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Peggy Newman Complicit in Daniel Halseth’s Death

Granny Get Your Gun?
If only dogshit degenerate and toxic progressive Democrat dowager doyenne 74 yr old Peggy Newman was a gun owner, she’d have killed her lover Daniel Halseth herself after being spurned by him, and not stoked up Aaron & Sierra to do her dirty work for her.


Something major had occurred to fire up and amp those two kids up in late March and early April of 2021 because this wasn’t about them having sex as the LVMPD media wishes it to be true.

They both had plenty of opportunities to explore their amorous attraction to one another especially with Daniel allegedly gone for 10 days prior to his death.  They had a big public park right across Durango, a flood retention basin and an easily breached storm tunnel right next to it.  They had the public restrooms at the park which are largely unused and inviting for the pubescent and horny among our youth.

They had Daniel’s car for God’s sake!  Horny kids tend to be creative in their hormonal drives their parental units are largely impotent to forbid them from exploring.

We saw LVMPD Homicide doing back-flips to distract from their civilian L.E.S.T co-worker Hannah Newman being the months long ‘room mate’ of Daniel Halseth at Tanto Circle which the LVMPD’s IAB knew nothing about.

We saw LVMPD Homicide leak to the press every possible thing they could leak to pollute the jury pool and convict Aaron Guerrero in the court of public opinion and pin everything on him—the forbidden Dirty Little Brown Boy—Daniel Halseth hated having him hanging around…or so we’ve been lead to believe by the LVMPD.

This police/prosecutor tactic is common and defense attorneys are well prepared to deal with it, but its main purpose is to force a defendant into taking a guilty plea on a reduced charge in the end.  That they haven’t taken the death penalty off the table for Aaron speaks volumes to their having a wobbly rather than a slam dunk case.

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson is playing a game of legal world chicken with Aaron Guerrero’s attorney who has very credible experience and practice with this ancient prosecutorial stunt which is also impervious to Criminal Justice Reform efforts here and everywhere else too!

It’s also patently racist, sexist, and loaded with anti-male misandry because Sierra cannot be changed similarly because of her age.

We knew at the onset of this story breaking after April 9, 2021 in the Las Vegastan media that the LVMPD was in rare but not unusual form for them trying to steer a specific narrative to be the one they wished the general public to accept as fact…no questions asked or ever allowed to be asked either.

With each passing day since then, Peggy Newman has become more and morea person of intense interest to me because she just happened to be there with all of the right answers and printable quotes and all too!

Nothing at all prevented Peggy Newman from going over to her Dunphy Court home and checking for herself on Sierra and Daniel—absolutely nothing! 

Except maybe that she already knew in advance what occurred there and which Aaron Guererro and Sierra Halseth stand grand jury indicted for doing to Daniel Halseth she may have ensured would happen to him.

While nothing forgives or grants permission for homicide, many things may be in play and Peggy Newman always seems to be the entitled feeling observer with every possible thing to protect from becoming known and public from her public stature and prominence, to her own lucidity and ability to handle her own self and her own financial affairs.

She made a ridiculously bad decision purchasing Dunphy Court for Daniel Halseth in late July of 2020 setting this entire outcome into motion.  It empower and emboldened emotional terrorist and serial manipulator Daniel Halseth to attempt to gain custody of Sierra Halseth when he did not have the resources nor means to afford to do this on his own.

Peggy Newman in effect, financed him and encouraged it all every step of the way!


Peggy Newman buried her husband in 2008 and became Las Vegastan’s Merry Widow when she met Daniel Halseth, 29 years younger than she!
This was Daniel Halseth’s 74 year old geriatric lover and sugar great-Grandma, Peggy Newman 
Oh yes, she’s had quite a bit of work done  and probably done by my dermatologist too!       
       Camel-toe and all, this is Hannah Newman
Peggy Newman’s 23 year old LVMPD civilian employee granddaughter Daniel Halseth was also involved with and who is 22 years younger than he was!
…and 51 years younger than her own Grandma she was competing with for Daniel Halseth’s affection and attention.
No work done on Hannah tho!


The two super-predatory females live together at 3495 Tanto Circle in the Paradise Crest subdivision near to Flamingo & Pecos in Las Vegastan.

My Dermatologist is right around the corner and Metro’s SEAC is a very short walk away too!  Talk about Daniel Halseth Hiding in Plain Sight!

Daniel Halseth had just invited himself over to come live with both women and its unknown if he was Sex Trafficking either one or both of them, but the rash decision was made by Peggy Newman in July of 2020, to get him the hell out of her East Valley home and as far away as possible from her granddaughter she was already competing with for Daniel’s affections and attentions through 2020!

Halseth had already returned to his ex-wife Elizabeth Hegelian their two oldest kids and sometime after that in early summer 2020, Daniel hatched a scheme and scam to petition for custody of then 15 year old and now 16 year old Sierra Halseth!

Dating back to maybe as early as late 2017, I informed Daniel Halseth about the legal concept of Emancipation of minors becoming less and less an unusual request for minor children to pursue as Family Court judges here were becoming more and more comfortable with it in Las Vegastan despite our being a universal epicenter of child Sex Trafficking winning the title away from Bangkok some years ago.

At the time, I was thinking maybe Dana or Jordan bcuz Sierra was like only 13 years old at the time!  Daniel wouldn’t risk the possible loss in court with Sierra attempting her own 2020 emancipation he never brought up with her and Judge Hoskins reaffirmed Elizabeth’s sole custody too, so Daniel lost again anyway but Peggy Newman refused to throw her lover’s sorry ass out of her Dunphy Court home after that!

Had she done that, he’d still be alive today.  All of the bad decisions leading up to Daniel Halseth’s death are Peggy Newman’s and hers alone!  Her hands are drenched in Daniel Halseth’s blood!

Had he asked me, I’d have given him the response any family court judge would have wanted to hear from Sierra and she’d have likely won conditional emancipation had she said it despite her having no source of income.

Did this obnoxious Newman woman really think that she and Daniel could run off together and raise Sierra together if only her pretty, built, and 51 years much younger granddaughter weren’t so close and constantly under foot and distracting him from her geriatric great gifts?

Peggy Newman went out and bought for his use a $300,000.00 home in the West Valley and closed on it days before he filed for custody of Sierra in 2020.  Peggy Newman directly conspired with Daniel Halseth to disrupt and cancel Elizabeth’s sole custody of Sierra Halseth by providing him the ways and the means to afford it, and the new home in the West Valley to affect it occurring in his favor.

The Media portrayal of Peggy Newman as ‘just the landlord & a friend’ is cute because the sexual tension between Peggy, Hannah, and Daniel bubbled over as early as April of 2020 when Daniel was already encamped at Tanto Circle purportedly because his having grown tired and bored with staying in Craig Lake’s empty investment unit near to Decatur and 215.

I don’t buy that theory though because I know Craig Lake and Daniel Halseth feared Craig catching onto to his lies, deceit, and bullshit because for an alleged Jesus lover, Daniel couldn’t discuss any religious or faith philosophy points of view.  No favorite gospels, Allllllllllllll…………………””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]][—————————————————————————————–\ppostles, psalms, passages, nothing at all.

Daniel had no intellectual depth to discuss with anyone, anything regarding any subject matter.

Craig Lake’s faith life is real, Daniel Halseth’s was not.  Daniel had to find other shelter for his scheme and scams and he found it with 74 year old Peggy Newman!  Newman was not a family friend as ordered be reported by Metro by the media.  She was Daniel’s special friend and the Hegelians have never met her but knew of her, of course.

This was also when on April 14, 2020, Daniel Halseth filed with the NVSOS for a brand new Nevada LLC called Ultimate Image 2020 LLC with an even sleazier and even scummier than he was, piece of shit guy name Robbie Bray from Westminster Colorado and using the Tanto Circle as its address with Peggy Newman’s full consent!

NVSOS  E6044742020-8  4/14/2020
Domestic Limited-Liability Company (86)



Manager Robbie Bray 8502 W. 94th Place, Westminster, CO, 80021, USA 04/14/2020 Active
Manager Daniel Halseth 3450 Tanto Cir, Las Vegas, NV, 89121, USA 04/14/2020 Active


What’s interesting here is that Robbie Bray already has his own Ultimate Image entity and has had it for a number of years.  Here’s some of Bray’s really creepy-ass shit for your enjoyment:

The new Peggy Newman blessed Nevada LLC was ostensibly set up to do ‘videography’ and one assumes using Daniel’s growing expertise in drones.  Why Robbie Bray would partner with Daniel Halseth on this scheme is unknown and Metro Homicide and the CCDA don’t wish to have Mr Bray on a witness stand in Aaron or Sierra’s trials.

They are adamant that Peggy and Hannah Newman are accidental and incidental persons in Daniel’s death when Peggy Newman’s own conduct for the entire time Daniel Halseth was her gigolo,  would alarm her own children and other grandchildren to the point of them all filing for guardianship of her given how reckless and destructive her voluntary financial participation was during the entirety of this saga.

Peggy Newman conspiring with Daniel to remove Sierra’s custody from Elizabeth permanently, is frightening how deep and all-in Peggy Newman was during this year long Daniel Halseth shit-show which ended in his death almost exactly one year from when it began.

As easy as it was for Daniel to flatter and appeal to the vanity of his 16 year old daughter, it was equally easy for Peggy Newman to stoke and amp up both Aaron and Sierra if Daniel had spurned Peggy even by his just flirting with Hannah!

The post coital recording of Aaron and Sierra was indeed very telling as that was Aaron marking his territory in alpha-male fashion and if either kid felt alarmed or endangered because of something Peggy Newman was feeding to them about what a bastard Daniel was and what he was planning to do to them and their young love, then Mrs Newman is someone any credible detective or defense attorney would wish to explore further.

I would love to eviscerate Mrs Newman and her granddaughter on a witness stand myself because it remains in the realm of the entirely possible that Peggy in fact commissioned Daneil Halseth’s homicide because he did not say how high when she ordered him to jump for her after all that she had spent and expended on him and for him from April 2020 until his demise in April of 2021.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned may be fitting because there are multiple persons who do not have a cheerful opinion of Mrs Newman.  She spent a gargantuan amount of money on Daniel Halseth over a very short calendar year.

There’s much more that the LVMPD and the CCDA don’t wish any of us to know about, but I do know that when they expend this much energy and effort to throw the dogs off of the scent, they’re hiding and covering up major matters of background details and covering their own asses again.


Let’s not ever forget that the LVMPD undercharged Daniel Halseth with lewdness rather than criminal sexual assault he should have been charged with almost a decade ago, so he wouldn’t have to register as a sex offender.

Had they properly and correctly charged him back then, he’d be alive today.  He conned veteran LVMPD sex crimes detectives and won leniency from them which was not corrected out by the District Attorney.

I read the police report and it was uncomfortable listening to Elizabeth tell to me in exacting and excruciating detail of what occurred in their home that night which absolutely was criminal sexual assault.  She and I are not personal friends, her recounting for me was not easy for her either, but she was flawless in relaying like all victims relay that which is the truth.

I have spoken personally with scores of victims in my 20 years here and all who are speaking the truth share one thing in common:  They don’t embellish, they don’t pepper points, they don’t exaggerate, they don’t turn their stories into melodramatic interpretations for my consumption.

We know of Daniels ‘other lives’ that he pretended to be a para-legal there to assist veterans, but then he is captured on the Net in another instance praising a local para-legal firm which he claimed assisted him with Elizabeth.

We know he had in excess of 25,000 images of single young females never with boyfriends and taken with his Apple phones and published by him on his social media, but the LVMPD is silent about that or his other devices and what may be on them.

Mrs Newman, had you not stuck your nose into this Hegelian vs Halseth sealed matter in Family Court, you’d not be viewed by me and many others as the prime accessory in Daniel Halseth’s death.

Your very many bad decisions earned that for you lady!


Michael Zahara
A National Treasure writing from Las Vegastan!