Toxic Progressive Reprobate Hate Reports

White Privilege, White Supremacist, Commissioner Tick Segerbom

He sooooo White, he’s neon-White like fellow NVDEMS’ biased and bigoted, lifelong racist, Commissioner Ross Miller. and he’s always been the epitome of toxic progressive, White Privilege’s White Supremacy in SoNev, neither Tick or Ross having ever championed anything which would have diluted their completely unearned and undeserved political power in any office they’ve ever held here.

Ross Miller had no Black friends in MMA in 2012 either and still DOES NOT have any Black friends today!

Ross is the ne’er-do-well son of a former 3-term corrupted and lifelong racist Democratic Governor who also didn’t do anything for People of Colors other than White in Nevada.

Governor Miller was always cordial and always routinely dismissive of the late Black-American State Senator, Joe Neal, so we asked Facebook’s Factchecker Fascists, and they claimed that saying Good Morning to the Black guy in the Nevada Senate didn’t count for anything at anytime in our state’s history.

Said Tick between tokes, ‘Bummer man!’

Facebook Fascists being dutiful toxic progressives however, immediately pivoted to renaming McCarran for Joe Neal! 

Tick’s late mother Gene, also a toxic progressive, White Privileged White Supremacist woman her entire life, never did anything of value for People of Color here either.

Tick Segerblom never accomplished anything over his 15 long, empty years as an Elected from SoNev except Weed, but his cousin–a female who Identifies as a not in favor or fashion female–did create the Rainbow Flag for the Gay & Lesbian people before their efforts since Stonewall 52 years ago, were hijacked and stolen by Eric Holder and the Toxic Progressives Super-Haters at the always intolerant HRC for the pro-Trans, anti Title IX Nazis under Obama’s 8 Year Hate Presidency.

Tick smoked another doobie, ate 57 bags of Doritos afterward, and took up some legacy building by running to be NVDEMSs Chair again like he was in the early 90s, which indicates 4 more years after McCurdy’s disastrously hyper-racist tenure, a continued slide into Fringe/Extremist Party Status.

Tick also convinced his fellow Commissioners on the state’s second most powerful and its most racist Board, to join him in advocating renaming the airport from racist US Senator in Pat McCarran, to another even worse biased and bigoted racist in Harry Reid, Nevada’s very worst senator over our entire history who famously called Obama ‘colored’ and refused to lean on Senator Manchin as the SML, to change his vote so that the Dreamers could pass!

I won one of my many Pulitzer’s proving that Harry Reid was a Granny Tranny!

Manchin suffered no loss of Committees or status in the US Senate and neither did Harry Reid.  Undertaking a 25 million dollar name change for the Las Vegas airport is exactly HOW White Privilege and White Supremacy works in Nevada and Tick Segerblom is their Klan Leader carrying Harry Reid’s rancid dirty bath water for the undeserved and unearned honor of wasting these taxpayer monies for a lifelong corrupted senator who never brought the bacon home for Nevada and who isn’t even dead yet!

I’m all for waiting 10 years after someone dies to name anything for them to gauge where people stand and feel ten years after they’re gone

Tom Daschle of South Dakota who was SML for a tiny fraction of the time Harry Reid was, brought 10,000 times more bacon back home to Pierre than Reid ever did here.

Interstate 11 should be 100% completed this year and Ivanpah Intl Airport should have been completed five years ago, if Harry Reid wasn’t so corrupt and conflicted his entire life in Nevada politics.  The pubic/private spur line connecting the BNSF to the UP from AZ into SoNev through the Eldorado Valley, should have been completed a decade or more ago.

Because the BNSF spur is not even planned today, we in SoNev pay a 40% premium tax on all goods and materials dependent on the Union Pacific and I-15, neither which has any competition here.

Besides Manchin and Reid blocking Obama’s first try for the Dreamers in the US Senate.  Tick Segerblom sits in the very County Commission seat he is sure to lose in 2022 since Nevada’s most racist Board has no elected Latino  members when demographics and Identity politics alone, state that two of the current Board’s seats should be held by Latinos.

This is the bias, bigotry, and nauseatingly racist prejudice the Clark County Board of Commissioners is famous for under current Chair Marilyn Kirkpatrick— who is herself the Board’s only female improperly occupying the other seat which should be held by a Latino commissioner under the same exact Toxic Progressive Democratic Party’s standards of Diversity and Inclusion–and Tick Segerblom is such a racist and bigot to attempt to feather his nest on the bones of a failed hack of a US Senator who should  die in federal prison for his lifelong corruptions, is HOW White Privilege and Supremacy really works here in SoNev.

Add the 4 or 5 Nevada legislative seats held by Black-Americans which the new Census as well as 2010’s, showed, should be held by Latino-Americans, and we have quite a ways to go before reaching Diversity Nirvana in our Electeds the Democrats talk out of both sides of their mouths lecturing the rest of us while ensuring White Privilege and Supremacy renames an airport only a pot head and burnout who lives in one of the Whitest towns–93% White–in the entire state in Boulder City, championed because he’s got too much THC on what’s left of his brain.

No one lives in Boulder City Nevada because they’re all about Diversity down there, but we’re listening to a racist County Commissioner from there about the airport?

Marco can’t defeat you soon enough Tick, you really went  way over the line this time Skippy, and the Cancel Culture can’t consume you soon enough for any of us now.

The simple truth is that you can’t get anymore White Privilege and White Supremacist than renaming McCarran Intl Airport for lifelong racist Harry Reid.

This is the uncomfortable truth no matter how much they try to justify this complete waste of time by honoring a still living bigoted and biased, racist great shame of our state’s Elected Class.


Mike Zahara
A National Treasure writing from Las Vegastan!