Toxic Progressive Reprobate Hate Reports

Metro & LVRJ Lying About Hate Crimes in Las Vegastan

Las Vegas Review Journal News | Hate crimes against Black residents doubled in 20202/25/2021
Can you even imagine if this incendiary, inflammatory headline were true?

Where are the details?  Where were the BLM Terrorist protests? Where are the police reports? Where is the courtroom trial details?  And what became of the perpetrators?

You’ll not find any of that in the Las Vegas Review Journal, nor from the LVMPD.  You won’t find any details from the local TV news archives either.

Here’s the companion link from the RJ 3/1/2021:

Hate crimes against Black residents rose at alarming rate in 2020

Oh, my goodness, I’m so alarmed, because goodness had nothing to do with this… and I’m still clutching my pearls and yours as well, because I’m so alarmed that this type of Toxic Progressive Race Baiting propaganda hate narrative is playing to a captive newspaper audience, full house here in Las Vegastan, without any rebuke or rebuttal nor hard-ass repudiation of the LVRJ for their using these hyper-racist tactics in 2021.


So, I popped an email to Hendertucky refugee Ms Schnur and RJ Editor Glenn Cook:

To sschnur, GCook–

You Miss Schnur, are a goddamned delight!  Loved your recent story about Hate Crimes in Las Vegastan and wondered if you, as a Boston College grad too, have had any luck in trying to figure out who it was over there who granted a degree in Economics to AOC, of all people in the universe?

I know, can you even believe that shit?  I’m Catholic and they wouldn’t even tell me who did that to us, so if you catch a break on that story, please share it with the entire world!

But I’m having problems doing a follow up on your Hate Crimes award caliber work and hope that you can help steer me to another Pulitzer of my own on this front.

How on earth did you ever get Sheriff Lombardo and PIO Carla Alston to comment about Hate Crimes here since they’re both so shy around the Press, and both of them being strong Black women and all?

Fun Fact Ms Schnur:  It was the Santa Maria, not the Nina as is commonly believed, that Ms Alston was a stowaway on when she became Columbus’s PIO for his discovery of Indigenous Peoples Day here in Las Vegastan!

Then your cast of characters quoted within was awesome and a virtual Who’s Who of toxic progressive reprobate hate local radical racists!

How did you ever get Bryant to admit that his group is phony and that no one reports hate crimes to Metro?

Your story has more holes in it than your head does, and I’m surprised it got past Glenn to be published!



No reply from either yet, so I’m asking both to check their SPAM folders before giving up on both commenting!

This type of ‘reporting’ is reprehensible and racist at its core because it tells us absolutely nothing at all.  Its all fluff and propaganda pushing a Hate Narrative the LVRJ wishes to push to show us all how WOKE they all are over on Bonanza.

It was the inclusion of these two photos however, which had me trying to remember all yesterday afternoon, when was the last time I had seen this kind of blatant, hyper-racism from a major Media player anywhere in America?

Besides the RJ’s in-house racist photographer Rachel Aston being superfluous and unnecessary in snapping two shots of biased and bigoted racist Joseph Bryant, that she deliberately posed him in both shots to further along her Hate Narrative, should have had both she and her Editor fired immediately!

She didn’t do that with anyone else in the story, only the Black male, and none of the females suffered the same indignity either which any good Editor would then ask why did she do this, before firing her?  Posing him as the thoughtful looking racist on the left, and then with the furrowed brow as the determined racist thug advocate look on the right to back up his own words to Ms Schnur that he didn’t know anyone who had ever gone to the police with any Hate Crimes complaints, but that instead they came to him and to others!

This is so racist on its face, I’d have fired both Sabrina and Glenn because this kind of blatant Media manipulation of Black men especially to fit a White, as well as Jewish-American, biased and bigoted point of view to sell a story, fell out of favor in major American Media after the 60’s, more than 50 years ago!

We have the largest Media in the state of Nevada creating a false Hate Crimes narrative storyline and using a faked LVMPD internal graphic of three years of alleged Hate Crimes reporting in Clark County as its basis, but no incident or actual criminal reporting was even sought from Metro’s PIO.

The RJ’s own coverage these past three years don’t back up Metro’s own creative Hate Crimes graphics where Metro employs a term used to fake political polling called ‘bogusing’, and which can be spotted pretty easily when people are inventing numbers and pulling them right out of their own asses.  For instance, anytime one sees number sequences like 5, 10, 15 etc… these are always false because crimes are not committed so numerically clean and tidy like that.  People who cook books and use numbers to inflate stories to sell a point of view. tend to use sequences of odd or even numbers which never hold up to scrutiny,

Another BIG clue that this is bullshit reporting and Toxic Progressive Hate Narrative Propaganda fictional story-telling is because ‘journalism’ would require some actual facts to be reported along with the sensationalism.

Not a single fact is present in either LVRJ piece, not a single one!

Of 49 reported Hate Crimes, Metro was only able to find three possible suspects and of 49 reported, no arrests were made!  This fact was not reported by anyone and indicates we are still in an intense period of false bias reporting by bigoted, biased, and racist Black Americans as we know too well in Las Vegastan after Seattle Seahawks Michael Bennett accused our police officers of Hate Crimes committed against him only to be proven wrong by hundreds of peoples’ cellphones and venue tapes.

He suffered no consequence.

Jussie Smollett and Congressman Bobby Rush, both with major national embarrassments of false reporting of bias crimes, both were proven to be outright lying about, and Rush was publicly busted by Chicago’s Chief of Police himself, suffered nothing at all, not even House censure for his Hate!

Add some 400 incidents nationally of false bias reporting from Nascar garage nooses to campus anti-Semitism, these past five years of Toxic Progressive Reprobate Hate, and its no surprise to anyone that the LVMPD didn’t make a single bias crime arrest in 2020.

That Nicole Williams of the Urban Terrorist organization, National Action Network, and a full-throttled racist and biased and bigoted toxic progressive mouthpiece without a brain in her head, is a prolific and consummate liar who will say anything to pepper a propaganda point, had everyone laughing at her not with her as she told us about her side gig  where she being the toxic progressive as she claims to be, does business with Nevada’s largest slumlord and virulent anti-Black about every possible thing, The Siegal Group. whose headquarters literally burned down to the ground last year they are so hated by everyone here in SoNev for their never keeping a single promise they made to anyone when they swept into town and bought up all the weekly complexes in town, and then painted all them an ugly yellow visible to the Outer-Planets, they also never told anyone they were going to do either.

Ms Williams, like all other Toxic Progressive racist bigots, is so WOKE that she’s sound asleep and in an irreversible coma doing business with the very entity no Black person has anything good at all to say about in Las Vegastan.

Stupid and a bimbo from her is forgivable from Nicole Williams, she being ignorant-ass, is not.

This is Toxic Progressivism today!


Mike Zahara
A National Treasure writing from Las Vegastan!