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‘Diversity’ is Shrinking Black-America Faster Than All Other Groups

She’s my very good friend and gal pal I call Butterfly Lombardo who is recently retired as Metro’s cleaning lady and as my top source there for nearly 20 years!

Butterfly is DR, meaning she’s from the Dominican Republic and like all others from there, she doesn’t see herself as Black, she’s just DR is how they refer to themselves in Santo Domingo and all over the island of Hispaniola they share with Haiti!

Demographers over at the Commerce Department knew that they were opening up another HUGE can of worms by further expanding toxic progressive Identity Politics into the US Census for 2020.

CNN confirms its racist roots and super-racist international image just with their headline in this recent piece.


They’ve ginned the rummy game of the 2020 US Census tabulations allowing Americans to expand and further claim dual racial  heritage/identity but Black-Americans tallied a anemic if not dead one percentage point increase in the population within this demographic group for the ten previous to the 2020 census years.

Much of the claimed and ballyhooed loss of White-American populations occurred in 2020 for the very same reason they had for Black-America:  Dual Racial Identities claimed.

…or that White and Black Americans have lost their interest in reproducing or even having fun, casual sex.

…or that White and Black Americans have finally decided to adopt Chinese babies from China as their best chance to not having their offspring steal all of their property and assets while they’re still living in them; and which is currently a national calamity all over America with few grown children thieves ever going to prison and anti-gentrification forces never a more powerful tool in the toxic progressive arsenal than they are today.

The Untied States remains the only nation on Earth where gentrification is a four-letter word while Black-American seniors are denied any potential windfall profits—where America’s family legacy wealth has long been generated—from their urban core homes because their damned kids want to be able to steal their assets better and far easier by their parents and grandparents remaining and retaining their urban ghetto fabulousness instead!

…or maybe that Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger goal of eliminating the Black race in America is and actually has become a roaring success!


Here’s CNN again being dependably and desperately racist in their take:

http://Yet, the growth in the multiracial population in the 2020 Census was significant. There were 9 million people in 2010 who identified with two or more races compared to 33.8 million people in 2020. That’s a 276% increase.

38.9 million Black-Americans in 2010, or 13% of the total population then!  In 2020, Black-Americans were at 41.1 million people or 14.1% and the nation as a whole only reported a scant 7.4% population increase between 2010 and 2020.

Only 2.2 million new Black-Americans over the last decade? 
Latinos in Texas alone grew by 2 million over the last decade and that’s a problem for toxic progressive Black-America!

Keep in mind that this figure already includes the 10 million people from Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean now here under our Refugee status over Obama’s 8 years of hating on Black-Americans which we only learned about in 2017 after he looted the joint and walked out on us and over to his new job as America’s Birthday Party Super-spreader in August of 2021!

The sheer utter CONTEMPT Barack Obama showed to all 7.8 billion of us on planet Earth for his 60th birthday bash, is something the always tin-eared Obama will never recover from.

This colossal misstep has launched Obama toward Political Pariah status before another decade passes!

Its through this political lens where we can see why Black Nationalist Reprobate Hatred exploded in 2012-2013 in Florida with high school expelled Trayvon Martin sent by his evil, vile mother 240 north of Miami to live with his father who was dating a much younger and prettier female than Sabrina Fulton ever was for Trayvon’s father Tracy Martin.

No police were involved with Trayvon in Orlando but Sabrina Fulton hired a PR firm as her first order of business when she heard the good news Tracy’s son was killed because of her profound, intense jealousy of her ex-husband’s newer, and much skinnier female!

Smart SoFl voters rejected Sabrina Fulton and her Toxic Titty Tat  for the Dade County Board of Commissioners in 2020!

Then in Ferguson, MO, USDOJ and the FBI lied to the public,  forced them to hire a Black police chief and inflated and conflated facts to fit a narrative that teen career criminal Michael Brown didn’t prey on his neighbors and neighborhood in 2014.

USDOJ allowing hundreds of media outlets in the US and around the world in 2014 to falsely state to their viewers and readers that ‘the grand jury didn’t find enough evidence to indict’

DOJ never used such rhetoric over its entire history but the nation exploded in race & extortionate violence and hyper-racist rube Rep Cori Bush is now much more than a rent cheat in the US House today and Michael Brown’s mother, Lezley McSpadden, was also rejected by MO voters just like Sabrina Fulton was deservedly canceled by Miami voters in 2020.

What both mothers of slain American degenerate dogshit criminal children they both allowed to run the streets and terrorize their neighbors and their neighborhood’s businesses also have in common is that they both women blame ‘gun violence’ for their boy’s well-earned and much deserved deaths.

So I’ll go ahead and blame them both for being lousy mothers with no fathers around enough for either boy, then I’ll take that a step further and hang the blame on former Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne and also then former mayor Dianne Feinstein of San Francisco and now of the US Senate.

Both toxic progressive former urban mayors were hellbent on removing guns from law-abiding Black-Americans—both mayors were remarkably successful in doing so—and both curent shithole cities would return to the DNC rotation of host convention cities as a political reward for their deliberately doing this anti-Second Amendment atrocity to law-abiding Black-Americans.


So what finally took 8 solid years of Black Toxic Progressive Reprobate Hatred to come up within the release of 2020 US Census data last week, is that before a single question is asked of any citizen for the 2030 Census, Black-Americans will topple further down the Toxic Progressive Identity Ladder to fourth place from its now third place perch today.

The likelihood of a much more muscular military and regionally aggressive China could see millions from Hong Kong and Taiwan headed here to the United States well before 2050 too.

Black-Americans were expected to hold onto their 3rd place population position until the 2050 census thirty years from now, so now toxic progressives are claiming once again that Black-Americans are too stupid for their own good so they’ll need Dem Nannies to further along and create even more grievance gripes groupings which will stand the test of time and then somehow pass and be signed by a future president.

…and here’s the biggest issue on that front is that none of these Devious Dems sitting today in the Reparations Amen Corner are prepared to do what is absolutely necessary to one day have the possibility of a Reparations measure passing the US Congress and getting signed:  Suing their own Nazi Democratic Party for the egregious damages done to them as a group these past 193 years.

Gasping for air and near to political death, plenty within the entire Biden Toxic Progressive Hate Agenda against the best interests of our nation and our people can’t be saved or revived, that’s how poorly paralyzed Democrats move modern-era Democratic Party Hate Legislation today.

So much will just drop off and drop away between now and November of 2022, the dying Democratic Party will be forced to chuck it all then gather around a Voting Rights-esque totally unnecessary and unneeded federal intervention into what has always been a States’ Right—voting in the several states.

Maybe Black-Americans in California and 2020 census dropping further to 5.7% of their population, will finally see what Latinos and pan-Asians did to them as a group with their 2010 born Jungle Primary, which all but guaranteed Black-Americans will never again enjoy statewide election success in California and which is also not a violation of the VRA’s past, present, or future!

…unless maybe they’re Black GOPer Larry Elder, which is not what Jungle’s devious designers wished to create when they set out to exclude Black Californians from all but a few nothing-offices here and there.

Despite all of the hyperventilating hysteria from the toxic progressive media and Dem Electeds that measures passed by the states in 2020-2021 will curtail and destroy 2022 Voting Rightsbut only for Black people because they’re too stupid according to their 2022 Democratic Party Plantation Masters and Overlords, not a single one of them will prevent anyone from lawfully voting.

Never mind that 10 million new Trump voters who just materialized in 2020 and were made up of what was sure to be Democratic Grievance Grouped voters, haven’t been found and identified yet, much less studied and dissected for 2022 and beyond.

That’s just too expensive and too intensive a laborious function for either of the major parties to even consider embarking upon, so we’re left to speculate what it all means to each of we 330 million Americans.

It could be that these 10 million of us pushed back hard against the toxic progressive notion that anyone of us is at all special or deserving of special status or treatment in these United States and I’m inclined to believe that this is no less than a major component factor in the 2020 election results and the US Census reports!

The more revoltingly condescending toxic progressive concepts  like ‘diversity’ strive to divide us as a nation, a culture, and as a people, the more we may be moving collectively as a people against the idea that any one of us is anything other than an American and undeserving of any kind or type of political special status designation.

…and that can only be a good thing for all of us in the short and long run!

Michael Zahara
A National Treasure writing from Las Vegastan!

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By Michael Zahara

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