Toxic Progressive Reprobate Hate Reports

Con-man Councilman & Urban Chamber Phony Team Up

One would be very hard pressed to find a SoNev Elected worse than City of Las Vegastan’s Ward 5 City Councilman, Cedric Crear.  

Big, fat, biased and bigoted blowhard Cedric Crear

A lifelong hyper-racist and Ultra Black Nationalist-type bigot who enjoys trafficking in Race & Poverty Pimping in his current position as a Sharecropper Supervisor on the Democratic Party’s Toxic Progressive Plantation & Safe Zone here in Las Vegastan.

Having previously served as a twice Elected University Regent without accomplishment or merit at all besides his shepherding sharp tuition increases each of the years, he was darkening their doors there!

When you’ve never done anything but cash in on your community and be outraged on que, its not surprising he has few if any fans ‘in the community’ he exploits, degrades, and diminishes every single day he shows up for work.

I’ve heard him called an Uncle Tom many times, a pimp and a poser many more times too and which may be patently unfair to Uncle Tom and to our beloved pimps here being compared to our Cedric the Dick!

As a newly elected Councilman stuffed full of stupid, he infamously tried to Bigot Bash Councilwoman Michele Fiore who responded by belting him politically right in the mouth, then kicking the living crap out of his racist, pocket-stuffing ass which didn’t surprise me at all!

Michele Fiore is a year’s long old friend of mine and a celebrity political entity unto herself with her own gravitational pull.  She’s a star, she knows it, we all know it, and her Haters have long histories of futile attempts at ending the Fiore Phenomenon in Las Vegastan!

His always dependable hyper-racism and sexism catapulted Michele into the Mayor’s race by virtue of his ignorant-ass Virtue Signaling to everyone what an asshole he’s always been!  I wouldn’t be surprised to learn she is currently the second place favorite for Mayor because Cedric Crear is such a dependable racist, sexist, and misogynist!

Cedric’s always racist, sexist, misogynistic, condescending, paternalistic Black Privilege are the reason he was so desperate to win his council seat so that he could keep he and his wife Kieba in peanut butter and Ramen while pretending to be something which they are not here:  A credible, beloved by the community, power couple.

Michele and I share a friendship with, and a Mutual Admiration Club for former Assemblyman Harvey Munford who Crear beat for the corrupted seat his fat ass now sits today in on CLV Council.

Cedric is such a dependable piece of shit Dem politico, he went ahead and did this Press Release when now President Biden didn’t need it, his absence in the minutes, hours, days and weeks prior for Joe Biden when he was dead in the water, and Rep James Clyburn stopped by asking to be fixed up with Mammy Kammy since she digs old Black dude dick so much and he was a newer widower back then, and those couple of days and weeks of early 2020 by Biden’s current appointments, tells us who was there for him then…

and who was not.

Timing is everything in politics and always has been and will be.  This is how ignorant-ass Cedric Crear truly is leaving this PR up with its first anniversary fast approaching and Biden’s 48 years of never, ever forgiving or forgetting bullshitter fellow politicians who were NOT there when he needed them most!

Enter from Stage Left: Ken Evans

I’ve never met Ken Evans but know him very well coincidentally because of Michele Fiore who he once ran against after she adjusted and ran her first successful political campaign for AD04 in the Northwest valley.

It was a beautifully done campaign, she put the effort in, she listened to advice and took it, she looked great throughout the whole thing, and she introduced us to Spaghetti with our Neighbors I hope she returns to doing again because they were fun to be invited to, they were super-majority her own neighbors and future constituents.

Ken Evans would have been welcomed to stop into one of them if he had expressed any interest, but she and I were able to spot Mr Evans campaigning nearby and not in AD04, that cycle!

We giggled together and knew we’d be making quick work of him, if she didn’t yet know, that was probably when the lightbulb went on for her over her head that she was gonna win this race and win it rather comfortably too!  Good luck is always a welcomed guest in any campaign.

Never dismissive of even the clueless and braindead opponents one may come across, you have to be able to honestly assess all there is to assess about your opponent and Ken Evans as a now retired Lt Colonel with hot war service cred as an Engineer, was very credible despite his not knowing what he was doing and where he was doing it!

It’s the path he put himself on after that race which today has him as an undeserved, inexplicably appointed member of the Stadium Authority Board, which had me pause to reread a couple of times more, because of the Dick Fluffery regarding his military credential and what the titles meant in a real-world sense insofar as any of that having any associated value to whatever he was doing now.

His being the current local President of the Urban Chamber here is a major red flag blowing in hurricane winds for anyone assessing a value of a particular person to being invited to join larger, more credible, established, and matured Boards and whether they are Working Boards with powers to affect desired outcomes of large organizations.

The Urban Chambers are a part of the great fracturing of these once credible Chambers of Commerce Orgs which saw Latin and Asian Chambers also pop up as they splintered, and few if any even came close to the political and institutional power of the original Chambers because of egos, agendas, self-servicing, and pocket-stuffing.

So, Ken Evans succeeded in diluting himself by accepting our Urban Chamber rather than joining a hospital Board or similar.  That his bio info lacks anything at all about his time here at Nellis is inexplicable to me when I now know about his brothers and mother.  That said, there is nothing at all to indicate his being less than candid with us is to hide or disguise nefarious intentions, its just careless and sloppy a presentation of himself to all of us.

That’s odd and unusual to me from a military guy and an Engineer, plus a military man especially, who was doing important work for the Pentagon, may be properly addressed until the day he dies by his last highest USDOD rank and title.

Cedric Crear is just a Fremont Street Whore of a politician here and we’ve had thousands of those since statehood and are used to seeing them getting hauled off to the penitentiary which I’m sure is the ultimate goal of such a shallow fellow.

We’ve all stepped in puddles deeper than Las Vegas City Councilman Cedric Crear!  My hopes that Ricki Barlow’s reforms of this seat would deepen and expand were quickly dashed because he possesses no creativity nor the ability to dream much bigger and much different dreams for Ward 5 and its residents.

Cedric has always been a nothing politico trading on his father’s good name and with absolutely nothing to show for it his entire adult life.

Racist con man CREEP

But it was this man, who comingled his little dingle with Evans & Crear and I may christen the three of them as our Bashful Bullshitters because they along with some others have concocted a verkakte Toxic Progressive scheme and scam to get 25,000 Black-Americans and their families into homeownership here in Las Vegastan!

Oh my, I know, right?  How exciting for us, for them, for all of us, right?

Oh my God, what is wrong witchu people?

Okay, let’s fill you all in:

They’ve launched an initiative complete with Mayor Goodman and her boobs, a couple of other people, and did a Presser the other day after whetting us all up on FB first in the days prior.

This guy—Elias Benjelloun—is a slick prick con man of a salesman on this ill-advised effort because he began his pitch for these 25,000 imaginary Las Vegastan Black-Americans who need to be in housing right now, by lying about his 2-year-old Real Estate firm, Homie Inc, itself a hyper-racist attempt to co-op Urban street language into his efforts to sell refinancing and real estate services to Black-Americans.

There is nothing special about his firm, nor its fee-for-service modeling.  Residential Real Estate commissions have never been locked down in law at 6% anywhere in the United States either and in super-heated Inflow markets like Las Vegastan where we witnessed a January 2021 increase of 13% is the stuff which lubricates an always perverted supply and demand super-structure in Las Vegastan.

Nowhere at all within this entire glossy production appealing to dysfunctional and unaware Black-American buyers, do they even mention what our reality on the ground is because of Government Ordered PlanDemic Panic.

Nor do they mention the basic root causes of 2008 and how Government exacerbated the crisis by micro-managing defaulted home mortgages in Las Vegastan to the extent that few disagree that that interference in Real Estate Markets, added no less than five full years to the life of the crisis.

At the time our corrupt and incompetent Governor in Nevada decided to play Economic God with peoples’ lives and businesses last March of 2020, there were still 2008-era properties which had not been disposed of through purchases.

We here are under a Foreclosure Moratorium as well as an Eviction Moratorium on our entire rental market inventory.  Both statuses of government meddling have removed billions of dollars in equity value completely submerging any wealth that may have accrued and sending whatever may have been left in affordable home purchases and rental housing, crashing to the very deepest trenches of our deepest oceans.

The 81st Legislative Session is currently underway in Carson City and what is absolutely guaranteed to NOT happen is the legislature and Governor passing strict Rules and Regs for the lenders to comply with as these properties comeback onto their rolls so that inventories may clear in record time and avoiding the Toxic Progressive likes of human vermin Barbara Buckley adding five years toward getting us to market buoyancy because she’s all about being the biggest bitch that she can be.

Approval of new subdivisions and gigantic vertical mega-rental complexes here in the West Valley–including one which arson burned to the ground here recently—have added to the bacchanalia of excesses and Real Estate marketplace extremism too.

…and you want to know who’s made a boatload of money playing the RE Speculation Matrix here in SoNev?  That would be Black-American families and Investor Class speculators and players.  They’re currently enjoying a special status for having sold off their obscenely over-priced home and business real estate next door in California, and they ran right here cash in hand and plowed it right back into more often more recently newer construction and another newer phenomenon here, a second purchased income-only investment property, not requiring expensive property management company fees, and which can become liquid at another time for them.

They are the very definition of well-informed, well-funded cash-only sales buyers and they’re cherry-picking highly prized real estate utilizing their very best skill and value all over the Las Vegas valley:  The patience to wait for the best to come onto the market and the financial discipline required to play at this super-heated level and make wheelbarrows of money doing so because they have built wheelbarrows of money delaying gratification, avoiding costly racial rip-off Refis, and plowing as much as their budgets can tolerate, into socking cash away into a simple savings account.

Who hasn’t done or isn’t now doing the easiest vehicle for reducing mortgage costs by making 13 payments a year rather than 12?

Coming to the financial ability to be able to save down payment monies and associated closing costs is a discipline which must be mastered because a homeowner who embarks on the Refi merry-go-round is in the negative and not building the wealth they should be building by using their home’s equity as an ATM.

Whenever these market crashing Moratoriums cease, we should be prepared for a gigantic addition of defaulted homes coming onto the private market and that’s where ‘under-represented’ Toxic Identity Groups of the racist Ultra-Left should move onto America’s homeowner rolls with little to no Toxic Progressive Programing of the Plantation to interfere with private enterprise and pursuit of the American dream of owning a home.

…and Toxic Progressive Plantation Democrats like human garbage Cedric Crear and Ken Evans here in Las Vegastan, just hate Black-American people not dependent on them to kiss their economic boo-boos and make it all better for them with ridiculous and racially offensive new programs like Elias Benjalloun’s atrocious Coalition to Make Homes Possible.

Read every word of it over again several times and see with your own eyes just how much Toxic Progressive Democrats hate Black-Americans and especially really hate Black-Americans who’ve unshackled their own chains including the millions who did so this past election cycle!

Replace the word ‘Black’ with any other Toxic Progressive Identity Grouping of people, and really see just how racist and patently offensive this phony homeownership program truly is!

 Mike Zahara
A National Treasure writing from Las Vegastan



New coalition seeks to boost Black homeownership in Southern Nevada