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Lombardo Running To Lose and Land Safely In Gaming’s Arms!

JoeLo NoMo OhNo!

Rather than become the first Sheriff to lose re-election in modern Clark County history, Joe Lombardo is running for Nevada Governor in 2022 as Democrat Steve Sisolak’s Republican BFF as the more desirable way to launch his very soft and cushy landing at Station Casinos or Golden Gaming which is what’s really going on here.

Quite a number of people here expected Sheriff Joe Lombardo to be arrested and charged with inciting the LVMPD murder of Jorge Gomez who was killed after another Urban Terrorist shot up Officer Shay Mikalonis.

well anyway, those with their memory banks still intact will recall that Sheriff Lombardo’s Summer of Hate performance last year in Las Vegastan came up after he very publicly accused all of our officers of ‘depolicing’ here, which was dogshit degenerate former FBI corrupted Capo James Comey’s contribution to public discourse and diarrhea and which lost Sheriff Lombardo and DA Steve Wolfson my votes forever in 2018, and never again to return to either hyper-corrupted Elected.

Gillespie Told Not To Run Again In 2014, Lombardo Told the Same Thing For 2022

You people may choose to believe that Main Justice came here before the last Ice Age because we had had an incredible spike in Officer Involved Shootings in Las Vegastan including a guy we shot up over 600 times cuz we wanted to make sure he was really dead!

Doug Gillespie and Charles Hank III’s domestic violence and Hank’s lying to his bankruptcy judge, were the real reasons they came here!

I’ve been saying for more than 2 years that that same acrid, pukey, smelly stinky, stanky odor which suffocated the life out of the Gillespie Ayatollah-ship, has returned with a vengeance and pervaded the Lombardo conclusion of the Feritita Dynasty Experience.

For more than 100 valid reasons, I don’t believe Joe Lombardo or Steve Wolfson will seek or be re-elected to their current offices, and neither should any of you because the exact same bullshit they were selling to us under Douglas, is repeating almost verbatim since before 2018.

Although Joe recently welcomed former Undersheriff Kevin McMahill as our ‘next sheriff’, I’m not so sure because few things can equal selling to our nation’s prisons and jails, gauze, alcohol prep-pads, and Chinese generic aspirin for former LEO’s, plus, he forgot to take his old lady with him and she’s been singing arias to perps over at the Aria ever since!

I like Assistant Sheriff Laz Chavez for Sheriff because Lt Erik Lloyd really, really hated him, but I also like him for not popping me in 2014 when he had the chance!

Erik & Laz were centuries old veterans of LVMPD’s infamous VNB and the FBI & USHSD’s amateurish attempted Hits by Covid Assassination attempts on Jamal Rashid, Erik Lloyd, & Minddie Lloyd only failed because Bamboo Bridges has never been real and you’ll note that not a single Asian person of any variety was even mentioned during the phony Metro Vice Scandal, which hyper-corrupt US Judge Boulware was removed from Rashid’s sentencing hopefully at my urgent plea to Washington to do so!

I was the second car at the eastbound light at Flamingo and LVBL South as Lt Lloyd’s vulgar funeral procession passed turning eastbound toward the cemetery and I was reminded of the Outfit funerals back home especially after seeing his cemetery monument.

Erik Lloyd would have hated his own funeral!


Fuck Up After Fuck Up & 30 Million for Victims Stolen

On his very best day, Lombardo doesn’t have a prayer in a statewide race even with the GOP forbidding Mark Amodei from chancing their losing a now somewhat safe US House seat when they’re finally on the very verge of ending our long national nightmare of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker next year!

I’m now on my 17th year of ‘Counting the Days Until Pelosi Kicks Off’ Calendars and in case you’d forgotten, the reason the fake-ass January 6th investigation failed is because just like Charlottesville before it, the FBI knew every goddamned detail of the non-insurgence for more than a month prior and did nothing about it for Toxic Progressive political gain and goal instead.

Heller & Amodei Chick Fight

Dean Heller and Mark Amodei are just having a very public chick fight now with both having a much better shot after Sisolak terms out in 2026 when both will be in their late 80’s and smelling like it too!

Regrettably, with CCBC Chair Marilyn Kirkpatrick declining to beat Sisolak in the 2022 Dem Primary, he will be re-elected relatively cheaply and easily because GOP LVJC Chief Judge Suzan Baucum has declined to run for Governor in 2022.

Marilyn’s Covid performance was the very best in the state of Nevada but she’d rather wait until 2026 to take her chances against Baucum then.  Suzan’s beloved jalopy being stolen from her very driveway late last year and Lombardo sending a D-Day-type massive invasion from Metro to dust every car in the entire neighborhood with Endust for fingerprints in response.

I’ll bet you all think I’m kidding about the dusting with Endust of every vehicle within 500 miles of Judge Baucum’s beloved and now stolen 1988 Chrysler Cordoba, but I think its in Lombardo’s storage area at now Assistant Sheriff Chavez’s home garage.

Baucum however, gets to decide this month if Lombardo targeted infamous Pimp Shane Valentine with a post-prison DUI arrest just a few days after NDOC freed him last September, Valentine deciding to term-out of his full prison sentence and not have to deal with Nevada P&P’s legendary and staggering re-incarceration rates.

Zero Criminal Justice Reform at P&P tells you that Demo-bigots Dallas and Aaron are completely fulla shit and always have been!

Lombardo did this post-prison Metro harassment with Judge Michael Vilani freed Pimp Ocean Fleming too, but he got busted doing so and was forced to pull off of him.

Everyone and I do mean every-freakin-one in Nevada is expecting Shane Valentine to splatter the few brains of fiction-writer scumbag and porn writer wannabe Dogshit Doug Poppa, formerly of The Riviera team in charge of keeping Black patrons to a minimum and not near to the front entrance of that now defunct resort, for publishing a terribly unflattering picture of Valentine’s mother and then pulling it off of his fake-ass Baltimore Net platform after running a front-page banner Ad for Connie Land, when I pointed out to him I had figured out that he was fomenting a chick fight between Mrs Land and now Mrs Tobiasson.

There was no way for human garbage shithead Doug Poppa to possibly know that back when I was a Democrat, the Riv and NVDEMS had had a decades long relationship and every event we could possibly schedule was held there.  I really loved working on our events at the Riv with their people there!

It was as easy as picking up a phone after making email contacts with former people there to get the real scoop on Dogshit Doug Poppa and who were also very good to us as a party until I kinda fucked that up when President Carter was our Jefferson/Jackson Dinner guest of honor when his son Jack took on Senator John Ensign here in 2006, and USSS forced us to move our dinner to the Rio so the president could be closer to California should he have needed medical attention.

To prove the point, Poppa broke into my email tree with Melanie Andress Tohiasson thinking he would find some smoking gun between us I guess, but that dreadful photo of Shane Valentine’s mother Doug Poppa deliberately published to anger Shane, now has that gun pointed directly at Doug Poppa’s fat, ignorant-ass head for what’s left of his sorry-ass life.

Dogshit Doug Poppa may have a decrepit geezer boner for her, but he doesn’t even know what station Judge Judy is on, much less she knowing anything about this truly dogshit guy who told many of his lies during the Mandalay Bay Massacre even I fell for, but he made the stupid mistakes which will cost him his life soon during the Metro Vice Scandal.

Racist, sexist, and uber-misogynist Doug Poppa only succeeded in pointing suspicion for Sydney Land’s 2016 murder in the West Valley with boyfriend Neo Kaufman directly at Connie Land who has never had any Black friends and hails from SoCal super-racist stronghold Whittier California where then Senator and Mrs Nixon once resided too!

Pat Nixon of course, was the Ely Nevada beauty who fell in love with a beast years before our state’s SuperMaxx prison opened there for the likes of Ocean Fleming, though Shane Valentine was housed in relative comfort and prison finery up at Warm Springs in Carson City where Valentine was able to watch former Senator Dean Heller still mowing lawns for the little old ladies up there.

Connie Land A Racist Killer?

Connie Land would say really stupid things publicly about her daughter’s murder which raised far more eyebrows than my own during her grotesque Media-centric exploitation of her daughter’s death and when I told Mrs Land that despite Shane’s volatile temper, the murderer was most likely a female because even the stupidest male would never shoot a pretty blonde female in the face in Las Vegastan, and that I would take anything Preston Land said about his sister as Gospel because I too am the oldest little brother of a big sister and Mrs Land instantly changed gears and began literally threatening me not to ever contact her son Preston!

I didn’t need to contact Preston Land, his own whack-job mother took care of everything I needed to know with her bizarre and panicked reaction to my innocuous comment about him, and she is the sole reason the FBI would not bite on her allegations that Metro had a role in her daughter’s murder because she hopped into an evil partnership of lies and deceit with the evil Dogshit Doug Poppa.

Here’s my current list of suspects in the gruesome 2016 Land/Kaufman double murder at the complex I almost rented at when I first got here 19 years ago at Sahara & Hualipai which at the time, was part of a more than 3 mile swath of the West Sahara Corridor where every single pimp in town had set up operations from South Summerlin east to Tenaya with its epicenter at 9600 Starboard Lane off of Durango and walking distance from now Spring Valley Area Command which was where Metro’s Traffic Bureau was domiciled when it first opened.

Talking to retired Metro Detectives about 9600 has always been enjoyable for me!  I told Connie Land her daughter wasn’t a whore because she was making 60K at the Palms and wouldn’t wish to be a bad example for her younger siblings.

Here’s my top murder suspects today:
  1. Connie Land
  2. Any number of females in the Valentine/Jamal Rashid/Metro Vice/Minddie Lloyd protected stables
  3. Metro Homicide
  4. Dogshit Doug Poppa


I Love Erik Scott’s Pops!

Steve Wolfson must be running for cover if Lombardo is running for Governor, right?

Just recently, I told Nevada Treasure and former LVMPD Deputy Chief Kathy O’Connor that Assistant Sheriff Laz Chavez is our next sheriff…

…and that old habits die hard at the LVMPD and so much of Lombardo’s second term sounded to me like Gillespie’s Stanley Gibson Psychedelic second term coming, rather than his Murder By Metro of Erik Scott at Costco from the first term. 

Erik Scott’s father Mr Bill Scott, popped in here late last year and I am always genuinely happy when he does that for me!  Hitting Costco first and then suing the LVMPD second, would have paid something of a generous stipend to the Scott family way back then, but nothing brings that young man back home to his family.

For anyone to talk about Criminal Justice Reform in Las Vegastan and not begin with Metro’s murder of Erik Scott first, then you’re the very worst kind of lazy-ass American for your dealing exclusively in the realm of Toxic Progressive reprobate hatred, and you’ve therefore lost your right to even comment about anything anymore.

There, I said it!  Deal with it bitches.

That the Las Vegastan Bureau of the FBI freely and willingly gave over what few crumbs of credibility they had left here to their ensuring that no one at the LVMPD went to prison for Erik’s murder, was so outrageous an abrogation of their sworn duties and their sworn oaths, that the entirety of USDOJ’s Nevada District & the FBI here and all of its employees therein, should have been immediately relived of duty and all facilities locked down and guarded by US Marshals until the US Attorney General herself chose their replacements and got their asses out here to begin to rebuild toward their more normal and lawful former operations here.

That never happened here!


The FBI in Las Vegastan has actually gotten much worse over this time span and the USDOJ’s ruination came long before that Trump guy did in 2015!  We here can’t seem to get past the Bundys, the Whittemores, or the Toxic Progressive reprobate hatred of the past 6+ years of Democratic Party total disintegration and complete decay toward the hyper-fringe status they warmly embrace today and which they’ve spent the last 193 years racing toward achieving.

The Toxic Progressive lying has never abated even after Trump claimed 7 million 2020 votes were found in a 1968 breadbox in Minneapolis once owned by the Chauvin family!


I Have No Issues With Laz, But Erik Lloyd Sure Did

I had a very public break-up with former Kephardt JEA Minddie Lloyd who lost a husband and a judge in 2020 during that very bad break of Karma Covid Fever which swept only her household near to El Capitan & Rochelle in the southwest valley.

You can all believe that the FBI had nothing to do with Jamal Rashid, Minddie Lloyd, and Erik Lloyd all coming down with Covid in the very same week last year, but I believe something else!

Erik was a desk jockey for many years and hadn’t been an active real cop in at least a decade doing all his efforts for the corrupted Injured Officers efforts, the very blacked out and most non-transparent in all of America, Sheriff John and Mrs Goldie Moran would be horrified today what they created together has become.

Though I’m confident he kept it to himself to keep the peace and pussy at home from going all Filipina Psycho Bitch on him again, Erik Lloyd and I always engaged one another, even after my break-up with his old lady.

That said, I swear I never knew that he was LDS cuz he looked like every nice Jewish boy I’ve ever known including my own Uncle Elliot! 

I last saw AS Laz Chavez at the 2014 COH St Patrick’s Day where I had mentioned to him that ‘I knew people here’, and ‘that that funny lookin fella‘ up at the beginning of our parade staging area on Water Street that day, may remember you from your VNB days cuz he was there too!

And whaddya know, then Lt Chavez actually took my advice and applied to become an LVMPD Captain on their GrubHub App and was successful!  But Laz being Laz forget to remember to turn the App off and it kept promoting him first to Deputy Chief, and then currently to Assistant Sheriff!

I could make Lt Erik Lloyd laugh with cracks like that but I earned his unwavering loyalty and devotion explaining to my readers that the only reason Laz was the only person left from VNB after the Trevon Cole, fiasco and everyone else including Joe Lombardo was fired by Gillespie, was that Laz was the only guy who knew where the light switches were, where the circuit-breaker box was, where the coffee and the pot were hiding, and the most important of all, who was the Hoarder asshole who had the coffee filters in their desk drawers?


Ask Your Wife If You Can Come Over and Play Trucks In My Back Yard!

Then there’s old workhorse and Metro’s first teen-aged hire and also current Assistant Sheriff Brett Zimmerman, who doesn’t look a day over 17 years old and today is fast approaching his 75th Diamond Anniversary with the LVMPD!

I actually contacted and thanked his wife on behalf of all of us for letting the AS come over and play trucks in my backyard til the street lights came on because he was supposed to retire out decades ago!

I had to apologize to AS Zimmerman for chewing his ass out after Lombardo’s failure to assert during the Urban Terrorist protests here last summer and his not insisting Joe lead the marchers.  I made AS Zimmerman Joe’s Political Director before a single 2014 vote was even cast–he knows his boss, and his agency, and the politics of this place we call home.

Joe Lombardo should have been arrested and No Bail held over until trial for the Gomez murder his very presence there stoked in Las Vegastan last June!

Only three people can arrest our beloved sheriff as we learned under the last guy, the DA, the Coroner, and that old lady with the Orange hair at the bus stop.  The 81st Session failed to change that so there really was no Criminal Justice Reform when you see the weak-ass bullshit the passed instead!

I thought for sure protesters would show up to Lombardo’s South Summerlin home and burn it to the ground since everyone in town knows where he lives.  The first anniversary passed June 1, 2021, and still, not even the garage has been torched yet!

Sheriff Lombardo was a big pussy and was ‘a scared’ of getting hurt or messing up his hair and that spells no more public offices for him–he’s headed over to Gaming like a good, obedient former sheriff next year!

Clark County sleazy and easy DDA Liz Mercer who has to stay married to her former hyper-corrupt cop or risk being indicted, should have been whacked more than five years ago, so we all hope and wait for the inevitable with her.

Steve Wolfson and Joe Lombardo very likely got the exact same do not run for re-election orders from Main Justice that Doug Gillespie got before 2014.

Though Robert Langford would not beat a Steve Wolfson in 2022, his old lady certainly would, and Melanie Andress Tobiasson would beat both of them handily and I think become a superstar Clark County District Attorney–our first female in that role here!

Its long past time for a female District Attorney in Clark County, very long past time many would say, including me!  Vegas born and bred makes Tobiasson the favorite-she knows the RJC, the players here, and the DA’s office by heart!

I love Kevin McMahill and I heard him hedging his bet in his farewell interview with KNPR, but Laz Chavez has the surname our minority-majority state and largest county needs as sheriff, and I wouldn’t write Laz off by any means.

Laz and Melanie are the candidates to beat in 2022, Joe and Steve are toast with voters!

Michael Zahara
A National Treasure Writing From Las Vegastan!