Toxic Progressive Reprobate Hate Reports

Did James Comey Steal the 2016 Election?

Convict & Publicly Execute Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff & Company…and Wray, Comey, Brennen, Clapper & Mueller too!

Three separate and distinct coup de’tat attempts over four years committed against the 45th President of the United States, was unprecedented in our history.

Why did they try so hard and for so long?

The latest and last attempt was the ridiculous ‘incitement’ impeachment failed attempt against a now former president attempting to bar him from holding public office ever again.

Drenched in their own vomit, the Toxic Progressive Democratic Party’s Elected Terrorist Class of anti-constitutionalist Creeps, began striking against our founding and creating document long before President Trump even received a single vote back in 2016.

There is slowly growing credible indication that Trump may not have even been duly elected by receiving the 270 Electoral College votes required to become our 45th POTUS in 2016.

Former FBI Director James Comey—our self-proclaimed Guardian of Democracy—knowing Hillary Clinton had him on top her list for immediate termination because of his knowledge of her criminal wrongdoing as Secretary of State during Obama’s disastrous first term, and which enriched she, her husband, her family, and their super-corrupted and illicit Foundation in the many multiple billions of dollars they all pocketed with perverse glee until it all suddenly stopped completely, and never to start up again, the very morning after the 2016 election.

James Comey is suspect number one by a country mile, no other citizen even comes close to his pathological political psychosis and obsession with his own superiority to stand in judgement of anyone and everyone except himself.

No person or organization in their right mind would ever pay Chelsea Clinton $800,000 per year simply for being Web Hubbell’s daughter the Clinton’s raised as their own after finding her floating in a basket down the Nile river wrapped in a Hebrew blanket.

In perhaps his greatest failure as president, Donald Trump would fail to order AG Jeff Sessions to investigate the Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s unlawful email server in their Chappiqua basement next to the commode down there that her friends the Russians read in real time since she left it unsecured and easily hacked into for four solid years when she was our Secretary of State from 2009-2013.  A federal offense she should have served substantial time for committing but by the time now former Rep Trey Gowdy’s House Committee accidentally stumbled across the illegal server in her home basement in 2015 while they were investigating Bengazi and her culpability in the deaths of four Americans there, the 2016 campaign was already in motion and the FBI and USDOJ are adverse to their investigative efforts potentially having a negative effect on political outcomes of the Executive Branch they are subordinate to under the Constitution.

It was a horrific dereliction of duty done by federal law enforcement which would subsequently tease the American public by leaking content of email exchanges they’d discovered and showing both then Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama knew of the server and still participated in email exchanges with her on that illegal server.

Why would Comey’s FBI leak these email exchanges between Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Eric Holder?  This was leaked before a grand jury would ever be convened to see this evidence which can only mean USDOJ was never going to present it to a grand jury to assess in the first place.

The fix was in and admitted to by the FBI itself!

We will never learn why Obama’s Justice Department let this illegal server matter go on for her entire time as SOS and why highly classified matters weren’t at least blocked by the NSA from travelling to that basement server of hers.

After the 2016 election, Trump struck a conciliatory tone telling us that ‘the campaign was rough on her too!’  Many millions of Americans who wanted to see Hillary Clinton’s neck swing from the gallows, were dumbstruck by such a stunning reversal from Donald Trump.

I was livid in early 2017. I couldn’t believe Trump was giving Hillary a free pass from her being deservedly prosecuted!  I’m still not over it!

So you’ve gotta ask, did Trump know or suspect that Comey stole the election for him to punish Hillary for her horrific transgressions the feds would not and could not pursue because they didn’t wish to interfere with a federal election which would choose their new boss in November of 2016?

Did Hillary know and did Comey tell her what he’d done and threaten her with sure prosecution if she were to speak out about it, and then bar her from ever running for president again as her punishment for her malfeasance in office the feds wouldn’t be pursuing?

It all fits together very nicely on the look back today, doesn’t it? 

Even Robert Mueller with the Russian Hoax refused to indict President Trump, but begged Congress to impeach and remove him for Obstruction of Justice instead, so he wouldn’t muddy-up his career which included 18 years as FBI Director prior to James Comey’s polluted stint there.

What Mueller failed to mention is how one can be impeached for Obstruction of Justice on an investigation which had no legitimacy as Crossfire Hurricane would tell to all of us?

Mueller’s 18 post 9/11 years at the FBI are widely blamed for the complete destruction of the FBI institutionally and culturally as he pivoted the Bureau to fighting International Terrorism by moving hundreds and hundreds of agents away from their domestic diligence expertise, to that of the international threats against us.

Hillary not saddling up and trying for a third time to be elected president ala William Jennings Bryant’s history with the party, is the best indication that this is precisely what occurred in the hours after the 2016 fallout.

By time 2020 came around, amounted to 28 solid years—1992—2020—the Democratic Party had held the door open for this misanthrope, miscreant, hot mess of a woman who demanded the presidency simply because she was Hillary Clinton.  It made no logical sense to partisan Democrats across the country who were in acute toxic progressive meltdown over Trump’s presidency for five solid years, that she would not be in the 2020 mix for her third attempt at 1600.

The very morning after the 2016 election my own website’s servers were hacked into and my voice via my chronicling these horrific crimes against the nation, was silenced long into January of 2017 before I was able to revive it and write again.

It was a brute-force, full frontal attack against me and many other writers who’d upset the Toxic Progressive Democratic Party’s Junta Operations and was conducted by her campaign, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and multiple persons within our nation’s federal law enforcement and domestic and international Intelligence operations.

But it was James Comey’s testimony in front of the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence June 8, 2017, which gave his treasonous treachery away for me.  I’d never seen such a disturbing display of egomaniacal preening, self-forgiveness, and self-congratulating testimony over 40 years of Democratic Party activism, and I publicly declared James Comey of having the nation’s very worst God Complex in our history.

His mannerism’s and superior control of his vocal inflection, volume, pitch, and tone were of a Master Class caliber and quality and done to sell what he was saying to first the Press, then to the Committee.

Over more than three hours of testimony—it became clear to everyone watching that everything he was saying was scrupulously rehearsed and practiced beforehand, right down to his hand movements and head-tilting on points.

He was emphatic that Russian meddling had occurred, but never mentioned what that meddling entailed and that became the more important point from Comey’s perjured testimony, because no other nation in human history has meddled in the elections of friend and foe alike, than the United States has done.  This Russian ‘meddling’ as it were, was more benign prank-like Facebook and Social Media bots and postings when we were led to believe and left with the impression that this ‘meddling’ was that voting machines and elections personnel had been corrupted and compromised, much like Trump had claimed occurred after the 2020 election.

Our entire gigantic Intelligence apparatus spread across 18 agencies plus the USDOD’s own efforts in this realm–an enormous portion of the actual ‘deep state’–was done by all of them using the term ‘meddling’ without ever explain what that meant.

They would repeat this same MO beginning December 14, 2020  and continuing through January of 2021 by having the entire Media worldwide refer to anyone questioning the 2020 election results in the United States as being ‘baseless’.

Every single print and video Media around the world had adopted ‘baseless’ to explain away anyone still not believing that the US results were legitimate.

It was magnificently effective because by doing so, everyone who may have been interested in what meddling was, was able to create within their own minds what that might entail, and that included a President Trump who after the 2020 election would state ad nauseum that the 2020 election was stolen by the anecdotal and incidental reports of voting machines improperly scoring vote tabulations, and excessive fraud in mail-in ballots where signature verification requirements were over-ridden by signature verification software which were unable to perform as creators had claimed that they could.

No Elections Department in any state could explain why a software to verify signatures was even purchased and utilized for 2020, when nothing has ever proven better or more effective that 2-sets of human eyes conducting such verifications for every single precinct in the United States.

They couldn’t explain it because no one bothered to ask any of them about it. Here in Nevada, no one even knew that we were using this completely useless verification software in our geographically largest and most populous county–Clark County home to Las Vegastan and 2.1 of our state’s 3.1 million residents—and we wouldn’t have ever learned about it if a County Commission race in Clark County wasn’t so outrageously corrupted by our Board of Elections Chief here, Joe Gloria, who had documented irregularies to such a degree for the County Commissioners he is subordinate to, that he recommended that the race be re-voted, and they initially agreed, but then retracted and went ahead and certified the race, and sending it to a losing candidate paid $80,000 recount effort and our State Supreme Court in April of 2021.

The canard that the shear volume of 2020 voters would overwhelm county and state Elections efforts nationwide was a ridiculously juvenile lie told by the Bureaucracy’s unlawful 4th Branch that the Deep State is by definition and which Donald Trump was never able to articulate and explain to voters what he was talking about whenever he said, ‘deep state’ and which would ultimately prove fatal to his re-election efforts among many other matters and instances occurring during his four years in office.

For the record, the ‘deep state’ can be federal, state, county, or local public employees of their respective bureaucracies who act defiantly and imperiously over the regular Joe & Jane Electeds we choose to elect and send to oversee and direct the bureaucracy’s efforts on our behalf.

At the federal level, their appalling arrogance and unlawful misconduct is at such an obscene level today no one could have predicted when FDR grossly expanded the federal bureaucracy under Liberalism’s requirements that gigantic bureaucracies are a necessary function of modern nations and answering to no one or nobody able to direct their courses.

After James Comey’s bizarre testimony in 2017, there was no doubt he would be fired very soon and should have been fired the minute President Trump finished his oath of office in January of that year.

The president’s prickly personality and peculiar presidential peccadillos would prove the single greatest impediment to his own re-election, and he was completely oblivious to the irrefutable fact that they were such an enormous political obstacle and burden to overcome for him.

James Comey’s creepiest testimony to Congress in American history where he proceeded to inform us about how small he felt President Trump’s hands were and directly inferring that Trump had microscopic genitalia whereas Comey’s were freakishly enormous by comparison.  Why an FBI Director with long and distinguished USDOJ experience too, would instantly and publicly under oath in front of the entire nation, deep dive into playground taunts of any President of the United States, was completely inexplicable and had certainly sent our psychological profile experts across federal law enforcement and our Intelligence Ops scurrying to redevelop Comey’s profile after he had done that at the Hart Senate Office Building.

This was our self-proclaimed Paragon and Guardian of Democracy; it was he who lit Miss Liberty’s Lamp in New York harbor we would think by his very high opinion of himself.

But the 2016 election which Trump won via the Electoral College, was never fully vetted or investigated by any credible journalist or Media before they all were consumed by the Toxic Progressive Media Propaganda monsters and never to return to credibility.

Widely blamed on the years old ‘pussy grab’ tape and James Comey claiming to have reopened the investigation of Hillary Clinton at the 11th hour before the election, then they pivoted and blamed it on Faith voters and Rurals pulling off of Clinton in favor of Trump, which just didn’t hold water to political people in both parties.

That tape was released more than one month before the election and had zero effect on Faith voters who if they were offended by Trump, would have abandoned him many months prior to October of 2016.

They are a very predictable and dependable cohort for both major parties in that they collectively feel that it is their duty to elect our presidents, and in large measure they can take solace in that how they vote collectively, almost always results in who it is that we elect to the presidency post-Reagan.

The Biden campaign made a direct play for these voters and found rich and fertile voting tracts of people tiring of President Trump and his often obnoxious and tedious, juvenile public persona which they no longer wished themselves, or the GOP, to be representative of them and their very high value to those their votes elect everywhere in the country.

What I think James Comey did was ‘meddle’ in the elections held in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania by largely following state road routes through all three states and unvoting Hillary votes, adding a number of unvoting the office all together, and then adding a smaller number of Trump votes from her tallies. All they would need is an expert Statistician of which the FBI has many among its ranks.

That no one would ever think to look for unusual voting patterns, irregularities, or anomalies in Rural/Agri counties, would make this kind of election meddling with touchscreen voting,. the almost perfect crime no one would be able to detect unless they conducted a full-scale. deep audit of the paper trail printouts these machines make and store locked within each unit.

He had to have done it this way because there was another set of candidates—both two-term Governors of opposite parties—who any group of voters across the board would view as credible, but voters disgusted with both Clinton and Trump did not move this way at all and other Democrats did not suffer as much as they should have had there been this great, but imaginary wave of anti-Hillary voters on Election Day.

James Comey and his Team breaking into the three state’s Elections Systems would be very easy to do and is the primary reason why we should go back to the punch card/butterfly ballot which cannot be so easily corrupted because it doesn’t need to connect to a mainframe or the Internet to activate machines on Election dates.

Any touchscreen voting system can be easily compromised and we’ve known this for years, Texas standing out in firmly rejecting Dominion three times is the entire story of the 2020 election outcome.  Their reports on Dominion was as brutal as it was frank in revealing its many, many flaws.

The question remains today why any state is still using this easily corruptible voting system after the scathing Texas reports about it?

Each old punch card machine was self-tabulating and then can be connected to the others at the polling place or Voting Center, then brought to the BOEs to be added to that county’s totals before tabulations are sent off to the state which worked just fine for over 20 years of use by the states, until 2000, and West Palm Beach county Florida’s Dangling Chads where a handful of voters did not punch the card firmly enough and the chad remained affixed.

Toxic Progressive Democratic Party biased and bigoted super-racist, the late Rep John Lewis of Georgia—the one-note symphony former Freedom Rider—turned super-hater in public office, insisted on federal intervention into what is absolutely a State’s Right—conducting elections—and his hyper-racist, anti-intellectual arguments back then in 2001, and his refusal to accept Bush 43 and Trump as being duly elected are the very reason 2020’s results will never be accepted as valid by some 75 million Trump voters because racist Rep John Lewis’s vile reprobate hate was so great.

I called him an asshole and a problem we in other states had to work around right to his face when he came here and told the ‘how many bubbles on a bar of soap’ story I had heard from him so often, I was mouthing it along with him.

On Atlanta’s City Council he was absolutely useless and nothing of value was ever credited to being because of his efforts there.  He was unspeakably politically lazy and untidy, never mopping up his own messes and he pitched a HUGE bitch, like the 7-year-old little girl that he always was, for Coretta King to step in and intervene on his behalf when Julian Bond was cruising to sure victory for the US House seat John Lewis would thankfully die in and finally ending our misery having to suffer through his racist bullshit any longer.

Mrs King did step in for Lewis and pulled in White Toxic Progressives and Liberals to vote for Lewis whom nobody liked, when they were trending heavily toward Bond.

Lewis never did anything of value in the US House either—nothing at all—and when the US Supreme Court finally stepped in and corrected out the Voting Rights Act where former southern states which had placed impediments to accessing the polls for Black voters, had to get OK’s to change anything from the hyper-corrupted USDOJ’s racist Civil Rights Division in perpetuity—he pitched a bitch like a 7 year old little girl again, but this time Congress was unmoved to act and rightfully so.

Simple, basic ‘housekeeping’ of voter rolls has never been a violation of the VRA.  If you had gone 8 years without voting at all for instance, being canvassed off of the rolls was normal and to be expected since we’re such a mobile society, even more so today.

Voting Centers are a newer addition to American voting and are a direct response to an aging and dying off civic minded person able to spend a 15 hour plus day at a polling place for next to no money at all.  Drop Boxes are a horrible anti-voter way to steal votes via Ballot Harvesting in that they are largely party owned and controlled boxes and sinister party members with voter fraud intents can easily compromise any ballot they can get their hands on in those Drop Boxes, which should be banned nationwide.

A raging fire in one such drop box in Los Angeles in 2020, still did not move Toxic Progressive Democrats to ban these drop boxes.

Mailing to all registered voters instead of just to Active Voters in a particular county was also an open invitation for Democratic Party operatives to steal votes of those ballots which could not be delivered to a voter because they moved or died.  No state legislature required the USPS to return undeliverable ballots mailed to voters in 2020 so that they could be canvassed off of the rolls.

Add Fat Albertina, Stacey Abrams, and her truly ugly big sister the judge in Georgia, and you had a family conspiracy to affect the Georgia vote when President Trump’s inability to speak in such a way that we all could understand what he was talking about, elected two Democrats in January when voters there were inclined to give a US Senate win to each party before he opened his ignorant-ass mouth trashing fellow Republicans there, and Trump not owning that 23,000 Georgia Republicans who voted in their 2020 Primary, stayed home and did not vote in the 2020 General Election there. GOP voters were fearful of Covid and mail-in ballots, costing Trump the victory in the state last month and in November.

We know that Attorney General William Barr had enough to indict and prosecute James Comey based on the USDOJ Inspector General’s report of his gross misconducts, but he declined then and everyone believing that he too had figured this all out and would wait to put him away for life with other co-conspirators in the greatest crime ever committed against our nation.

We knew well in advance that no president or his AG would ever pursue Hillary Clinton’s crimes because doing so would necessarily require former President Bill Clinton would also have to be indicted too, and no one would have the political appetite to indict a former president who has been out of office for 20 years.

They would hide behind ‘prosecutorial discretion’ no matter how outrageous or heinous the alleged crimes were, and what gives that a level of legitimacy is that finding a venue and a jury where both could get fair trails would be an impossible task for any Attorney General under any president, at any time in our history.

It’s a major flaw in our system which these shit-stain participants knew full well would prove impossible to adjudicate and which emboldened them rather than giving any of them pause to reconsider and adjust their nefarious, criminal ways instead of doing what they set out to do!

Our hope remains in Special Counsel John Durham and his orders from AG Barr to report directly to Congress upon completion of his investigation which Biden and Merrick cannot easily override nor overcome.

God Bless America to let us know the truth of this ugly Toxic Progressive Reprobate Hate which has consumed our nation and all of its federal law enforcement and Intelligence operations since at least 2015.

We need to know the truth no matter how ugly that truth may be and I have faith in SC Durham today.


Mike Zahara
A National Treasure writing from Las Vegastan!