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Lombardo & McMahill Unfit & Unworthy of Elective Office

This one’s not going to be an easy one to write for me.

I genuinely like both men, both men have been very good to me granting me unimpeded access to them both.  Tolerating me a time or two, I’m sure, but when rubber hit the road on substantial things, both men not only listened to my concerns, they acted and reacted positively to those concerns.

In my possession today is an old device from which I sent what would become my final communication to Sheriff Joe Lombardo in the early morning hours of 2 October.  I sent his personal cell a text message of encouragement and empathy; I wanted him to know personally that he was MY sheriff and that I had had his six no matter what or come what may come!

I meant it too.

Lombardo has no poker face.  I was seeing it all over his face on TV that only an hour or two into the Mandalay Bay Massacre, he was carrying a gigantic load and stressing about things he knew to be true but could not discuss them with us.

When I feel it, I tend to feel it rather BIGLY and that’s actually one of my finer qualities because its never been about me on anything I’ve ever done politically, personally, and professionally.

Very much to my shock and surprise, a few moments later Joe Lombardo actually responded back to me!  I was dumbfounded, and then delighted for a sec, and then a little despondent, and the imaginary thought bubble above my head called him a stunad for texting me instead of putting on his cape and heading over to the scene of the crime!

Sheriff Lombardo not coming to us live from the scene first, was the first and a very major mistake the LVMPD made that evening.
The hours and hours of local Electeds posing for Massacre pix at Metro’s headquarters was simply revolting and nauseating to all of us watching.

I told department big shots to get messages to him that he had no choice but to tell all of us that it was him who leaked the crime scene photos, and to tell us that,

‘No, it was not actually me, but as superior officer, I don’t throw my subordinate officers under the bus no matter how stupid or harmful their misconduct.  I’ve got to own this leak myself and I do so without reservation or hesitation.

I have to take responsibility that in our Academy training protocols, there is nothing there about not leaking salacious photos of dead perps no matter how heinous his crimes, so you’re damned right I’m angry.

I’m angry and I’m embarrassed and ashamed of myself for learning this after the leak’s damage to our reputation had already been done, and on behalf of the entire Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, I sincerely apologize that this outrage occurred on my watch as Clark County Sheriff.

Had he done something along these lines, he’d not be embarrassing himself next June by losing the GOP primary for Governor of Nevada very badly, he’d walk right into any public office he so desired and he’d put up extraordinary vote total numbers doing so.Instead, Las Vegastan City Councilwoman Michele Fiore, smelling his blood in the political waters we all smell in SoNev, jumped in the GOP race for Governor this morning guaranteeing a split of the the Italian-American vote here and a further diluting and fracturing of the GOP vote out of Clark County for next June’s primary.


I endorsed Joe Lombardo in 2014 and paid a big price for it with my readers.  He was just more ready to become sheriff than Captain Burns was at the time though I think that Larry Burns actually won that race and that the FBI at the time went in an electronically stole that race because it became the very last race in the entire state called at near to 0100 AM the following morning without explanation or any Press interest in the delay either.

Captain Burns called me at 0700 sharp the following morning asking if it was possible that the election was stolen from him and after a bit of back-peddling assuring him that our systems are as impenetrable as they could be, I had to double-back and be brutally honest and tell him that yes, our voting system in Nevada and in Clark County can be easily compromised because it’s electronic touch-screen and any high school hacker could be very disruptive if they chose to be.

Leaving the butterfly punch card with stylus after Bush v Gore 2000, was an open invitation to steal all kinds of elections in America.  How many data breaches and hacks have occurred globally just this past decade?

But this was no high school hacker but the dirty handiwork of the Las Vegastan Bureau of the FBI who may have over-voted Burns and had to go back in a correct that out because though he raised 1.8 million dollars, he didn’t spend a dime on TV or radio, or YouTubes.

He couldn’t spend it because his consultants stole every damned dime he raised in 2014. The same theft occurred for Lombardo but they left him a pocket full of dimes enough to credibly call it a win for him.

Someone needing to go in and change a corrupt FBI Burns over-vote would explain the hours long delay of the Clark County Sheriff’s race in 2014.

All they would have needed was an agent or agents with Master Class caliber Mathematics and Statistics skills to be predictive in how the vote would fall without drawing attention to any possible anomalies across the entire county which is as big as the entire states of Massachusetts or New Jersey.

We came to agree that this is what happened in 2014 to Burns’ race two years later after Trump beat Clinton in 2016 in such a way no one would even know where to look for election stealing across rural America.  Had they bothered to look, whomever stole 2016—most definitely it was James Comey and his cohorts—followed rural state routes in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and cherry-picked off a few rural township votes here and there in all three states and none would ever be the wiser.

After watching in disgust and horror James Comey’s frightening testimony before Congress where he was obsessing about the size of Donald Trump’s hands, I openly accused him of having a God Complex because of his knowing Hillary Clinton looted the treasuries of near to 100 nations who donated to the Clinton Foundation and that we couldn’t get her into federal prison without also going after her husband.

The nation would have no appetite for going after a former president a generation out of office, so stealing the 2016 election for Donald Trump and denying her the White House, James Comey thought was the next best thing to do.  The whole Russian Hoax thing was intended to drive Trump from office and swear in Mike Pence instead.

Yes, our FBI is broken and in tatters since at least Ruby Ridge and Waco.


Sheriff’s races are always the very last race on voter ballots in every county in America.  This was universally done because we have a very poor public perception of our elected sheriff’s everywhere in America and our sheriffs are just fine with that perception because they are the political enforcement arms of the two major parties with a very strong lean to the Democrats, though the office is universally nonpartisan across the country too!

Every rotten stinking thing Democrats did to Black-Americans these past 193 years always had a law enforcement component in local county sheriffs enforcing everything from lynchings to red-lining everywhere in America.

Foolish modern Black-Americans, rather than suing the DNC out of existence for damages and Reparations, have a vocal minority which gorges from the very hands which subjugates all the rest of them still today.


To those ends, one of the many things I suggested to Sheriff Lombardo was to ask the legislature to grant to him the ability to also call himself Police Commissioner and grant that to the other county sheriffs in the state too.  I think that this can be done at the county level in Nevada, but I thought the legislature would be more appropriate to help kill off ancient stereotypes of county sheriffs while enhancing our own in Nevada with a co-title for when things got dicey and the public’s opinion was heading south again for them.

Had Joe Lombardo been addressed and referred to as Clark County Sheriff and Police Commissioner Joe Lombardo during Mandalay Bay, I really feel outcomes would have been better and the temptation to lie would have been diminished.

Alas, Joe Lombardo was never going to attempt to get two titles for sheriffs going forward because he loves the mystique and cache of being Clark County Sheriff more than perhaps any of his predecessors had these past 48 years.


Former Undersheriff Kevin McMahill and I became actual friends kind of accidently, I don’t recall when we began sharing a lunch date about every other month but it lasted almost ten years, always at the same joint across from UNLV and we never ran out of things to talk about.

Just before the Mandalay Bay Massacre, I brought along my friend Chief Walter Kimble from back East I met during Ron’s race 15 years ago and Chief and I have remained good friends to this day!  He is the reigning King of Gastonia North Carolina currently involved in getting his City Council seat back next month.

That was also Kevin’s and my last lunch outing, the last time speaking to one another, the last text or call, and it all just stopped right there after he was rude and dismissive at lunch to my friend who is no less than a peer equal retired LEO to McMahill.

I’m not happy about this because it was Kevin McMahill I turned to when my world fell apart one later afternoon in the West Valley when 13 year old distant neighbor and fellow parishioner Fabricco Patti was gunned down by a psychotic Smoke Shop owner named Raad Suuna at Flamingo & Durango on 12/2/2016.

Seven shots into his back, Suuna lied to detectives and magicly as often happens here, he laid down $500,000 bail money and was found not guilty by corrupt Judge Jennifer Togliatti after he retained ace defense attorney Dominic Gentile.

The fix was in and I asked Senator Mitch McConnell’s senior staffer to block Togliatti ascent to the federal bench here telling them she is a dirty judge unworthy of the federal bench because all of us believe she and Gentile split that $500,000 and took the money and ran off with it.

As singularly focused on getting Republican asses onto US Court benches as they were, the senator stopped her nomination cold and blocked the Senate Judiciary Committee from even hearing from her for the remainder of the Trump presidency.

The other two boys who I knew but not by name, ran to me, I bought ’em supper and told them I didn’t want to know what happened.  I sat with them and we talked until the Lieutenant came in and got them.  I told them what to expect and how things would play out with their Detectives and gave both my contact info for their folks who both called me before midnight.

It really shook the shit out of me and Kevin McMahill chewed my ass something fierce like I was one of his subordinate officers and I snapped right back.  It would be more than six months before I even told my family what had happened that day to me.

Thank you again Kevin for caring enough about me to reel me back in despite all those awful, filthy curses of gosh, and darn, and heck you kept screaming to me!


I told him I was all in with his becoming our next sheriff in 2022.  Along with Christine Wilson, a childhood friend of his from Colorado who was Metro’s former top Crime Analyst who left in disgust in 2006, we were both expected to be standard-bearers for Kevin McMahill’s run for Clark County Sheriff next year.

Neither of us are supporting Kevin McMahill this cycle though and we were surprised to learn of the other bailing out on him too.  She is firmly with Stan Hyt and I’m with Tom Roberts unless the field of candidates changes which should occur after the first of the year if it does change.

I just can’t support or vote for either Kevin McMahill or Joe Lombardo for elective office anymore because of what occured in Las Vegastan after George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis in 2020 and what neither man was willing to do to ensure what did happen that night, did not happen.

I was in the hospital watching everything unfold on TV and was sickened by what I was seeing. Telemetry called several times asking if my monitors were hooked up correctly.  My blood pressure was catastrophic too they told me!

I was very angry because you could see on TV the dank and dark danger hanging over the city and the Strip.

We had several hours advanced notice of what was about to befall our city and the Strip, and they both cowered and hid behind Line Staff instead of insisting that they join the marchers/rioters and lead the march with both the Sheriff and Undersheriff, and Joe’s three Assistant Sheriff’s and every Deputy Chief they could round up too right up front and center leading the march to quell any violence and tamp down the anger and agitation.

Officer Shay Mikalonis was first to drop as the bullets from a psychopath ruined his life and protestor George Gomez was next and was outright killed by Metro officers over-reacting to Shay getting shot up.

All because Joe Lombardo and Kevin McMahill simply would not lead when this city and county needed them the most to lead and attempt to prevent tragedy from happening here 1,800 miles away from Minneapolis.


I was literally chewing Assistant Sheriff Brett Zimmerman’s ass in text and emails because I had entrusted him to give Joe Lombardo good advice and that Lombardo would take it too.

He may look 17 years old and awaiting his first shave, but Brett is the most seasoned and experienced veteran on Lombardo’s Executive Staff coming up on his 75th year on the force despite his youthful looks!  Brett knows this place we call home and he’s exceptionally well-skilled in the politics of this place too.

I apologized to Assistant Sheriff  Brett Zimmerman for going off on him, and will do so again here publicly because I like that guy and he too has been very good to me all these years!

I’m sorry Brett, please accept my apology again.

As for Joe and Kevin, I had to forgive them both because if you can’t do that then you become entombed in hate and disappointment when your heroes turn out to be just regular ordinary nothing special guys when we needed them the most to be our/my heroes.

But never voting for either again is literally the very least I can do to register my disappointment with both guys.

Michael Zahara
A National Treasure!