was going on with her ex and his bullshit with her and their kids.

… and it was always never ending, never concluding bullshit from Daniel Halseth and there was no end-game in sight with it either.  It was intense hatred singularly aimed directly at Elizabeth and her mother and I thought for a moment that it was time to contact her when she decided to attempt a comeback to elective office life in 2018, but Daniel had a conduit then for his hatred of her via his stalking of her on social media, and I knew that would be enough for now with him.

Embedded within the false but glowing tributes to him from Media all over the country who didn’t know a damned thing about ‘the other Daniels’, was a post he made on the Nevada Independent on a story of Megan Messerly where he is furious that Elizabeth was running again at all and not waiting the two years he insisted was the only option for her to consider.

Two years in Dan’s gibberish would be when oldest daughter Dana turned 18 which she had done successfully last June!  Dana would beat the clock and age out of her father having any ability whatsoever to further attempt to poison her young mind toward her mother and that Tiger person with the genitals which so scared and scarred Daniel Halseth for most of the past decade.

I was incredulous reading posts like this from him and told him directly that if he was hoping that the Media would bite and ruin her chances, then he had no idea how the Media worked especially here, and that he will forever remain her psycho ex-husband and there was nothing he could do to redeem with them.

As if to prove he was psychotic, he would stalk the Helgelien’s Summerlin home three times with me as a passenger in the Lake’s car the last time being in February of 2020 and only then my realizing what he was doing to her again and he explaining to me that Tiger’s mother loved him and hated Tiger!

That was news to me because I thought Tiger was raised by his grandparents.

Daniel would go on to stalk CCSD Board Chair Lola Brooks and engage her twice pledging his help in keeping Tiger off of the school board is what he told me.  He would express his intense anger at Victoria Seaman and Michelle Fiore for abandoning him in favor of Elizabeth and then forced me and Craig Lake to join him at Victoria’s Ward II Saturday event at Charlie’s Lakeside where he announced to Craig and me his desire that the three of us form a political consulting group!

I’d do just about anything for Craig, but he and I immediately declined Daniel’s entreaty to us.  All of his claimed experience and expertise was total bullshit betrayed by a fellow former Chicagoan now in Houston which he made the mistake of introducing us through Facebook and who would be the first to tell me he had nothing at all to do with the Trump 2016 effort and that he was an idiot without any points of view about anything who spoke in circles and slogans and said nothing while doing so.

Yep, that was Daniel Halseth.

He walked out on and divorced Elizabeth, he sexually assaulted her prior to that and was charged with lewdness rather than sexual assault to spare him having to register as a sex offender, then in the ultimate self-pity party he held for himself, he attempted to get out of paying child support for his three kids with her including their youngest, Sierra Halseth, who over a decade of acquaintance with him, he never mentioned her when talking about his kids.

So I implored him to fix that outrage with his oldest Dana who he told me many times that Elizabeth had turned his babies into ‘morons and imbeciles’ when I asked about the kids he never let me meet when he was here.  His very public rejection of his children by his attempting to pull a dogshit move of getting out of paying his child support was reprehensible, but typical of how he tortured and tormented his first ex-wife and children.

My impression had always been that Dana was his little princess as their first born.

Elizabeth would inform me that Dana has big dreams and big goals and Tiger would tell me the same about Jordan.  I offered my assist to Dana when she’s ready with a matter I have a high level of competence doing, and I asked if we could all meet for supper earlier this year because I wanted to meet these young people in case they had any questions I could answer for them as to why their father had become a super-psychopath in such a short time.

There was an awful lot of time between when we learned of Elizabeth’s interest in Tiger Hegelian and her divorce from Dogshit Danny, then her departure from the Nevada Senate stating her concerns about providing for her kids, and none of us have any idea how bad it may have gotten for her.

Daniel Halseth was a lousy a provider and wasn’t often on-time with his child support either.  Still, I always indulged his idiocy telling him to just give in to Elizabeth cuz the children will remember all the shit she’d done to you Dan and choose the better nursing home for you when the time comes!

Sarcasm was completely lost on the intellectually challenged and deficient Daniel Halseth.

I have some idea though because last summer she shared with me the police report and then about their pastor piping in and being very upset with Daniel for more than his showing up to their marriage counseling with his under-aged girlfriend at the time who would beat a speedy exit and never be heard from again.

Daniel Halseth was a degenerate sexual deviant and micro-manipulator/control freak and in a worse case scenario, I feared he would kill his children and then himself in Oregon when she told me what his latest psychotic behaviors were in the summer of 2020.  She would inform me that their divorce had her granting to Daniel all three kids, all summer long only requiring him to return them the day before school started in Las Vegastan in August.

I honestly didn’t know this and never asked him either because I really had no interest in their visitation agreement.  What I also didn’t know anything about was the Maxim spread, so you know what I did?  I just asked Elizabeth about it and she told me the details of Maxim and its like we’re girlfriends now and I feel a strong urge to throw her some kind of shower or something!

When he failed to return Sierra to her family last August and failed to inform the CCSD where Sierra was, I began to refer to her as being ‘abducted’ by her dogshit Daddy Daniel.

Then the son-of-a-bitch filed for custody of Sierra and got CPS involved claiming Elizabeth was a horrible mother, bad influence etc…all proven false and though Family Court Judge Charles Hoskins did reaffirm her custody of Sierra, he did not jail Daniel for contempt for not returning Sierra and instead ordered Elizabeth and Sierra into counseling.

This is where I made my entrance last August covertly interviewing with CPS investigators 3 times in excess of a total of three hours basically covering everything Elizabeth and I had been talking about in the weeks and few months prior to his failure to return Sierra and then his making up bald-faced lies he had no problem telling to the court and CPS about Elizabeth & Tiger.

Daniel suffered no sanction for lying to CPS and to the court.

This stunt from the judge would prove fatal to Daniel 7 months later and though I asked a number of people at the RJC and then at FC on Pecos I trust about Hoskins, none knew him well enough to offer an opinion about him.

One can’t help to wonder if his LDS faith life had him viewing Elizabeth as a the originator of original sin like Eve and the serpent were in Eden back in the day.  Despite Daniel’s very public rejection of his kids nearly a decade ago and their bitter custody battle, Judge Hoskins held Daniel to no 2020-2021 counseling standard at all.

I was stunned to learn this because counseling in the Covid-era consisted of the counselor, Sierra, and Elizabeth in three different locations unable to see one another and communicating by keying responses to the counselor’s questions.  And this dragged on for months with Daniel quite satisfied with himself there is no doubt, because he had Sierra and the judge refused to hold him accountable for not returning her to her mother’s care!

Had the judge thought Sierra was a wild child, he could have and should have gotten her away from Daniel and into a temporary foster arrangement instead of leaving Daniel smirking and self-satisfied that he succeeded again in tormenting and torturing Elizabeth and Tiger Helgelien.

Judge Hoskins knew their history, knew how bitter their divorce was and he knew how exceptionally bitter the custody battle was too, yet he failed to jail Daniel for contempt of court until Sierra was returned to her mother.

How hard was it for Daniel to appeal to the vanity of his 16 year old daughter? Nothing says severe, acute midlife crisis of a pervert more than frosting your hair and your daughter’s hair and then posing for FB selfies this past winter as the RJ published.  I had to repress the urge to vomit seeing those shots.

We know that when this began, Daniel had all three of his kids in late May and that Peggy Newman was enabling his deceit at her Tonto Circle home near Flamingo and Sandhill.   We know that during this period of Daniel’s horrific failed parenting, that Daniel was responsible for introducing Sierra to alcohol, recreational drugs, and new East Valley kids with Latino surnames, bad attitudes, and even worse hairstylists like Aaron Guerrero’s mother proved herself to be and causing him to run away from home in April of 2021 ashamed of the haircut butchery she had done to his young and horny head!

In case you’d forgotten folks, 18 year old boys are grown men under the law and can’t run away from homes that they may freely leave, though you’d never know that knowing 45 year old perv and reprobate Daniel Halseth!

By the time he conned Newman to move him to her West Valley other home, he had brought Dana and Jordan back to their mother and Dana would turn 18 in June of 2020 and no longer be subject to her father’s whims and Jordan was headed to 17 and not dependent on Daniel for anything.

I live about a mile east, Sheriff Lombardo owned a home nearby to the Newman’s West Valley home, and my grandparents first home here was just a short easy walk from there too.  We call the whole area Angel Park because that angel up in the mountains looks after us and rid our community of a terrible scourge and person in Daniel Halseth!

He kept Sierra with him though and the two of them in the East Valley so close to the Boulder Corridor had me gravely concerned that Daniel was planning on Trafficking his youngest daughter seeing that he had no discernible source of income other than his second ex-wife Bogdonna whose joint checking account with him did make the Press, but many readers may have thought Elizabeth was keeping him afloat.

She was not.

He did some minor busy work in 2020 for Chuck Muth and Craig Lake and I had warned both that he was retreating, regressing, and building up false legacy veneer social media posts his ignorant-ass Oregon family still has not removed though they did remove Sierra from his obituary.

No innocent until proven guilty for the Halseth Family Fascists.

He married Bogdonna seemingly hours after divorcing Elizabeth and she promptly walked out on him, but took the traditional 7 years to divorce him if he was a Mail-order-Husband Ukraine mobsters were successfully recruiting here while USDHS was sound asleep as Obama assembled more than a staggering 10 million new Americans under our ‘refugee’ status they never bothered to tell anyone about until he was gone in 2017.

He may have been Trafficking Donna for all that we know.

That Bogdonna Halseth got the fraud alert notifications and Daniel’s Apple phone wasn’t mentioned, pretty much confirms he was dependent on her for cash.  That he paid nothing to Newman for rent is a given since he could bullshit his way around anything and then retreat to his standard pat explanation of his loving his kids too dammed much and of course,  jumping over to God and Jesus, and then a pivot further along to ‘positivity’ and ‘making a difference out there!’

Oh my God, I could just fuckin’ puke is how nauseating this was to have listen to and read from him, because none of it is even close to the truth.

All the while Daniel was still seething at what Elizabeth had done to him and him obsessing about Tiger’s genitals.  He told me once that it was a husband’s duty to protect his wife’s womb’s sanctity and vaginal aura.   I’m a lifelong Catholic and am pretty well up to speed on even the most inane and insane Protestant doctrine out there too and I had never heard such malarkey from anyone like this!

WTF is that all about?  Daniel Halseth was a hyper-egotist, a super-sexist, a lifelong racist, and a ultra-narcissist and a classic misogynist!

Daniel never loved Elizabeth or his children because his own whack-a-doodle mother failed to instill and install within him even the basic Starter Kit on how to develop a boy into a normally functioning productive, healthy, and contributing modern American adult male.

One understands how Oregon became one of our nation’s top ‘shitholes’ and the epicenter of Antifa Ultra-Leftist Hatreds when reading his mother Christine Halseth’s cloudy reminisces of the monster-in-the-making she released onto the world from one thousand miles northwest of Las Vegastan in ‘Klan’ Hood Oregon when she wrote his fictitious and facetious obituary which immediately convicted and executed Sierra Capulet Halseth and her forbidden dirty little Filipino lover man, Aaron Montague Guerrero.

This was not Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet or even Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story. Something occurred after his return to make those kids change their plans because via SLC is decidedly not the way to get to LAX.

Every single post and participation on his enormous social media was invented, constructed, and contrived by emotional predator Daniel Halseth, his building and taking the social media presence route because human interaction was so foreign to him.  His Pineterest posts are especially revolting given his Suicide by Sierra and its loaded with all sorts of fun and timely tips and advice for females and wives too!

His views on and about all women and their societal roles as created and ordered by God Almighty and His boy Jesus, weren’t even dated or archaic, they were the ramblings of a Juice Box drunken malcontent of an intellectual midget of a man and he took off for the very first time in a decade of having the ability to have his kids for the entire summer in May of 2020, for all sorts of adventures at the Paradise Crest home of lifelong Democrat and dependable and devoted dipshit, Peggy Newman.

Centuries old fossil Peggy Newman, who probably also has a hot crush on Aaron ‘Montague’ Guerrero like the rest of humanity understandably does, never bothered to ask why Daniel came over one day in May 2020 with all three of his kids and then in mid-July, took two of them back to Elizabeth and Tiger and tried to get a full cash refund without a receipt for them in Covid Crazy Las Vegastan last summer!

When Elizabeth informed me about this is when I pledged I was in this for the long haul and would trust her judgement and keep my mouth shut and not kick the living crap out of the always creepy and always icky Daniel Halseth, and then sue him of for being such a dependable dickhead with what he did with my website.

Though I had not yet filed a police report or begun the lawsuit work out of deference to the Hegelians and their family and my not wishing to do anything to expedite what I am sure was his plan to kill his daughter very publicly and together with himself, very nobly, by driving off of a fucking cliff or something similar and which would live eternally in that little pea brain of his.

I did inform Metro cop friends on the Detective side of things and my explaining his behavioral changes since 2018 going into hyper-drive in May 2020 and asking what could a 16 year old girl and her 45 year old perv father possibly have to talk about under Covid lock-down?

Narcissists like Daniel Halseth rarely kill themselves to begin with which has proven vexing to the villagers who would cheer such outcomes from these parasites, but if they do decide to hang one last hate ornament on their victim’s hate trees, they’re going to make it a very big deal!

We know that the very last person Daniel Halseth would ever trust with Sierra’s care besides Elizabeth, was his own mother Christine Halseth. 

Ouch, that’s gotta really hurt, huh honey?

He was away for ten days and if he were concerned Sierra and Aaron had happy pants for one another, wouldn’t a maximum security convent & monastery in the Cascades or locking the poor girl in her Grandma’s nasty smelly basement make more sense?

Does anyone out there not think that Sierra’s already pregnant just to spite her evil father until Aaron’s hair grows back?

I hope he didn’t see his daughter hurting him.’, said Peggy Newman, because he loved his children so much.  Pffffft, no Mrs Newman you bubble-headed dipshit, you’d want a demon so possessed of reprobate hatred like Daniel Halseth was long before these past 9 long years of his bullshit he put a lot of people through, so that we may all know that the Almighty Himself had rejected Daniel Halseth before his own essence of a pre-soul was ever allowed to come together.

Men who love their children don’t torture and don’t torment their ex-wives!

Yes, Daniel was the inspiration for my reprobate hate phenomenon theory sweeping the country from Toxic Progressive places like Oregon and Toxic Progressive people like the entire Halseth Klan up there..

I was slow to read through the many stories on this evil man taking a whole month to see if my heart had changed or warmed up a bit in the face of such a truly evil person.

It has not and will not.  It is wrong to say that I am happy about the events of one month ago though I am happy about and truly believe that Sierra and Aaron saved not only their own lives but those of Jordan and Dana and possibly Elizabeth and Tiger too.

Time was no longer Daniel Halseth’s friend and ally in emotional terrorism which came to consume his entire life and being as ‘the children’ continued to get older and him running out of time to terrorize his ex-wife and using them for leverage.

Reading his post to Sierra on her birthday this past December was simply nauseating and if you can’t read the manipulation and control in that verse, you’ve lost your claim to comment.

Both she and her psychotic father made a last best effort at ‘cancelling’ me this past January with a delightful text tirade leaving me to wonder why I don’t engage 16 year olds more often…or was that Daniel using both his and her devices to spread his hate messaging?

I wonder if he spoke of the sanctity of Sierra’s uterus and her vaginal aura to young Aaron or if  he chatted about douches and feminine hygiene to Sierra when they ran out of things to talk about moments after he began this Judge Hoskins approved abduction of Ms Halseth?

He spent enormous amounts of time posting lies and bullshit and  polishing his public image in preparation for his death which wasn’t supposed to be a Suicide by Sierra.

In over a decade of knowing her, Elizabeth has always referred to her brood as ‘the children’, never as her kids, and it still sounds classy coming from her—it publicly elevates their status and stature with her and with Tiger too.

Though I did call Tiger cheap one day, I retracted and continue to respect what that guy has done for the woman he loves and that woman isn’t Peggy Newman!  Few men are willing to be there for the 2 o’clock feedings and diaper changes of another man’s teen-aged children he is raising with his new wife.

Tiger was there when Daniel was not and never was!

Of course, I made Elizabeth a retroactive Bad Ass and One Tough Broad recipient during all of this and its all under seal for nine years and I’ve been careful here with facts I’ve gleaned cuz I did work down there once upon a time and Judge, you made a terrible mistake which cost a man his life and there are a surprising amount of people who cheered the removal of this community cancer!

I told Elizabeth on 4/15/2021 that I was thinking about them all and that I had a feeling of profound relief that a monster is no longer among us.

The world is a much better place and much more livable place without Daniel Halseth.

Mike Zahara

A National Treasure Writing from Las Vegastan!